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What is it about successful women that scares men away?

What is it about successful women that scares men away? This post is personal and informative so I waited a day after my argument with my wife to write it. I guess the argument could be made that it would have been more entertaining at the height of my anger but it would have also been more vindictive. I am seriously curious about the whole thinking of successful women so I chose to wait. Now even before I start this piece I know ladies are going to be saying that Men are intimidated, maybe even scared of powerful successful women, this may be kinda true but there is much more behind it than that. It is not the success of a woman that gives a man pause because to be honest about it no matter how successful they are its the guy doing the _ucking in the end, no pun intended, thats a whole nother story. And besides everybody scared a black women because they blow up for reasons only they get... Ask any white lady at work. I"m just saying. What gives me, and I assume most men p

Love Ghetto Thick... But Little mamas got it going on too.

I do what I do here on the blog, try to make it relaxingly cool and give up the big booty goods, but sometimes I got to break it down because somebody done cussed me out in an email. I stay posting pictures from big sexy girls because that is the majority of booty pics I get sent. I know there are some sexy ass little mommas out there swaggin too but they don't send pics so much. Any way Little Mommas I want yall to know that yall leave us men speechless in a way that the thicker girls can't. There ain't nothing like picking your girl up (easily) and running around the joint with her or swallowing her up when you hold her or even watching her cute her way towards you in the mall. So never get it twisted, Little women might not have the body volume to make it to voluptuous shaped but when they work what they momma gave them there is not a sexier sight on the planet. So heres to my little ghetto mammas around the hood. Wit yall little sexy asses.