When is trust me too trusting? Hell they don’t even trust GOD no more.

When I think of all the leaps of faith we have took as black folks it amazes me.

We actually trust every single time an entity that as a whole recently thought it was cool to own people, demoralize as a way of life women, take the land and right to the land of an entire people, repeatedly ad to add insult to injury expected those victims to be fine with it immediately upon it stopping. All the time lying and stealing and killing and legislating ways to not be guilty of the crimes they are at that time doing. Always. So much so until the freshly oppression reduced entities now se the wrong they complained and fought against and died under as the way of the land and contribute to the newly minted mental oppression of themselves. And every woman in the community works and feeds her family creating liesure time for them by babysitting both ends of the gauge. Elderly and Infant. Mexican are not welcome in their backyard since it was "Discovered". #FuqOttaHere I am non-racist to a…

I aint sure Bill cosby drugged all those women. #TruthTime

Darius Harris #YouAintGoanLikeThisBut - Bill Cosby ain't rape the Hoes. The news always say how #BillCosby drugged them "Ho's" he spose to had raped... ..But they full of chit because he aint drug all them hollywierd bytches... He offered them MFs drugs... Cocaine qualudes, at the peak of qualudedness. A lot of them accepted, ... and then got him some. That is so much closer to the truth of the situation. That was the whole point... I give you drugs... You gimme you. Its 12:40 in the morning, 1960s ho! Even Ms Cleaver know what that mean... we finna make whoopey june. You meant to be high... i took that as the rest of the agreement.... On everything I love and ever loved (cause I'm old) We aint see that because its 50 years later. And chit softer... like us. Back then Women ran chit, just from the background. Husband was the front man. Now women the front man and running chit.... Aint a decision my wife make thats Marriage, that I dont be at the table on. Yall jus…

America, Hope is future dependent. The revolution was televised.

The World According To Gump. Aspergers in the ghetto, One Mans story. | Driving MS Daily .com -

The World According To Gump. Aspergers in the ghetto, One Mans story. | Driving MS Daily .com -: The story of one incredible mans story of having asperger (Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)) trying to understand how to survive and live logically in maybe the most illogical part of society. Well at least to society.

Condensed Absolution, Premature Wisdom. Quotes from Gump. Gumpisms. | Driving MS Daily .com -

Condensed Absolution, Premature Wisdom. Quotes from Gump. Gumpisms. | Driving MS Daily .com -: Relationships condensed to Condense Absolution through Premature Wisdom If your Significant other (#SigOther) is taking away energy at every encounter (Disagreements, sensitivity, altercations) and is also offering none in return (Hugs, Encouragement, compliments), sooner or later your reason for being around them will diminish and become bankrupt and a parting of ways will ensue. (divorce, …

I talk #hit but I am so happy to be black and in America.

I never posted this.  Its been in the unpublished section of my weas ace blogger blog. After google stole 4 years and thousands of hours or my life, I quit. I think I can sue them now. Just thought of that.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain to the randoms that find my blog organically (through search engine ie: Google) and didn't get to see the "Black mans diary blog Mission Statement" and become shocked when reading the content.

Ok. I admit I may come off a bit....Jaded....or, prejudice against White People. I actually do seem that way at cursory glance, but if you read the blog regularly you will come to a new understanding concerning the content, articles, photos and videos contained in this blog and are only the truth as best I can describe, from the less prosperous and mainstream perspective. I tell it how I live it, no matter how that looks or sounds....Maybe even seems???? Hmm, I wonder which one is right for writing a blog, looks, sounds or seems…
I will be back later today, I took a long away, but I was dealing with my new diagnosis of MS, my momma dying and then my grandma who raised me dying and before all that my Grandpa dying and my brother dying... all in 4 year... while I was finding GOD through questioning the bible.
I just heard that when I thought it, typing this. Anyway I think I am onto this bible stuff and may have an interpretation that doesnt stray from scripture and more than the crap we are being force fed now...