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Why we hate rich people or Haterism 101.

If you read this blog you know that I live in the ghetto. I guess at this time in my life I could sell my house and get out but habit and being use to the environment makes the thought of leaving not a pressing issue, so a s a result I stay. I have always been sort of a ghetto baby for a few simple and possibly retarded reasons, which are... 1. When I was younger I loved the action. In the ghetto there is rarely a day that goes by where nothing happens, be it a police chase or a fight or even a family dispute that spills out into the streets. But as I got older and did not need or want to be entertained in the same way as I did as a 20 year old, all that noise just became a bother an inconvenience. Who wants to be stopped by the police daily at 35-40 years old? And the simple truth is if you are not out and about in the ghetto networking everyday you become an open target for those that have less than you. If you are rich and in the ghetto you are a fool. 2. Being able to exist wi

Happy Kwanzaa... MUhahahaha!!!

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States honoring universal African-American heritage and culture, observed from December 26 to January 1 each year. I just don't get it. I understand and will defend to the death our black American Christmas holiday Kwanzaa even though I have never in my over 40 years seen a person I know celebrating it. I know I am going to catch flack for saying this and many probably do celebrate it but it is nowhere even remotely near a African American custom like we have scared white people into believing. I have an Idea, since Kwanzaa went over so well, let make a few more holidays up that actually help us out a little. I have a couple suggestions. Credinsibar - An African American holiday where everyone celebrates the advance African American Credit has made in the last 50 years. On this day no store can turn us down for credit on anything under $200. George Washington Carvers Day - On this one we can give each other peanut produc

What IF? Race War 2015 - The revolution was televised.

I wrote this in 2003 for no particular reason, the story is good but I never put it on the website. It was for a book that I wrote and put away in a drawer. I liked the concept. FOREWARD: Hope is future dependent. The revolution was televised. America has been crazy going on twenty five years as best as I can remember, especially the urban parts I live in. But I never thought it could get to where it is now, not in a billion million gazillion years. OK that may be a little too concrete, I'll say I knew this was possible but I just wanted to think it wasn't. Yea it has been crazy for a while now, but this is insane. It's kinda simple seeming now looking back, If you look at all the things that happened written down in chronological order, it's almost obvious. But at the time they were just crazy crap happening along with the other crazy crap. I mean a race war almost had to happen. A race war that there was no way in hell we could have won. Though we are pret

You know you are in love when....

There are allot of us men who are domesticated but don't realize it out here in the world. We try and act as if we are the "man of the house" but really we are at best a minority partner. I ain't no liar so I will start of by saying that I am scared of my wife in the same way I was scared of my mother growing up. Not the, they can physically kick my butt type of scared but the, man I don't want to get on this woman bad side, type of scared. A good wife will make you lie to her if you are a man. I know a few people disagree so why don't yall come on and go with me to the strip club and tell your wife that's where we are headed, not the ball game like you told her. Yea, That's what I thought. Anyway this days post is called "You know you are in love when...." Here we go. You know you are in love when.... ....You have an argument with your girl outside the bar and she go to your car, gets in your car, and leaves in your car, while you stan

Jennifer Lopez still got that (you know) after all this time.

I don't know what you heard but Jennifer Lopez still got that Booty. I had to find an up to date picture to prove to the world the JLO still got that make you turn around and look, get slapped by your girl, make a nigga crash into a tree looking booty. You cannot argue with this side view.

I ain't trying to play the race card, but......

Insane driver! brought to you by Forex Signal OMG! This could not happen in the hood. The police will beat yo a$$ if you ask what are they stopping you for in the hood. This man is wigging out on the police and getting away with it. That made my racdar alarm go off. All the police ever do around here is threaten you if yu don't STFU - Right Now. That is so funny a video and just out and out proof that no matter who the president is we still just another NiXXer if someone in authority want it that way.

beasty Violin cover of eminem "love the way you lie"

Amazing eminem Violin Cover brought to you by forex Signals

One of the sickest Rap videos ever. Grand Finale - Nas-meth-DMX-Jaru.

This is one of the sickest calabo rap songs ever - Back when your flow had to deadly not just melodic.

You gotta be black nowadays to post this funny pic.

This is the funniest and strangest picture I have seen in while. I bet if I wasn't black and on a black website this would be a no-no, but since I am- enjoy! I guess they don't even have a clue what the name means, how could they? The whole N-word situation is purely an American thing, they just think its a cool word from the lastest rap joint - I wonder what it would feel like in a society where this whole American black experience doesn't exist?

Ghetto News Flash: Prepare to be robbed, or worst.

They just cut of the unemployment benefits for millions... Prepare to be robbed or worst. " The unemployment extension 2010 was voted down in Congress last week, just in time for the House to leave on their Thanksgiving vacation for this week. " The ghetto just went back in time to when everyone was scratching and surviving, just like the good times them song. So now all those people who were on the edge and thinking about a life of crime are finally decided. The simple truth is this, people have gotten use to their kids eating and having cell phones and wearing cool duds, that is about to decrease by a good margin but the people still wanting these things will stay the same. This will make more people targets of robbery, home invasion and car jackings. I will just be honest, I will do just about anything to keep my girls happy and if I couldn't find a job to pay for these things I would probably revert back to selling drugs with the last little money I had. Selling d

Wesley Snipes Must surrender to Prison to do 3 years.

Wesley Snipes Must surrender to Prison to do 3 years. ORLANDO, Fla. — A federal judge ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender to authorities Friday so he can begin serving a three-year prison sentence for tax-related crimes. U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges in Ocala, Fla., rejected a request from the actor's attorneys to review Snipes' sentence and grant a new trial. Snipes has been free on bond for more than two years while appealing. That's messed up. I guess you gotta pay your taxes. man the government is a scary entity. Man he 48 years old, when he get out he will be 50+. That seems like a lot of time when sometimes them other folks steal 400 trillion gazzillion dollars and get probation.

OMG! Mark Belling should never say Ghetto Fabulous.

I think this was about the funniest mark Belling show ever. He knows nothing about black culture which is strange since he talks about it constantly.

Affirmative action slowed black progress in America- Theory.

I have this theory about Affirmative action that almost no one like me agrees with. When I say like me I mean black or African American if you go in for all the political correctness garbage. I am not in a writing mindset today so I will be brief. Wait... I could have named this quit your crying ya bastard you did it to yourself. Heres my theory.. Why affirmative action slowed black progress in America. Necessity is the mother of all invention. For the most part if left to its own the need for something will sooner or later make it appear and once it appears it will be tweaked and improved by others as time and necessity dictate. When affirmative action came on the scene for the black population of America, not only did it begin to grow the resentment that is so prevalent in our culture now, it also made the desire to have our own less pressing. What I mean is this, once white America became mandated to give us (blacks) a part of their success we stopped striving for our own and ch

DUBturbo - Urban Beat Production Software Review.

I am going to do a full review eventually, busy as heck right now. I can say this though... I thought DUBturbo was gonna be a piece of crap compared to FL-Studio but was surprised. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that FL has (not even close) but it also costs the same as the tax on Fruityloops. This is a nice piece though if you just want to make great beats quickly - I made a freestyle beat in the car on my laptop while my girl was in the drug store. It actually is funner than Fruityloops for the simple fact that it is way easier. ANd did I mention it costs $29? Basically I am not at all sorry I bought it and actually like it because I can create slick beats quicker than with any of my other studio programs. I guess if I had to make it simple to understand how this software is I would say this... The expensive studio programs are Microsoft Word and this Program is Notepad. Its worth the $30 though. That's why I put the banner up top on me blogger joint.

Some family you gotta do an exorcism to get out your house.

It seems like everyday somebody needs something from me or my wife, that's fine but my wife can't say no and couldn't tell a scam from a airport scanner. Just this last week I had 4 "can I move in" requests, 7 "can I borrow" requests and dozens of "could you or could I" requests, and the sad thing is many people take offense to No. Everyone knows that can I stay with you for a month or so actually means can I stay with you until you put me out and I hate you and slander you to other family members 80% of the time but how can you find the nerve to ask when you see that the last time you visited my house was already filled to the brim like we were Hmong refuges? OK, I might be sounding terrible right now but after my wife's mother, brother, sex offender nephew, sister and friend moved out I am determined to never let another person move in again. I mean seriously, it took dam near an exorcism to get my wife mother out and the demons that

Bay View High School Student Stabbed on Bus.

A 17-year-old Bay View High School student was stabbed three times during a fight on a school bus Friday morning, a spokeswoman for Milwaukee Public Schools said. The student was taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, where he was listed in satisfactory condition, MPS spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin said. The incident occurred shortly before 8 a.m. near N. 36th and W. Burleigh streets when three people boarded the bus and began fighting with the student, who was eventually stabbed twice in the leg and once in the side of his torso, St. Aubin said. Some of the people who boarded the bus may not be students, St. Aubin said. It was not clear whether they forced their way onto the bus, but they appeared to target the student who was stabbed, she said. A police spokesman said the attackers and the victim may have been involved in an ongoing dispute. No arrests have been made, but police said they are looking for a specific Bay View student in connection with the sta

I am getting my Black Ops at Midnight - Like a lil Kid.

Call me what you want to, my girl can't understand how a grown ass man is gonna be at Gamestop at Midnight to get a "Dam Game" in her words, but I bet I am gonna be there come divorce or high water.

Black Mans Diary: Saturday Freestyle. 40YOR

What's up readers? Every Saturday I freestyle a rhyme off the top of my head. The thing is I am black so I'm always late with it, I might do it on a tuesday cause I forgot, ain't no telling. I actually just open up the blog and write something of the top of my head so if it ain't nice...Oh well, but it usually is because I got skills. Anyway here we go.... At 40+ it's harder to stand ya losses opportunity knock and I held it hostage now I get loot like heads, sand and ostrich Life always a trip but you can't get off it No more ripping the stage No more cocking the gauge No more outward expressions of rage at this age No more confrontations that end with one in the grave No more days in a cell at least that's what you prays.` But inside you still feel like you can't be held Time done told you already so no more time will tell I'm telling you this time in your life can be hell If you didn't respect the future and live life well If you did it

Malinda Williams: Hollywood slept on sexy black celebrity

I was just watch Idlewild for the 4th or 5th time, Idlewild is really a great movie, and noticed how sexy Malinda Williams is in it. Idlewild should have got a little more fame than it did because it really was a great movie. I guess the reason it did not go big is because only us black folks went to see it because it was promoted and taken as a rap movie by rap stars, it was not that. I encourage anyone who likes great movies to rent or buy this movie because it is so dam good. Anyway this post is about Malinda Williams not Idlewild. Malinda Williams has been in many movies and most people recognize her face and ummmm....Body. I wanted to post about her because she really is a great actress and a lovely woman.

Gay couple get 14 years in prison for being Gay.

Talk overcrowded prisons? A gay couple in Malawi, found guilty of gross indecency and unnatural acts after they took part in an "engagement ceremony," was sentenced to 14 years in prison Thursday. Steven Mojenza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, were convicted in a court Tuesday. The pair was arrested in December at their home in Blantyre, Malawi, for professing their love in a traditional engagement ceremony. They were rounded up after news reports surfaced, charged under colonial-era sodomy laws and detained at Chichiru Prison without bail. If this were to happen in America it would be like the rapture happened, there would be empty houses, cars, businesses and sports teams all over the country. The prison system would never stop saying "fresh meat" Anyway, read the whole article at CNN

Black Mans Diary - Obama is not what I had Hoped.

If you read this blog you know that I am not the type to sugar coat any statement I make, I say it like it is and mean it when i say it. I am a black voter, I am glad of the black presidency and I actually like Obama as a man, but I am also wondering where the "uplift" is that I hoped would come from having a black President. I just don't don't see the change I voted for, and change means something totally different to me than it does to my white readers. And as far as defending him, yes we can, but not for the reasons you think. Most recently in the news a black woman had this to say about Obama “Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now.“ If you did not know, we as black people will defend another black person to the death against ridicule from a white source, we just do not willingly accept criticism from white sour

The future of black America. By a black American.

This post was originally on Black Mans diary July - 2008 I was sitting around on the porch watching traffic and thinking, why do we sit on the porch so much in the ghetto? I can't understand most of the multitude of ethnic slurs directed at us as black folks in America but i do get a few because they are kinda on point even though i hate to admit it out loud. Porch Monkey, that one was stupid when i was little but now i do see it. We gotta admit that we will sit on some porches, while we are of course not monkeys the whole porch thing is true. With that said i think white people could equally be called "patio monkeys" for the same reasons. But in all seriousness it does seem like an economical thing more than a racial thing. The poorest people on the block do seem to sit on the porch allot. Sometimes when no porch is present the kitchen chairs will find their way to the middle grass, i never got that one. If you live in the hood as i do you constantly see one chair s

Top 5 Movie Fight Scenes of all time.

I just watched IP Man and had a thought about the top 5 movie fight scenes and came up with this list. I know many people won't agree but this is my list. Enjoy these videos if you are a fight scene addict like myself. 5. Jackie Chan Who Am I Fight Scene 4. jet li - fight scene - kiss of the dragon 3. Bruce Lee "Enter The Dragon" fight scene 2. Matrix reloaded Neo Vs Mr Smiths 1. IP Man 10 Man Fight Scene.

happy Halloween, The world crazy, Kids be careful.

I remember when I was a kid all you had to worry about was razor blades in your candy bar and getting caught by you mother for trick or treating too far from your house. Now Kids have to worry about all of that and drunk drivers, random shootings, vicious bag snatchers, perverts, crack-heads and many other threats. it's crazy how crime is being allowed to affect children, not only in the hood where we should know better, but all over the country. No wonder all the fanatical religious places hate America. Kids aren't even off limits anymore, that's a dam shame. I remember when there would be a line a block long to give their life to protect a child or woman, now more innocent by-standing women and kids will get trampled by full grown men trying to avoid the threat...We are soft now. Not so long ago the house of a child molester would be burned to the ground if proven to have molested a child, now we are lucky if he even gets noticed. We soft now. Not so long ago 7 out o

I got Food Poisoning froma bag of frozen Honey BBQ wings.

This sucks and blows and hurts.

Some people just look hood no matter what they wear.

This picture was just funny to me. Call me whatever. You ever go by somebody house that is dirty as hell but they got a broom leaning up against the living room door like they were just about to clean up but you know that the broom has been there for weeks? Or know somebody who always has a comb in their hair but never combs their hair except for special occasions? i guess I should be thankful that I can transform, I can look comfortable and confident in any situation, that's a gift that some people don't have. Everyone has heard that image is everything and how important 1st impressions are, it would suck if all I could ever look was hood, especially since it's only the way to go in about 3% of the country. I am glad that I can put on another me when I have to go meet with important people and not look out of place. I know some people that look like defendants in a suit and a few that look retarded in hood-wear. "I ain't changing for nobody!  I feel ya bu

If you ever had a "Hey" day.. You old.

I might be strange but I am cool with getting old. I still feel good, I can still do tha dam thang and I got stuff I only dreamed about when I was younger. I admit that sometimes I wish I still thought like I did when I was younger, only for 10 minute stretches though, I could not be that less-smart again for good. I was looking at Eric B and Rakim on the youtube, that's a hint that your ass is getting old when you start calling youtube, facebook and online the youtube, the facebook and on the line. I do it for laughs sometimes but I ain't old enough to really do it yet. Hell getting old sucks when it comes to kicking it all night and running for a long time but that's about all. Getting old kicks ass for Owning your own house and having money and raising good kids and stuff like that. Once your kids get old enough to talk good you old anyway let them tell it. If you can do something real good still that your kids think you are too old to do (nevermind that you can be

Top 5 things you find out about Marriage too late.

If you read my ramblings you know that i am new to the marriage arena (Arena - Ain't no entertainment) Marriage is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, in fact I have put on more weight since I have been married this last year than I ever have. I think that may have something to do with the fact that it's harder to get out for exercise. Use to be I ran the streets often, now the only time I run the streets is errands for the wife. I guess its true what they say about marriage and sex, "Why buy the cow when you can have the milk free." The only problem is that after a while of marriage you can't even buy the milk that was free before. Just joking (wink) I believe that's the main reason men cheat is to have a girlfriend for a while, girlfriends are fun, wives not so much, though some can be. They don't be but they can be. Top 5 things you find out about Marriage too late. After marriage you no longer have a girlfriend. Girlfriends have fun whi

Kwame - Only you - Oldschool Jam Video.

I love this song - Back when you could go to the gas station at 11pm without a strap.

How to spy on monitor a cellphone..... DAM Technology.

Spy Bubble ( ) is a new spy phone software app that allows you to spy on a cell phone with spybubble on it. Current cell phones that support SpyBubble are numerous and growing literally daily. chances are great that the cell phone you want to be monitored will be able to use this cellphone spy app. This is going to do more to wreck cheating than facebook could in a lifetime. Check out the website. Imaging you finally get the girl from work to let you into her house/bed and all of a sudden you hear a knock at the door and when she opens it it is you wife and kids asking for daddy. OMG! you players are about to be so busted. Cheaters show can only catch so many in a year, this will catch everyone. I guess ladies and men will finally have to find their own men and women for a change. I am so glad I am oldschool where you could cheat in peace - DAM TECHNOLOGY!!!

We slept on Eryka Badu Booty.... I WISH! She crazy though.

Erykah body is getting to be redonkulous....Messed up she crazy as hell. I wasn't at this particular concert so could someone tell me whats up with the ketchup and mustard containers on the stage? Whip cream cool. Honey i can even understand. Maybe even chocolate syrup or something sweet like that. I must be getting old now because i don't get the ketchup and mustard thing. You would have to be a real live big ole fat nasties to get freaky with ketchup and mustard. Green peppers and chit in the bedroom. Naw, I ain't even trying to do the dam thang ketchup and mustard involved. School me yall. How come the crazy chicks are the ones that get you coming back for more and more?

Are "Pretty" girls all crazy in the hood?

Everyone has heard the myth? That fat and/or ugly girls have great personalities but is it the exact opposite for pretty girls? I have been with a few women in my life so I feel I can be judged as an expert on this subject and I would have to say yes. Pretty girls are always the ones who judge in the clubs it seems. Here are a few facts about Pretty girls that people know but don't really know they know...ya know? Pretty girls almost always hate other girls, especially other pretty girls. Pretty girls hate to see an above average attractive man with an average or below average looking female. Pretty girls tend to think that you should be grateful that you have them and if they get cheated on cannot for the life of them see anything beyond the other girls looks. Pretty girls play far more mind games than average females. Pretty girls are 10x more likely to be crazy (not fun crazy but cuckoo's nest crazy) than average looking girls. Pretty girls have on average 100x the r

Omg they sell weed on Amazon - Praise this internet fad.

I know by now you have heard of the synthetic marijuana substitute K2 by now. They sell it in the service stations and grocery stores in the hood but the local weed man still goes to jail. I guess it just goes to show that if you do a crime in a big way it isn't crime anymore. I did not however know that sold fake marijuana...... Comes in the mail with no FEDS attached. Crazy!!!! Widgets

Todays women ain't like our mothers and grandmothers

This video will make women pissed at times but will upset no Hoes, Tramps, Bitches or other females with low self esteem. WHAT HAPPENED TO AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN? Uploaded by USB105 . - Find Information On Anyone Instantly.

Real Searches "percentage of black people that steal"

* percentage of black people that steal I have been doing this blogging thing for several years and it never ceases to amaze me at the things people search. Today alone 7 people searched the term "percentage of black people that steal" ... No foolin. This just proves the point of this blog - White and black people believe the hype. I just wrote a super-long post for this blog so I have nothing else to add, but I could. Easily.

Who has the best Kardashian booty, Kim or Kourtney?

I know allot of you Kardashianites are interested to know who has the best booty of the Kardashian sisters (Mom kinda fluffy too) but honestly there is no contest whatsever. KIM wins hands down. Just look at the pictures, kourtney up top. Kim down below. How long did you really look at the top picture? Answer...long enough to notice the bottom one. Kim Kardashian booty has shut down bigger celebrity booty than any other booty out there. Enjoy the pics and quit asking dumb questions...who has the best booty indeed.

Top 10 symptoms suffered after a breakup.

Top ten symptoms of a broken heart. -Leaving the radio off because every song makes you cry -Loss of appetite -Binge eating for comfort -Calling your ex several times a day -Text messaging and emailing constantly (Text Message Terrorism) -Constantly checking your email and voice mail to see if he/she called -Not going out because you are afraid to miss a call -Feeling massively depressed -Feeling urges to spy on them -Endlessly rehearsing what you should have said -Bonus: -Endlessly rehearsing what you will say if you bump into them Easy Step by Step System to get your love back

A few things that are absolute & true but unknown to white America.

Sub-titled: King Kong, NAACP and Funny little things of Blackness. I have watched King Kong at least 20 times over my 40+ years of life and I just this morning saw it for what it really is... A blatant insult to black men and black women. It took me 40+ years to see that, and yet and still many readers, white readers, of this blog call me a racist simply because I tell the real. I mean the chief offered to trade 6 black girls for the shiny white girl (that probably effected beauty perception in the ghetto a little) and then King Kong the Ape (a metaphor for black prowess that we all know) chasing around and eventually dying over a tiny white woman with which he can't use in any practical way. Why the hell would a giant ape want a tiny white woman? We don't even want tiny white women exclusively for fear of always having to go medium on em sexually for fear of breaking or killing them. We need our women, they break us sometimes. I know it is beauty and the beast simple but to

Wendy Robinson - Booty like WHOA!!

This may be quiet in Hollywood but in the Hood it's well known Wendy Robinson got a booty like Whoa.

Freestyle of the Day - representing the old heads.

Old den a mothafu**a - but still a mothafu**a, I get at mics like smokey use to get at truckers. Beast nigga on a hunt kill weak nuckas - Take you way back bet you Jam like you smuckers. make you want mo - scream till yo throat sore - 40 ain't enough years to make my skill bank clear - I'm a be here till the red sea clear - Lll nigga what you frontin fo? Don't you know - 40 yor got the flow that stay trill, lyrics so sic gotta gargle with nyquil, 40+ years but still get paid like a light bill. I Just made that up because i didn't feel like coming up with a post for the day. I really hope somebody decide to tell me 40 year old should not rap? Challenges? Any? Thought not.

The big white secret: Welfare is used by whites more.

Every since I was a little kid welfare has been a black thing in the media, so much that we black people actually believe that it was FUBU (for us by us) created specifically for us and us alone for the most part. This is so true that many of our ranks or ribs by kids are things like "that's why your momma is on the welfare" while white kids are still using the momma wears combat boots type of put-downs. SIDE NOTE: Someone cashed a welfare check on a cruise and Rush Limbaugh Led with it. Couldn't possibly have been a poor black mother that some rich white bastard was taking on a cruise for a little you know what or a white mom who was on a cruise with their family... It could only be a poor black woman taking advantage of the system. Be ashamed for assuming. In actuality the numbers are more like this: 61% of the American population receiving welfare, by the Census Bureau, are identified as white, Caucasian, while only 33% is identified as black or African Americ

Women love to be spanked. Or do they. The Spanking debate.

Women are the most bestest gift God has ever created. One look from a woman can do to a man more than 10 ass-kickings from another man could ever do. Basically if I do something to a man that makes us fight and then I end up losing (not likely since at heart I am a killer when threatened) it will not make me not do whatever I was doing. If I do the same thing and a woman looks at me the right way, I will probably not do it anymore, basically women have a power over men that no amount of force can produce. What does this have to do with spanking woman Husla3x, Get to that part! I am not a woman beater but in my hey day I was a ladies man of sorts and from those years learned (for a fact) that no matter how strong and self-confident a woman is she wants a man who can handle her and many of those woman want or wouldn't say no to a firm spanking. When I say handle or spank I don't mean abuse or deny type of control, I mean not afraid of her or allow her to get her way all

The Price is Right ain't no place for hood folks.

I was thinking the other day about the price is right and all that crazy stuff Bob (big pimp) Barker did and wondered what it would be like if someone from the ghetto (not years ago but living here now) was to play the game. I think it would go something like this... Taneeka Johnson.... COME ON DOWN! You are the next contestant on the Price is right... Music. This is when you notice that Taneeka is not in fact on her way down but on her phone texting her friends to let them know to watch her on the television. I guess she forgot that it is taped and not live, anyway. Once she finally gets down to the stage and gives shout outs to her friends back home and sets her mind on winning a car and all that things take a sudden and drastic turn. The appliance they have to bid on is a New Refrigerator and Tameeka nails it on the head to go on to the next game. Of course Tameeka loses the the price naming game because prices are way, way different for stuff at the Iranian store in the hood, t