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What the Mosque tried to do Glenn Beck achieved. Hypocrisy

What the Mosque tried to do Glenn Beck achieved.... That's a powerful and very true statement. Here's why I say it. Hypocrisy! If you have read any of my writings at anytime during the last 4 years you know I am black, brutally honest and fair from my perspective of being black, lower income and a certified super-genius. None of these can be denied. All are fact. With that said I will continue on, through the walls of prejudice, over the moat of preconceived stereotypes, around the blockades of time and bullheadedness directly into the human nature rhelm of this blunt and truthful statement concerning the Uber-grande radio and television celebrity, Glenn Beck. In the 60's when black Americans proclaimed to have "Black Power" and made the phrase "Power to the People" able to fit into any conversation as easily as the Hawaiians do with Aloha the whites have misunderstood, ridiculed, taunted and threatened, everything but even attempt to get the whole po

Did I do the right thing. killing him I mean?

I heard the gunshot the same way you hear somebody calling your name when you are deep in thought, distant as if the space between you and them is full of water. I saw the flash and the smoke yet for some reason it took a few seconds for the obvious to sink into my brain and recognition to bloom in my mind. I just stood there looking back and forth between smoking gun and smoking gun victim. jaquiem, the man we planned to rob was wheezing out his last breaths on the floor to the sounds of gilligans island from an old school 19 inch television sitting on top of a 27 inch console tv that hadn't worked in years. "why you do that for?" I ask D.A, my long time running partner. "uh uh." he said as he shrugged nonchalantly. "fuck it! Let's hurry up and look around and get up out this piece before some dipping as neighbors call the law on us." He said this as he was already turning and going into the kitchen to check the refrigerator freezer for dope

Another Obama Vacation, lazy stereotype reinforcement.

I mean dam! 6 vacations in 8 weeks or something like that, there is already a worldwide stereotype about blacks being lazy. I understand the job is stressful but nobody makes you apply for the job of President, you choose to run. If you read my blog (this one and the one google stole) you know I have had a few problems with Obama, I love the whole black president ideal, I just wasn't sure if he was the right guy for it because I had never heard of him and some of his credentials seemed fishy but my main reason was because I knew that the country was falling apart and in the very near future white America was gonna have fuel for the whole "black people ruined America" theory going around. I told you guys on my old blog that Obama eventually would be no more than a figurehead for Americas demise to white America, meaning they would be able to point at Obama and blame all the coming ills squarely on him. I was not wrong, and you haven't seen nothing yet, just wait ti

Tiger woods wife - 100 Million - That could beat a murder rap.

Tiger woods got a divorce and it is gonna cost him 100 Million dollars. How the hell is that little gold digging woman worth that? She wasn't even a good enough wife to keep her man from messing around on her, i mean he even cheated with ugly women, how awful is she as a wife? That type of money is at least 100,000 hit men, just playing, i think anyway. But Dam .....$100 million dollars for being a lousy wife...jeeeez! " Miss Nordegren will reportedly keep one home in Florida, while the golfer will retain their house in Jupiter Island, Florida. He is also likely to keep a £2 million Los Angeles apartment and their 155ft yacht Privacy. Miss Nordegren, 30, a former swimwear model, bought a property in her native Sweden last year. " Please! She was a broke babysitter 6 years ago and she is the one who chased him and made him crash starting all this crap. Nobody seems to remember that she also lead him on for a long time after the whole fiasco. I admit that the man was w

What's more important ladies: Big Bank account or big penis.

I guess I can't add much in the way of a post but I really want to know the answer to this question. For most of my life i have been poor and often times I have used my male member as a American express, get out of trouble free and a gift card, I never leave home without it. But I have also heard womens gossip from females about who has what and have seen that those on the negative side of big have no trouble getting and keeping women. I knw that being well endowed is a plus so that is not the question. I also know that having access to money is also a plus so that is not my question either. What I want to know is financial security or a big penis (in their selves) enough to sustain a relationship? Use the comment function for your answers.

You Must Be Crazy! Fool ace nigga please!!!

If you read this blog sometimes you know by now that my wife family is a bit, just a bit, narcissistic. I can't really blame them because my wife is one of those people that can't say no to people, I on the other hand have no problem saying no, this has made me have to assume the role of "bad guy" in my family. In reality I am easy going and fun loving but these people have made me put on my mean hat so long that I have turned into a grump. Let me give you a few examples of the reasons and things that have made me into a grump. My sister in law calls my wife at 4am to ask what time the Court-house opens... My answer, nowhere near now ignorant bastard, call me back after the sun comes up you insane asshole... My wifes answer, I was sleep but let me google it to see for you. WTF!!! She finds out for her while I grumble as to how ridiculous it is to call a person to ask them something like that, screw I was sleeping, forget about how rude it is, I need, I want, righ

Say cheese! Black Girls can pose like no other.

I don't know everything but I know sisters can pose like nobody else on the planet, You can't even catch them unawares. I tried to get a surprise pic of my daughter and her friend as a joke and when I looked at the picture there were all smiles and poses even though through my lens I was sure I had caught them. Black women have some kind of crazy "you looking at me" radar. Don't believe me? Try taking a surprise picture of any black woman, even from a distance, and see don't they be posed and looking at the camera by the time you snap it. At the least you will get a picture of a body and a hand. Or better yet, try looking at a woman passing or walking down the street, bet she turn and look in your direction. Husla3x (super-genius)

Big black Waterbed Booty. I love a sexy walking booty.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back in the "spirit" of posting after google took my blog from me (blackmans diary *RIP) but I am alright in the head and have vented some of my murderous rage. Here is the first video post on this, the new "replacement" blog. Enjoy this video which I have labeled "waterbed booty".