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Black In Milwaukee: If it ain't one thing, you're dead.

Before I even start I want to say this is coming from a man who use to be a thug, drug dealer, womanizer and general illegal living, thinking and breathing individual. With that said... Doing good does not pay if you are black and living in Milwaukee. For the last 8 years I have been an upstanding and productive member of society, no drugs, one woman, no illegal husling of any kind. During this period of my life I have been terrorized by the city of Milwaukee more than at any time in my life. I have had my house searched 3 times, been to jail for under $100 fines 4 times and stopped on the street and searched over a dozen times. This is not even including the dozens of times I have been to court for child support for me and my wife (nearly 30 years together) children. WTF!! If I would have known living right was so dam difficult legally I would have bought another pound of weed and did what I do best. My dumb ass had to go and get on the radar in this raggedy hellhole they named M

I love milwaukee... but dam is it stupid!

I love Milwaukee mainly because I was born here, as a city though it is about the biggest depository for idiots in the whole entire country, possibly the world. I have been in and out of Milwaukee for more than four decades and every-time I return I am amazed at how segregated, racist, whiny and simpleminded this place is. This City has some of the best and worst people simultaneously. When I say simultaneously I mean the same person can be liberal and racist depending on the company they are in. Not only that but the city is always and has always been jealous and trying to play catch up with Chicago, like it's possible to catch them. We spend money on crap a city our size could no more afford than a fish can afford a tanning bed, and about as needed. I can not remember a time when being black in Milwaukee wasn't a good enough reason to get you stopped, searched and detained for no other reason. And though I hate to Admit it, we make some of the most ignorant niggaz on the

White woman black man. White girls don't fare well in the hood.

Up until the age of 27, I was scared to get in a elevator alone with a strange white woman. My girlfriend thought this was hilarious. I never figured out why, but it really was a phobia. My grandma said it came from a movie I saw when I was little where a man was hanged for a rape he didn’t commit, I don’t know. But because of it I never have had sex with a white woman, I’m the only black guy I know who hasn’t. I have been approached, but I always chicken out. I’m no pretty boy but some women find me attractive. I always figured white women that thought I was cute considered me a practice negro, because of my light complexion. My country uncle had a long running joke, he said fat white women came with motor cycles. If you went to buy a motor cycle you had to take the woman too, just the rules. I really believed it until I was 12. My uncle is not a bigot, his step mom is white, and some of his brothers are mixed so we have always mingled with whites. I’m making lite of the subject, but

If your girl gains 50 pounds, aint she like a whole different woman? PAFOSS.

PAFOSS!!! People Are Full Of $hit Sometimes. I should not be obligated to anything promised to her former self. If i liked big girls i would have chased a big girl. Yall full of shit on this one ladies, what if your man had a 10 inch boner that shrunk to 4 and you were with him for sex? Bet youd either leave or cheat if you were a woman. Everybody has their type of man or woman. Everybody is attracted to a certain type of body type, the one body type that does it for them. It just doesnt seem fair to have to be an asshole just for leaving someone who gained 50 pounds. I mean if i went and bought the newest sexiest smallest mobile phone and used it for a few months and then it turned into a big gigantic 1988 brick model motorola, you can bet your life i got complaints. don't get me wrong, i do think it is an messed up thing to do i just dont think it should be bad karma to opt out. If you like voluptuous women and find you a big healthy lover and win her heart and everything and t

What ever happened to Cool? Are there any more ultra cool celebrities?

When I was little I couldn’t wait to get big so I could be cool. I wanted to be John Shaft, The Fonz, Venus flytrap (WKRP in Cincinnati, funny, funny show) or even John Travolta. Any of those mentioned characters were cool, cool to the utmost, beyond cool, unfortunately cool doesn't exist anymore... I think it was replaced by smartass.  John Travolta and the fonz crossed racial barriers with coolness, White folks aint supposed to be cool, so they blew the roof off the blukka blukka back in the day. I still hear the word cool sometimes and even use it occasionally, but it isn’t one of my go to words like it was way, way, way back. Cool use to be an aspiration, people use to want to be cool like people now want to be rich. There were genres of cool from just plain cool, Sammy Davis jr, to way out there cool, like with George Clinton and kiss, Bootsy and cameo. And cool even had Kings (Miles Davis) and ambassadors (James Brown), we even had High Society cool (Bond, James Bond) Th

Happy Fathers Day! Suckaz!

Luckily I have the kind of kids who give great gifts on Fathers day, most fathers don't. I admit that I am not very hard to shop for, I have just about everything I actually need and am not a big want type of guy. This makes me cool with a shirt or some other crap gift that no one wants like ties and cards and wrench sets. This year my daughters (both 21) pooled together and got me a 2nd joystick for the PS3 and my wife got me a pair of Phat Pharm jeans and shirt and some new crispy clean white vintage adidas shell-toes. These were all great gifts for an old hip hopped, geek, 43 year old guy like myself. I made out like a bandit but that is not the norm for men around the country, they have to suck it up and take it when the family as a whole chips in together to get them a gift, usually something they would never wear for a million dollars but will wear in public for love.... should have taken the million dollars. My friend got a 50 inch LCD television for fathers day last year


I have been getting this email regularly for the last 3 years every 6 months or so. This is completely an urban myth. I call it an urban myth because it usually is mass forwarded in urban areas. Now while it is wise to not open Ecards unless you know the sender, there is no Bog Uber Destructive virus lurking or expected and for sure none forcasted and tested by snopes or any other big name virus killing company online. Here is an example of the email warning being forwarded around....again. TO ALL. Dave's brother is a very advanced programmer who does computer work for a living and has a high-up status with Microsoft. He doesn't send these if they aren't real. If he says this is for real, it for sure is. Be aware. VIRUS COMING ! Hi All, I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this virus! I checked Snopes, and it is for real. Get this E-mail message sent around to your contacts ASAP. PLEASE FORWARD T

Husla3x: My Daughters are all grownup. B-day pics.

Well my daughters have finally turned 21, I say finally because that's how they put it. Let me tell you though, for a father they never really outgrow being daddy's little girls. My twins are now adults and I could not be prouder of them. They did none of the stuff I did, no drugs, no crime, not even 1 shoot-out among them. Happy 21st Lyneice Sanders now Lyneice Doss and Dyneice SandersI did a good job if I say so myself. They have expanded their horizons beyond the ghetto and all the traps it lays out for our young. One is married, one is at marquette, what more can a hood ass, thug, geek like myself wish for? Thank you daughters and don't get too drunk or I will have to torture you while you nurse your alchohol virgin next-day headaches, yall know my Modern Warfare on PS3 can crank up to the full 700 watts.

1 Black Mans Perspective. Obama May be A Plant.

I know allot of my black brothers and sisters aren't going to like this statement but It's starting to look like Obama might be Muslim and against America. I am not saying that I believe he is, I am just saying that a case could be made that he is and does. What got me interested in looking deeper into this theory was when he bowed to that middle eastern king dude. The actual bow was not what got me curious, it was the thinking behind the bow that got me peaked. Here's my super-genius take on this subject. Who the hell else would even think to bow to a middle eastern king? I mean human naturely speaking we are all use to seeing The queen of england and them get bowed to but who has ever seen a Desert King getting bowed to? You would have to be a Muslim to even thinking or accidentally make that mistake. I'm just saying. There are people out there who think he is the anti-christ. There are people out there who think he is the Manchurian Candidate. I don't kno

Bria Myles is booty like no other. Black sexy of the month!

What can I say about this Picture that the picture doesn't already say? Bria Myles is some serious booty. OMG! I guess I will be in the dog house for this picture on the blog. Some crimes are just worth it.

Welcome to the ghetto: Fat White Chics get in Free!

What is it about the ghetto and big ole fat white Women? I know we love them thick but man. I remember when I was little and in the back seat of the car with my dad driving and I asked him how come every motorcycle seem to have a fat lady on it? He really had me convinced that fat white women come with motorcycles. He sounded serious and i believed it. My daddy is also not even remotely racist but he loves a good laugh. Me myself am too dam light skinned to ever have a white woman girl-friend. If I accidentally get her pregnant my baby would be invisible, or like them see thru human body models at school where you can see the blood pumping. I had a few chances I just always backed out. I don't even know why. One girl even asked me was it because she was white? That time I had allowed her to open my zipper while we kissed (kissed is kind of a strong word because I was scrunched up against the wall like I was hiding in a spy-thriller movie). And I am the least racist person on

New Berlin Wisconsin is really new now. Status Quo Racism.

For the last 12 years I have been in New Berlin 3-4 hours a day, 1-2 at around noon and the same around 10pm. I have personally witnessed the change in the social makeup of the community. I know what I am talking about. And for the record New Berlin is the right name for this suburb considering what the old berlin (germany) did. New Berlin is a suburb of Milwaukee and Milwaukee is racist as hell. You might say "Milwaukee ain't racist, Mississippi is racist" well that may be true in a way but let me explain the difference between the two and then I will get on to talking about New Berlin. Everyone knows that Mississippi is racist because the population wears their racism on their sleeve, out in the open where everyone can see it. In Milwaukee they wear the racism in their breast pockets (close to heart) you can know a person for years and never they are racist until you catch them unawares or come up on a situation where they have to show it. Thats the difference.

If both wives go to heaven isn't that hell?

If you were married twice and both the women go to heaven with you, would that still be heaven? It seems to me that that would be a little less than heaven, hell I only have one wife and am hard put to keep her right all the time. I think that if a first wife died and then You remarried....oh boy, there would be some arguments in Heaven that would lead to you or one of them going to hell. I don't know if you know this but black women can get a bit animated in the argument department. Lets say you were on a picnic in heaven and the 1st wife wanted to picnic by the pearly gates and the 2nd wanted to picnic at the feet of of the divine one and you picked the 1st wife's choice more often than the 2nds, how long before the the Heaven police would be summoned to your heavenly home? And we are talking eternity. Husla3x (super-genius)