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It's a white thang, you wouldn't understand.

I remember about 6 summers ago the slogan "It's A Black Thang, You Wouldn't Understand!" were all the rage. The slogan has gone the way of the slinky and the hoola hoop but it was kickin butt for a good while. I think it served it's purpose of making white people mad and uncomfortable and probably was racist as seen from a white perspective. I had 3 so don't misunderstand me, I rocked those t-shirts hard and to work. I think white people need one also but with "white thang" in place of "Black thank" on the T-shirt.

I know this will never come to be but I can think of at least a few things or better yet "thangs" about white people that I can't understand...

Why if your child is acting up in a restaurant would he be allowed to stay there and eat?

I once saw a little white boy throw his toy at a server in McDonalds and then kick his mother in the shin when she tried to stop him from screaming at the top of his lungs, why was he all…

Black People Can't Be Racist... Nigga what you smoking?

I keep hearing my peoples saying that we can't be racist because we don't have any power. I understand where they statement comes from and it sounds good and everything but in the end that is the craziest crap I have heard since that dude Chaney shot apologized to him for getting in the way of his bullets and screwing up his shot. Of course we can be racist, as a matter of fact we are the most racist people on the planet (American Blacks) since the last Nazi died. Of course our racism is only towards white people (understandably) with all other races there is not a racist bone in our bodies beyond mimicking the people at the chinese restaurant.

I know right about now there are a gang of black people ready to call me uncle tom, sell-out and all manner of nasty names because they feel I am on the white mans nuts and kissing his a-s-s but I ain't, I'm just keeping it real, we talk about white people constantly, everyday, all the time. It's a little known fact outside o…

America Gets It Wrong... Again.

I love my country. I also understand that to live here is to be blessed and to also be better off than I would be residing anywhere else on earth. The one thing that I can't for the life of me understand is this whole racism thing.

I get the fact that it is based in human-nature and could never go away completely but why is it always so wishy-washy and inconsistent? why does it never stay true to itself? Why is it always surprisingly non-linear? Why does the unanimously empowered race always drop the ball or get frustrated and push through ridiculous rules and regulations to police itself and try to curtail racism?

I just don't understand how the entire country can be upset and obsessed with Arizona for potential human race violations or angry with Homeland security for racial profiling when they are both logical time and even t based decisions. I actually have no beef with either of these two enforcements, what I have a problem with is the fact that the powers that be don't…

How can you ask so many questions and still be dumb?

50 questions an hour and no grand prize. Yahh trick yahh!

I know I haven't written about my In-laws in a good minute. I guess the reason is like many other things we think that if we ignore it it will go away. It usually doesn't but the stress level will go down....considerably.

I was into trying to ignore these 2 remaining straglers that have infested my humble abode but it is truly hard when what you are trying to ignore is a big giant flashing light and foghorn combination. I could have made it to if they did not ask so many dam questions.

I swear to gawd that everytime I go to the kitchen, bathroom, front-door or any other place within hearing distance of our "guests" they think up things to ask me. If I go to the bathroom 8 times out of 10 one of them will knock, very hard, on the bathroom door to ask me if i am somebody. Someone will knock and say something like Bill is that you? The funny part is that the probability/chance factors don't match up. There a…

Big Black Booty in White Pants Just a walking.

Everyone has been on me to post more Big Booty, like on the old blog "THAT GOOGLE ROBBED ME OF" So heres A great big old booty black girl for yallz azzes.

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Call of Duty = Daily Allotment Of The N-Word.

If you read this blog or the huge one googles gay @$$ stole from me you know that I am a huge Modern Warfare Gamer. I am going to play now (husla3x) and also at the same time get my daily allotment of nigger. I will be called the N-word at least 5 times an hour. This post is pointless, just wanted to let you parents know that that is what your kids and husbands do on the game all day... Call black people niggers. No matter what trail in life you take you would be amazed at how often that word comes up on Modern Warfare, I am also glad so my kids can finally see that racism is not dead but more alive than ever. DON'T Believe The Hype!!!!

Husla3x (super-genius)