White woman black man. White girls don't fare well in the hood.

Up until the age of 27, I was scared to get in a elevator alone with a strange white woman. My girlfriend thought this was hilarious. I never figured out why, but it really was a phobia. My grandma said it came from a movie I saw when I was little where a man was hanged for a rape he didn’t commit, I don’t know. But because of it I never have had sex with a white woman, I’m the only black guy I know who hasn’t. I have been approached, but I always chicken out. I’m no pretty boy but some women find me attractive. I always figured white women that thought I was cute considered me a practice negro, because of my light complexion. My country uncle had a long running joke, he said fat white women came with motor cycles. If you went to buy a motor cycle you had to take the woman too, just the rules. I really believed it until I was 12. My uncle is not a bigot, his step mom is white, and some of his brothers are mixed so we have always mingled with whites. I’m making lite of the subject, but it really is becoming an issue. As I have said in other posts, white women don’t hold up good in the ghetto.

What would make an attractive white woman want to move to the ghetto? Love? Considering that the man they love most of the time sees them as a credit card with titties, and almost always gives them names like snowflake and the more generic “whitegirl”, I can’t understand why they would leave the safety of Whiteland to attempt to live down here. In the words of snoop doggy dog I think it’s a case of not loving the man as much as the doggy style. Add that to the fact that the police are gonna stop you at least twice as much driving with a white girl as the usual 20 times more than regular. Driving while black is a good way to get pulled over, driving while black with a white girl is a guaranteed stop. It kinda seems like the older more country black doods see them as a status symbol. I cant understand how something so easy to get could be a symbol of anything. I mean guys that black women won’t touch always end up with a white woman. And they always the worst possible choice of black dudes, they tend to fall for them same fools that the news cameras love to ask about stuff..

I have heard all the arguments, and a few make sense. White women do fight less and they tend to let you live your life how you want it more. I mean if you want to go out with friends, they don’t automatically get upset. Don’t get me wrong, I love my black women, but yall know yall fight a plenty. But look at it in a historical sense. Black women fight a lot more, argue I mean, but when the shit hit the fan, they get covered with you. While white women don’t. Where a black girl fights a little bit a day, white women save it all inside, and then at the end send your ass to prison or some shit. I have seen black women take all kind of threats from police and never tell on their man. I have also seen white women get caught with $5 dollars worth of marijuana in their purse and tell the police everything their black man has ever done wrong since she met him. All you brothers with white women better remember why huslas don’t husle around white people. They will sell you up the river to avoid a $30 dollar ticket. It isn’t all due to prejudice, a lot of it is upbringing. Believe it or not some white people would rather commit suicide than get a felony. Most poor black folks would be surprised if they make it through life without getting one. And if by some chance we end up with one, life goes on. Like I have said felonies are like colds in the ghetto, you can catch one turning a door knob.

I am just relaying some of the thoughts that exist in the ghetto, so don’t get mad at me.

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I am not a bigot, I have several whites in my family through 30+ year marriages. I have several people I love that are white, and a good many friends that are white also. The only prejudice I have is white people who talk black and act black for the fun of it. I understand the whites who are poor and live in the ghetto doing it, because how we talk and act is a big part lifestyle and environment so it makes sense. But those who do it as a fad are mentally retarded to me. I see the suburban white kids selling dope in the ghetto and then crying like bitches when they get beaten or robbed, like they didn’t know that shit was serious. I feel no pity for them, if they survive maybe they’ll go they dumb asses home and be their self’s. We got to be here, this shit is real. I don’t have anything against races mixing or none of that, though I do feel kind of bad that there aren’t that many black folks left who are actually black. The dark skinned blacks are to this century what the high yellow blacks were to the last one. But we still haven’t bought into the crap the Arian nation and klueless Klux Klan has. I hate them bastards, more than police, and that’s saying something. I also find it weird that I typed in klu Klux Klan and Microsoft word corrected it to capital letters. All our pro black groups show their faces, and don’t burn shit on white people’s lawns, but Newport’s. The whole hidden identity thing seems sort of cowardly to me.

I have to add a bit about black women and white men. This will be quick, because there are only two reasons these ever start. 1. security 2. Tired of our shit/sellout
Everybody know that white men love them some black women. They almost always fall in love with them.

What I am trying to say in this chapter is this. Black men quit including white women in your picture of making it. Stick it out with your arguing ass black women, they stuck with your sorry asses when you didn’t have shit, and we argue just as much. All of us do, we are an emotional race. So quit bringing them to the picnics, so we can talk about white people like we do. And remember who helped you buy your car when you were broke. Who raised your children and didn’t make you feel like a failure when you really were one. Just like O.j Simpson I feel you weak bastards deserve what you get, when the shit hit the fan and you are the only one covered in it. You can’t stop love, but you can stop fronting. If you can’t, then get in your Cadillac and pack up your white woman and move to a white area. At least then your woman can avoid going downhill so fast, and still talk white. And remember you don’t have to have a white woman to make you feel bigger, feel big inside first and as for life, get ur done!!!

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