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No Escape. A Poem by Husla3x

It's all the same... Serious, but still a game... Streetz a call you out without using names... They all the same... Flutter like a moth do flame... It never change... Suffer but ignore the pain... The Streetz to blame... Longing for the price of Fame.... Whole Hood but only 2 or 3 can gone claim... We know they names... Move out of the Hood to stay... Come back, garaunteed the streets is gone reclaim. It's looking like I ain't getting blackmansdiary back from Google/Blogger. They called it a spam blog, they made a mistake. I did all the things I needed and was instructed to do but they still haven't even shot me an email. I am truly hurting over the loss of my blog, I spent nearly 3 years posting everyday to entertain my readers, over 1000 posts. Google really needs to get their stuff together. It ain't right to mistakenly ruin peoples lives. Anyway Ain't nothing I can do about it. Husla3x (super-genius) Ps. I ain't really feeling like post

Why do cops even ask?

I write this post at a age where I actually somewhat understand the mentality of police officers in the ghetto and how hard their job is. I also understand the attitude they have to create within themselves to do it... but dam, why can't you ask me stuff then fight me instead of asking as you fight me? The police have done me wrong so many times that now I either talk like Mr Rodgers or like I am stupid when they stop me, either one works.At least in the ghetto, they are the only Mr. Charlie left so let them be right and survive. Hard to do but works. I am a smart dude husla3x (super-genius) and usually can out think or distract the police enough to either... A. Get to a place where there are witnesses B. Get them laughing and distracted enough to get the fuck away before they beat my ass. It is hard being black and in the company of police. White people may not fully understand this, but by all that is holy I swear, there is some undocumented emotional or mental illnes

whos fitting their dress better jessica Biel or Jennifer Lopez?

...First off let me say Dam!! and secondly, That dont make no dam sense. This is Jessica Biel in a little black dress. Down below is Jennifer Lopez in a little white dress. J-lo has her beat a little on size, just a little but what jessica gives up in size she more than makes up in shape.....because Dam!!! Let me know what you think, whos fitting their dress better jessica or Jennifer?

Looks like I wont be getting my blog back from google.

If google was a real person and not an entity, I would probably kill it dead and do the time. Husla3x Google really needs to add a human element to it's business plan. I admit they are huge and own the cyber universe but they are crushing regular hard working bloggers and webmasters like so many ants and never even acknowledging this life crushing way of operating. It has been nearly 2 weeks and I have still had no luck convincing google that my blog "Diary of a poor black Milwaukee screwup" Back on line. They sent me an email and I finally found out that they or thier policing software thought that it exhibited patterns resembling a spam blog. I don't even know what that means exactly but considering the fact that humans may not even actually exist at google, I see nothing to have hope about. The way I understand it is like this.... They (google) have some sort of algorithm that searches through all blogger blogs and looks for spam like patterns or markers or s

Spam Blog? What u smoking Google?

Why is google marking legitimate blogs as spam blogs and deleting them? This is akin to burning down a business and saying screw you to the business owners. This can be life changing to a blogger. I went to post on my blog and blog. I guess google labeled it a spam blog even though there were over 1000 posts over a 3 year period. I can't understand why they would think that, maybe it was from the 10-20 spam comments that attempt to get on there a day, I don't know. I moderate them every week and decline just about every comment. I have spent the last 3 years posting at least 5 times a week worth of great content on my blog and managed to take to the point of thousands of hits a day. I hope google un-rapes me and puts my blog back up online. This is actually pretty scary, to spend a good portion of time building something only to have it destroyed by a robot. Either way I have been waiting for a response for about 20 hours but hopefully they will realize their mistake