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Why we hate rich people or Haterism 101.

If you read this blog you know that I live in the ghetto. I guess at this time in my life I could sell my house and get out but habit and being use to the environment makes the thought of leaving not a pressing issue, so a s a result I stay. I have always been sort of a ghetto baby for a few simple and possibly retarded reasons, which are... 1. When I was younger I loved the action. In the ghetto there is rarely a day that goes by where nothing happens, be it a police chase or a fight or even a family dispute that spills out into the streets. But as I got older and did not need or want to be entertained in the same way as I did as a 20 year old, all that noise just became a bother an inconvenience. Who wants to be stopped by the police daily at 35-40 years old? And the simple truth is if you are not out and about in the ghetto networking everyday you become an open target for those that have less than you. If you are rich and in the ghetto you are a fool. 2. Being able to exist wi

Happy Kwanzaa... MUhahahaha!!!

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States honoring universal African-American heritage and culture, observed from December 26 to January 1 each year. I just don't get it. I understand and will defend to the death our black American Christmas holiday Kwanzaa even though I have never in my over 40 years seen a person I know celebrating it. I know I am going to catch flack for saying this and many probably do celebrate it but it is nowhere even remotely near a African American custom like we have scared white people into believing. I have an Idea, since Kwanzaa went over so well, let make a few more holidays up that actually help us out a little. I have a couple suggestions. Credinsibar - An African American holiday where everyone celebrates the advance African American Credit has made in the last 50 years. On this day no store can turn us down for credit on anything under $200. George Washington Carvers Day - On this one we can give each other peanut produc

What IF? Race War 2015 - The revolution was televised.

I wrote this in 2003 for no particular reason, the story is good but I never put it on the website. It was for a book that I wrote and put away in a drawer. I liked the concept. FOREWARD: Hope is future dependent. The revolution was televised. America has been crazy going on twenty five years as best as I can remember, especially the urban parts I live in. But I never thought it could get to where it is now, not in a billion million gazillion years. OK that may be a little too concrete, I'll say I knew this was possible but I just wanted to think it wasn't. Yea it has been crazy for a while now, but this is insane. It's kinda simple seeming now looking back, If you look at all the things that happened written down in chronological order, it's almost obvious. But at the time they were just crazy crap happening along with the other crazy crap. I mean a race war almost had to happen. A race war that there was no way in hell we could have won. Though we are pret

You know you are in love when....

There are allot of us men who are domesticated but don't realize it out here in the world. We try and act as if we are the "man of the house" but really we are at best a minority partner. I ain't no liar so I will start of by saying that I am scared of my wife in the same way I was scared of my mother growing up. Not the, they can physically kick my butt type of scared but the, man I don't want to get on this woman bad side, type of scared. A good wife will make you lie to her if you are a man. I know a few people disagree so why don't yall come on and go with me to the strip club and tell your wife that's where we are headed, not the ball game like you told her. Yea, That's what I thought. Anyway this days post is called "You know you are in love when...." Here we go. You know you are in love when.... ....You have an argument with your girl outside the bar and she go to your car, gets in your car, and leaves in your car, while you stan

Jennifer Lopez still got that (you know) after all this time.

I don't know what you heard but Jennifer Lopez still got that Booty. I had to find an up to date picture to prove to the world the JLO still got that make you turn around and look, get slapped by your girl, make a nigga crash into a tree looking booty. You cannot argue with this side view.

I ain't trying to play the race card, but......

Insane driver! brought to you by Forex Signal OMG! This could not happen in the hood. The police will beat yo a$$ if you ask what are they stopping you for in the hood. This man is wigging out on the police and getting away with it. That made my racdar alarm go off. All the police ever do around here is threaten you if yu don't STFU - Right Now. That is so funny a video and just out and out proof that no matter who the president is we still just another NiXXer if someone in authority want it that way.

beasty Violin cover of eminem "love the way you lie"

Amazing eminem Violin Cover brought to you by forex Signals

One of the sickest Rap videos ever. Grand Finale - Nas-meth-DMX-Jaru.

This is one of the sickest calabo rap songs ever - Back when your flow had to deadly not just melodic.

You gotta be black nowadays to post this funny pic.

This is the funniest and strangest picture I have seen in while. I bet if I wasn't black and on a black website this would be a no-no, but since I am- enjoy! I guess they don't even have a clue what the name means, how could they? The whole N-word situation is purely an American thing, they just think its a cool word from the lastest rap joint - I wonder what it would feel like in a society where this whole American black experience doesn't exist?

Ghetto News Flash: Prepare to be robbed, or worst.

They just cut of the unemployment benefits for millions... Prepare to be robbed or worst. " The unemployment extension 2010 was voted down in Congress last week, just in time for the House to leave on their Thanksgiving vacation for this week. " The ghetto just went back in time to when everyone was scratching and surviving, just like the good times them song. So now all those people who were on the edge and thinking about a life of crime are finally decided. The simple truth is this, people have gotten use to their kids eating and having cell phones and wearing cool duds, that is about to decrease by a good margin but the people still wanting these things will stay the same. This will make more people targets of robbery, home invasion and car jackings. I will just be honest, I will do just about anything to keep my girls happy and if I couldn't find a job to pay for these things I would probably revert back to selling drugs with the last little money I had. Selling d

Wesley Snipes Must surrender to Prison to do 3 years.

Wesley Snipes Must surrender to Prison to do 3 years. ORLANDO, Fla. — A federal judge ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender to authorities Friday so he can begin serving a three-year prison sentence for tax-related crimes. U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges in Ocala, Fla., rejected a request from the actor's attorneys to review Snipes' sentence and grant a new trial. Snipes has been free on bond for more than two years while appealing. That's messed up. I guess you gotta pay your taxes. man the government is a scary entity. Man he 48 years old, when he get out he will be 50+. That seems like a lot of time when sometimes them other folks steal 400 trillion gazzillion dollars and get probation.