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Best Facebook Post Ever!!!! Ghetto Drive by whoopins.

From Royshell:

"Says Let's start a flash mob of GROWN UPS roaming around the city with belts; any teenager we see out of line just start whipping on them. Doing drive-by whoopings!! Just drive up to a teenager, jump out of the car & start tearing their behinds up, Old School Style!! Didn't .. I .. tell .. you .. not .. to .. be .. in .. the .. streets .. acting .. like .. you .. weren't .. raised .. better!! Then drive them home & beat their 20-year-old moms & 35-year-old grandma too ~ Repost if you Agree!!!"

Friend Me - Husla3x (super-genius)

Lauryn Hill is the best ever. Mystery of Iniquity (Video)


Milwaukee Rapper - Lex Luger - Inner city success story. HipHop Video


The Future of Milwaukee's Black Mob Mentality.

Concealed carry and young black thuggery destined to intersect.

As I sit here and write this I am actually near heartbreak thinking about the future of racial relations here in Milwaukee. As i follow this line of thought to is logical end I can see only bad things along the pathway it follows. Specifically concerning this last incident (state fair)

I have been too busy writing, working and trying to make ends meet to do the research needed to come up with a specific plan of action or course that the city should take in dealing with this dilemma but I can shed a little light on what we can look forward to as black and white citizens of Milwaukee if things don't change, and swiftly.

The city needs the money these festivals generate.

The city nor any right thinking individuals in the city need the trouble makers causing all these problems.

I have always been into perspectives. Perspective is more immediate than the big picture. The big picture may be rosy while many of the differing …

Mercedes 300CE Super Coupe - Got my car yall.

Took me so long, like 10 years to find one still in new shape. This car is so fast... Luxury the whole nine and get the blue plates to boot. I'm loving it, don't drive really cause I,m all geeked out now and don't really want to. Had to have it tho. Old rich white dude about 85 sold it to me for a song, worth much but nobody in the hood don't even know. I am geeked over it. anyway I will get some picks up as soon as I get it buffed out and stuff. This is the same car thought, only like 100 with the racing 24 valve engine in it in America, I got one. Sound like I'm bragging but I ain't I have just been looking for one since I was young. Husla3x (super-genius)

Bootys - I'd rather Be with you (Plus Bass SOlo) Live 1976

If you can't feel bootsy - well exit to the right.

What a real man would do… How the hell you know woman?

What a real man would do…like I’m a cheesecake or something.

Why do women always say, “a real man would this, a real man would that?” You never hear men saying that to women when they get mad. I mean we do it, but it just because we ran outta shit to say and don’t wanna shut up. I can honestly tell you that only one sentence in the American language starts with the words a real woman, for men. That sentence is, “A real woman would… be better than these pictures, and that’s only a thought while we masturbating.

How do women know what a real man would do anyway? They cant, they just faked us out. They made up they own rules and then just made us believe them. Women got it made in a bunch a ways they tricked us into believing. Think about if you don’t believe me. We buy they shit, we carry all the shit, we do all the work in sex, we even lately got tricked into making breakfast after the first time, every time. Oh yea, women got us trained even when we single. And don’t even think ab…

Black pride should not be threatening. ...But it is to some.

Black pride should not be threatening. But when was the last time we focused on the Pride part? Racism is not blameless on either side anymore. Husla3x (super-genius)

I have to say that from different perspectives the KKK or the black panthers can seem threatening - The KKK started it though. So there.

I listen to mark Belling, Milwaukee's drive-time celebrity, just about every day. I actually think his perspective is illuminating. The problem is he only has the one, one tired near average perspective. I admit he takes it and uses it in a unique way but it's still the same old upper class white outlook on the world.

I don't really blame him, I mean he see's the world from the perspective he inhabits. He hate ignorant black people, and attempts to tolerate the rest, the same as we all do, black or white. Nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when he decides to speak out on a "black" situation with out the benefit of research or even sub-adequate thought o…

Nigga Rigged - I'd be mad if the name wasn't perfect.

I got into a big argument with a friend over the term "nigga-rigged" - he was all in his feeling about hearing somebody not black use the term.

I have to say that hearing a white person use the term would make me mad also, not real mad but mandatory mad. I would check them but deep in my heart I know that allot of them don't know any better or mean any harm, it's a old saying and many white people don't even associate it with black people, they associate it with half-assed work. Niggardly is actually a word, dont know why or agree with its use but it is a word.

  /ˈnɪgərdli/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [nig-erd-lee] Show IPA
1. reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
2. meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.
3. in the manner of a niggard.

1520–30; niggard + -ly

.... But. I still would be pissed if I heard it coming out of a white person mouth.

Moving on. My friend was pissed, I understand t…

The Black youth Mobbing - Online gaming connection. There will be blood.

There will be more incidents of black mobbing like those witnessed around the country this 4th of July - but what is the real reason these types of incidents are on the rise? I think it has a lot to do with online gaming. I know it sounds crazy but never have I been called Nigger in so many ways in so short a period of time as when I play Call of duty on my PS3 gaming console.

I will address this issue after I return from "Beat Whitey Afternoon". Just Kidding, when I return from court for child support on my 4 children 16, 22 and 27 - that I have always had under me and my wife's roof. It is so fun to be arrested year after year for failure to pay child support on children i support and live with, I can't count the number of jobs I have been arrested on simply for not being married. The life of a poor black man is strange sometimes. I just wish I was an isolated anomaly but hard as it is to believe it is normal, all my friends do it. Anyway I will be back in a few h…

Trying to do right in the ghetto: A Hood Story. Chapter 1.

The world is full of mortals souls looking for love in all the wrong places. Some look day and night and high and low while others only look occasionally or in times of subconscious despair or distress. Some attempt to find this fleeting and rare commodity in the bottom of bottles, some search for it on their backs in the ceiling past the shoulders of countless loveless lovers, some even in the fleeing souls of lifeless bodies made that way by the empty shells they inhabit while walking and living in a loveless trance brought on by non food related starvation they are unaware that they suffer from, I looked for love in the love that women gave me freely in hopes of finding the same thing in me. Most never did. In many ways I was a monster. Monsters with hearts and hopes and dreams are more dangerous than their mindless destruction bent counter-parts because with the latter there was always an instant, though sometimes too late, where your entire being screamed run, survive, live to s…

Milwaukee Rappers- Can the 4th coast make a mark on music? Video!

Milwaukee Rappers- My Nephew Milboi - Husla3x Need yall to Viral this.

My nephew dropped his video and I must say that they did a nice job. My Brother Lee-Pee got the peoples out to help it go large. See if you can find Husla3x (super-genius) in the crowd... Anyway thanks

The best way ever to get in a car cool.


Paul Moony so funny i hate to hate him.

I don't really hate Paul Moony, I'm just a high yellow nigga and I think Its in my NAACP contract that I have to say that I do. I think it started when I was little I heard him make some joke about Me, well yellow niggaz in general i took it personal, and how us yellow niggas was house niggaz or some such. I wanted to bust his eye at the time but now that I am older I get that that's funny. I never really got that whole thing anyway, how the hell yall dark niggaz mad at us for being in the house? We should be mad at yall, we heard yall partying and eating and shit, when masa was away, playing swing low sweet chariot... ....nugga Thats my jam. But yall left us up in the house listening to that whacked out ass chamber music they was playing, no invite to the barnyard party or nothing, i coulda brought the biscuits or some of that snuff himself and the missus be sniffin on. I see a nigga caint even get no chittlin's huh? But I am over it now. Breathe....

Now I love paul …

First summer like day in Milwaukee and fools start shooting already.

The older I get the more I hate summers approach. I mean this is the first hot day and fool niggas are already shooting and robbing, this is a summer I do not look forward to. With all the economical crisis going on in the world the ghetto is going to feel it first. We will adjust better and faster than our white counterparts but the initial shock will be so scary to the right thinking.

I mean come on, first hot day and the police had to close the park down for shots fired, already and it's barely 4pm, what does that say about the rest of the summer months? 2 people shot at the park Mc Govern is about 6 blocks from my house. Nobody is in custody and there is so much more to come.

April 10, 2011 8:42 p.m. | A 27-year-old man was shot to death Sunday evening, Milwaukee police reported.

The man was slain in the 2000 block of N. 24th Place around 6:15 p.m. No suspects were in custody in the man's death Sunday night.

In another incident, an 18-year-old man suffered a non-life thre…

We need new curse words - I wore out my old ones.

Switch: There'll never be. Sickest old school song.

Sorry haven't been home in a while from trying to get this money online. Love yall, miss yall and just wanted to post this jam until my return monday.

Advertising is destroying Black Culture. Yea I said it!

All these television commercials and billboards have made the poorest people in the country, black people, crazy as hell over the last 25 years. I know I haven't written on the blog for a good month or so and then I come back with this bull&hit but I had to say it since nobody else has the nuts to.

I really feel that it is Advertising that is destroying the black culture. Advertising is making me want a Cadillac right now, this has to stop or we have to find a way to be more realistic about our desires.

I have seen some crazy stuff in the hood over the last few decades, stuff that make about as much sense as allowing your lights to get cut off in your house so you can buy the latest Jordan gym shoes for the latest concert you spent the rent money to go to. This sounds crazy but I have seen it many times in the hood and you have too if you live here. I can't even blame a person for doing that dumb crap because it ain't their fault, they have been hypnotized by the tel…

What is it about successful women that scares men away?

What is it about successful women that scares men away?

This post is personal and informative so I waited a day after my argument with my wife to write it. I guess the argument could be made that it would have been more entertaining at the height of my anger but it would have also been more vindictive. I am seriously curious about the whole thinking of successful women so I chose to wait.

Now even before I start this piece I know ladies are going to be saying that Men are intimidated, maybe even scared of powerful successful women, this may be kinda true but there is much more behind it than that. It is not the success of a woman that gives a man pause because to be honest about it no matter how successful they are its the guy doing the _ucking in the end, no pun intended, thats a whole nother story. And besides everybody scared a black women because they blow up for reasons only they get... Ask any white lady at work. I"m just saying.

What gives me, and I assume most men pause…

Love Ghetto Thick... But Little mamas got it going on too.

I do what I do here on the blog, try to make it relaxingly cool and give up the big booty goods, but sometimes I got to break it down because somebody done cussed me out in an email.

I stay posting pictures from big sexy girls because that is the majority of booty pics I get sent. I know there are some sexy ass little mommas out there swaggin too but they don't send pics so much. Any way Little Mommas I want yall to know that yall leave us men speechless in a way that the thicker girls can't. There ain't nothing like picking your girl up (easily) and running around the joint with her or swallowing her up when you hold her or even watching her cute her way towards you in the mall.

So never get it twisted, Little women might not have the body volume to make it to voluptuous shaped but when they work what they momma gave them there is not a sexier sight on the planet.

So heres to my little ghetto mammas around the hood. Wit yall little sexy asses.

50 questions and answers about Black History..

50 questions and answers about Black People you may be scared to ask.

When I first found this website I was all ready to give it the business and call it a scam, that was until I thought about it while watching the video.

About 30 seconds into the video a funny thing happened, I started actually watching it. Prior to then I was hearing as background noise because I was typing and did not want to stop to shut it off. But after hearing all the video's content I actually think it is a very good product...For white people mainly. This can probably do a lot for people in select groups.

All of the people on the video are british sounding so I would guess that this isn't an African American type deal but hey for the most part black is black so some good will be served by this product. At the very least take a look at the page and tell me what you think. I mean there are allot of black children being raised by white parents and those children and those kids could benefit from this websit…

Wauwatosa Police Do Stop Black Drivers More Frequently.

I am sitting at my breakfast table listening to wisn 1130 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the story that the morning radio morning guy is talking about is whether suburban police stop young black drivers more than white counterparts. He is actually claiming that they don't, are you serious? Why can't people just admit the existence of DWB (driving while black) and move on? The police are above being human like airport security? OMG!!! I will write what I think later this morning so be sure to come back.

Oooh, aha & I told you so - things we never outgrow.

No matter how mature you think you are or how cool you think you are there are just some things that turn us all into children, even if only for a moment.

Booger used in the right way will make you laugh or smile.

Watching someone who thought they were cool or better than you slip on some ice will still make you laugh.

Your parent objecting to an action of yours will still cause you to lie or sneak to do that action a lot of the time.

A girl or woman calling you out will still be felt by you.

People act al super cool and mature alot of the time but there is a little boy in every man and a little girl in every woman, if there wasn't what would be the point of living? To pay more bills or work harder?

The sad thing about now is that the world will force you to grow up faster than in the past. 10 years ago I could have snowball fights outside with the area kids with no ones parents wondering or worried about the grown man out there acting a fool, probably a pedophile or something. Fun just…

Hating Black Men With Money, Is it possible still?

I keep hearing about Micheal Vic and the whole Dog Fighting fiasco and find many legitimate facts in both camps. Me as a dog lover, animal lover in general find the fact that he fought his dogs reprehensible and could never understand why anyone would purposely do that, but is that the real issue to the hate from white America?

I think it takes a bastard to treat a dog like that but I also understand that it is mostly a southern thing and also that the southern blacks who do it learned it from white men in the past. I hate the fact that this point never comes from a white source. Micheal Vick paid his debt to society, but in reality we as black people don't get to have the luxury of paying our debt to society, we simply become convicts. That's a double standard.

I personally get a good laugh out of the accusations that white people hate black men with money. The laugh is not because the accusation is far fetched, which it may be, but from the indignant outrage that is expressed …

Tea Party? More like the Y-tea Party. Warning lables On the Constitution.

They almost had me. The republican party almost got me folks.

I have spent just about every afternoon over the last 10 years listening to talk radio on drives, computers and even headsets and the cumulative effect almost had me falling for the hate disguised as love for the constitution almost swung me to their side. I can't explain how, the best I can do is try.

My guess would be that it was a sort of isolation effect due to the fact that I have been writing and building websites much of the time and getting out into the real world socially less than at any time in my life. I listened to Mark Belling and Rush Limbaugh (sidenote: Rush is a racist and an elitist, mark Belling is not, he is just clueless to any other perspective other than his own) on my commute and a lot of what they said made sense to me.

I liked the thought of smaller less intrusive government.

I liked the thought of less taxes.

I could even get behind the thought of actually killing enemies in our war.

Somehow I was …