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OMG! Mark Belling should never say Ghetto Fabulous.

I think this was about the funniest mark Belling show ever. He knows nothing about black culture which is strange since he talks about it constantly.

Affirmative action slowed black progress in America- Theory.

I have this theory about Affirmative action that almost no one like me agrees with. When I say like me I mean black or African American if you go in for all the political correctness garbage. I am not in a writing mindset today so I will be brief. Wait... I could have named this quit your crying ya bastard you did it to yourself. Heres my theory.. Why affirmative action slowed black progress in America. Necessity is the mother of all invention. For the most part if left to its own the need for something will sooner or later make it appear and once it appears it will be tweaked and improved by others as time and necessity dictate. When affirmative action came on the scene for the black population of America, not only did it begin to grow the resentment that is so prevalent in our culture now, it also made the desire to have our own less pressing. What I mean is this, once white America became mandated to give us (blacks) a part of their success we stopped striving for our own and ch

DUBturbo - Urban Beat Production Software Review.

I am going to do a full review eventually, busy as heck right now. I can say this though... I thought DUBturbo was gonna be a piece of crap compared to FL-Studio but was surprised. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that FL has (not even close) but it also costs the same as the tax on Fruityloops. This is a nice piece though if you just want to make great beats quickly - I made a freestyle beat in the car on my laptop while my girl was in the drug store. It actually is funner than Fruityloops for the simple fact that it is way easier. ANd did I mention it costs $29? Basically I am not at all sorry I bought it and actually like it because I can create slick beats quicker than with any of my other studio programs. I guess if I had to make it simple to understand how this software is I would say this... The expensive studio programs are Microsoft Word and this Program is Notepad. Its worth the $30 though. That's why I put the banner up top on me blogger joint.

Some family you gotta do an exorcism to get out your house.

It seems like everyday somebody needs something from me or my wife, that's fine but my wife can't say no and couldn't tell a scam from a airport scanner. Just this last week I had 4 "can I move in" requests, 7 "can I borrow" requests and dozens of "could you or could I" requests, and the sad thing is many people take offense to No. Everyone knows that can I stay with you for a month or so actually means can I stay with you until you put me out and I hate you and slander you to other family members 80% of the time but how can you find the nerve to ask when you see that the last time you visited my house was already filled to the brim like we were Hmong refuges? OK, I might be sounding terrible right now but after my wife's mother, brother, sex offender nephew, sister and friend moved out I am determined to never let another person move in again. I mean seriously, it took dam near an exorcism to get my wife mother out and the demons that

Bay View High School Student Stabbed on Bus.

A 17-year-old Bay View High School student was stabbed three times during a fight on a school bus Friday morning, a spokeswoman for Milwaukee Public Schools said. The student was taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, where he was listed in satisfactory condition, MPS spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin said. The incident occurred shortly before 8 a.m. near N. 36th and W. Burleigh streets when three people boarded the bus and began fighting with the student, who was eventually stabbed twice in the leg and once in the side of his torso, St. Aubin said. Some of the people who boarded the bus may not be students, St. Aubin said. It was not clear whether they forced their way onto the bus, but they appeared to target the student who was stabbed, she said. A police spokesman said the attackers and the victim may have been involved in an ongoing dispute. No arrests have been made, but police said they are looking for a specific Bay View student in connection with the sta

I am getting my Black Ops at Midnight - Like a lil Kid.

Call me what you want to, my girl can't understand how a grown ass man is gonna be at Gamestop at Midnight to get a "Dam Game" in her words, but I bet I am gonna be there come divorce or high water.

Black Mans Diary: Saturday Freestyle. 40YOR

What's up readers? Every Saturday I freestyle a rhyme off the top of my head. The thing is I am black so I'm always late with it, I might do it on a tuesday cause I forgot, ain't no telling. I actually just open up the blog and write something of the top of my head so if it ain't nice...Oh well, but it usually is because I got skills. Anyway here we go.... At 40+ it's harder to stand ya losses opportunity knock and I held it hostage now I get loot like heads, sand and ostrich Life always a trip but you can't get off it No more ripping the stage No more cocking the gauge No more outward expressions of rage at this age No more confrontations that end with one in the grave No more days in a cell at least that's what you prays.` But inside you still feel like you can't be held Time done told you already so no more time will tell I'm telling you this time in your life can be hell If you didn't respect the future and live life well If you did it

Malinda Williams: Hollywood slept on sexy black celebrity

I was just watch Idlewild for the 4th or 5th time, Idlewild is really a great movie, and noticed how sexy Malinda Williams is in it. Idlewild should have got a little more fame than it did because it really was a great movie. I guess the reason it did not go big is because only us black folks went to see it because it was promoted and taken as a rap movie by rap stars, it was not that. I encourage anyone who likes great movies to rent or buy this movie because it is so dam good. Anyway this post is about Malinda Williams not Idlewild. Malinda Williams has been in many movies and most people recognize her face and ummmm....Body. I wanted to post about her because she really is a great actress and a lovely woman.

Gay couple get 14 years in prison for being Gay.

Talk overcrowded prisons? A gay couple in Malawi, found guilty of gross indecency and unnatural acts after they took part in an "engagement ceremony," was sentenced to 14 years in prison Thursday. Steven Mojenza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, were convicted in a court Tuesday. The pair was arrested in December at their home in Blantyre, Malawi, for professing their love in a traditional engagement ceremony. They were rounded up after news reports surfaced, charged under colonial-era sodomy laws and detained at Chichiru Prison without bail. If this were to happen in America it would be like the rapture happened, there would be empty houses, cars, businesses and sports teams all over the country. The prison system would never stop saying "fresh meat" Anyway, read the whole article at CNN

Black Mans Diary - Obama is not what I had Hoped.

If you read this blog you know that I am not the type to sugar coat any statement I make, I say it like it is and mean it when i say it. I am a black voter, I am glad of the black presidency and I actually like Obama as a man, but I am also wondering where the "uplift" is that I hoped would come from having a black President. I just don't don't see the change I voted for, and change means something totally different to me than it does to my white readers. And as far as defending him, yes we can, but not for the reasons you think. Most recently in the news a black woman had this to say about Obama “Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now.“ If you did not know, we as black people will defend another black person to the death against ridicule from a white source, we just do not willingly accept criticism from white sour

The future of black America. By a black American.

This post was originally on Black Mans diary July - 2008 I was sitting around on the porch watching traffic and thinking, why do we sit on the porch so much in the ghetto? I can't understand most of the multitude of ethnic slurs directed at us as black folks in America but i do get a few because they are kinda on point even though i hate to admit it out loud. Porch Monkey, that one was stupid when i was little but now i do see it. We gotta admit that we will sit on some porches, while we are of course not monkeys the whole porch thing is true. With that said i think white people could equally be called "patio monkeys" for the same reasons. But in all seriousness it does seem like an economical thing more than a racial thing. The poorest people on the block do seem to sit on the porch allot. Sometimes when no porch is present the kitchen chairs will find their way to the middle grass, i never got that one. If you live in the hood as i do you constantly see one chair s