I talk #hit but I am so happy to be black and in America.

I never posted this.  Its been in the unpublished section of my weas ace blogger blog. After google stole 4 years and thousands of hours or my life, I quit. I think I can sue them now. Just thought of that.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain to the randoms that find my blog organically (through search engine ie: Google) and didn't get to see the "Black mans diary blog Mission Statement" and become shocked when reading the content.

Ok. I admit I may come off a bit....Jaded....or, prejudice against White People. I actually do seem that way at cursory glance, but if you read the blog regularly you will come to a new understanding concerning the content, articles, photos and videos contained in this blog and are only the truth as best I can describe, from the less prosperous and mainstream perspective. I tell it how I live it, no matter how that looks or sounds....Maybe even seems???? Hmm, I wonder which one is right for writing a blog, looks, sounds or seems…
I will be back later today, I took a long away, but I was dealing with my new diagnosis of MS, my momma dying and then my grandma who raised me dying and before all that my Grandpa dying and my brother dying... all in 4 year... while I was finding GOD through questioning the bible.
I just heard that when I thought it, typing this. Anyway I think I am onto this bible stuff and may have an interpretation that doesnt stray from scripture and more than the crap we are being force fed now...

The Most disrespected woman in America...

“The Most disrespected woman in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected woman in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” – Malcolm X "If dying to protect your woman folk is attempted to be beaten out of you in one century and attempted to be legislated out of you in another, when it is still present in you in yet another, That feeling is not savagery, that is a miracle. You see we are unbreakable but we do feel pain. We just use it as fuel"  Husla3x(supergenius)

BREAKFAST EPIPHANY'S - I owe you life. You Give me life.

BREAKFAST EPIPHANY'S - I owe you life. You Give me life. DARIUS HARRIS·FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2017
13 Reads BREAKFAST EPIPHANY'S - I have been wobbly on my feet for months. It hasn't been from the MS or the deaths or the attempting to deal with deaths pass the newly discovered and heightened emotions or the Autistic logistics of the situation. I was wobbly from that but this morning was different. This Morning was all about love. Love for my girl. Not my wife, not how she take care a me when I couldn’t. Not how she understood me when I didn’t. (recently) Not when she saw me vulnerable and saw strong. None of that, Just her. Her smell, her giggle, her crooked booty walk that still goes and comes at (Insert age here), lol. And Love for my family, I think my sisters opened that up. These last few years they put some polish on that nugga Mary Harris made. And these last few months, couldn’t have made it without them. They showed me a me I could never see. Never would have. Love f…

Americas most incarcerated zip code!

"The United States has the most prisoners of any nation in the world both in raw numbers and by percentage of the population. These numbers are further compounded within Milwaukee’s mostly African-American 53206 ZIP code, where 62% of adult men have spent time in prison, making MILWAUKEE 53206 the most incarcerated ZIP code in the nation."
Milwaukee is a Motha-Fukka!!

I grew up 1319 w center st 53206 from birth till 14- Love Frank - Barely escaped alive to the comfort of 133 e Concordia... Not even joking. My wife truly saved my life, until Jesus re-birthed me and gave me purpose.
I look at it like Las Vegas, That chit cracking at night but as soon as the sun comes up you can see the Make-up on the 50 year old Hoe. That's how milwaukee is under scrutiny. Under scrutiny Milwaukee is worse than it was back in the head cracking days of Police Chief Harold Breyer. I hate breyers ice cream to this day for his name on it. Yea, Even though my own folks put me through inspectio…

The next conspiracy theory is MLK survived the shooting....

Darius Harrisremembering the past.8 hrs · Milwaukee ·  For one bright moment back in the late 1960s, we actually believed that we could change our country. Time went on and we adjusted and racism adjusted too... and then Obama came and we again believed.... May be a myth about MLK. May be.... I as a solo autistic boy in the ghetto wondered why blood never fell over the ledge of the balcony when he was shoot in the news reels. I never forgot and never mentioned and never ever aknowledged ... until I saw this ...but as i compare the single thing all the black leaders and black lovers who were leaders and entertainers and even gangster rappers and comedians...... had in common. The common denominator.... combined with my life experiences real and vicarious (reading, hearing about, 1st hand witness accounts) This could easily be true. Trump won the election in America. So I see america as a pressure cooker where every so often they loosen the top. But never, ever, everever, turn off the g…

Why wouldnt you have already thought of that? Genius

So I go to my Glasses dude ... doctor, and suggested that they change their questionnaire. A couple of them did the common and expected thing and saw a fancy ace nugga (i can tell, means nothing. Just life as a black man) and heard what they heard that wasnt even close to what I meant. The others heard what I was saying. I gifted them with the Idea because I love all people. Hard to love some because of the defensiveness present in us but I end up loving myself more because they did it to us/me. Basically... We are defensive as a people because we have always been under attack. I don't expect all whites to agree.... but I love the ones who do. Shows me there is hope always present in this Trump run Anglo-saxon fear ridden great country. And I can do ann of US history I can do 4 years on my head. And I know the reason is fear and a often latent gene that leads to Indians, Africans, Australians, Jews, etc. One day someone Smart, white and powerful will realize these truth and they …