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Ghetto Mommas: Beat Your Child....Please.

I use to be somewhat childish. With that said I can see this video from a number of perspectives. I finally grew up a few years ago and I am 43, the hood will do that to you, prolong your immaturity. Anyway I am fine now and life is still fun and worth living so I advise everyone over 30 to try it. Pull up your pants (at least some) Get a job, produce something, raise your kids (way more than housing and food) and at least aknowledge the fact that barring death the future will come.... .... Anyway these girls need to be beat after their parents are beat. Its funny and I can appreciate that but it is so inappropriate that it makes me sad. It may have something to do with the fact that I got it off of a racist website that was using it as proof that blacks are animals and not entirely human. Made me pissed. Anyway, peep the video.

Niggerism: Coming to a town near you.

OMG! We have managed to close down a natural resource with our ignorant ways and behavior. It's no small wonder why every-time I play any game online with other players the overwhelming sentiment and conversational topic is "why I hate black people." Not me personally for obvious reasons but more and more people everyday. You can't go online in an open forum and not encounter racism... But is this new blooming "racism" actually racism or is it really a human response to a destructive force that most don't understand and even more fear? I think it is more of the latter than the former. I'll explain my reasons in due time but now I want to get into how we as black folks have managed to close down a public and natural resource for a time. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yesterday was the first over 80 degree day we have had since winter departed and many went to the lake front (lake michigan) to seek relief from the heat for a while. Maybe toss a f

Reverse Double Standard Has White Men Bitter.

This is the kind of honest reporting and opinions that got my other blog taken down. I never am racist, I just tell it like it is, at least from this side of the fence. The poor, ghetto, black side of the fence. Well maybe 15% of the 12% that is black in America wants to hear ir, but whats that 35 people? I need to say that I am an Uber light skinned mixed black guy. I also need to mention that I am, have been, and probably will be poor. This may or may not color my truthisms. I want to start this post off by saying that I am sick of hearing white men exclaim how unfair it is that they can't get any help or that they can't catch a break because they are white. White men have ruled the world and had more benefits and advantages than anyone on the earth can get in the next 100 years if they start now and work 24 hours a day, the few advantages that were given away to us black folks doesn't even make a dent n their stockpile. I may or may not have mentioned on this new blo

Big Booty of the year - and the winner is....

Usually, I try not to post Pics I receive when I have a suspicion that they are from websites and I don't have a link or at least a clue as to where to find a link. I get clues because the people who sends the picture in doesn't rename the image and I can usually find it using google, then I can link to the original and throw some traffic towards the website. This one did not have a link and claims to be a model who wanted to enter herself in the contest... I had to post it. I got it around Nov-Dec but I never made a decision or forgot or something? But I should have posted it because if I was reading this blog I would want to see it. If anyone has seen this face or this .... BOOTY!! OMG!!-- Please post a comment below with the website it can be found on. I might find it or I might find out that the face and/or BOOTY!! OMG!! I am thinking of is not this one. Either way... This is the big booty winner for all of last year. Congrats girl. I give you extra props because ligh