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Switch: There'll never be. Sickest old school song.

Sorry haven't been home in a while from trying to get this money online. Love yall, miss yall and just wanted to post this jam until my return monday.

Advertising is destroying Black Culture. Yea I said it!

All these television commercials and billboards have made the poorest people in the country, black people, crazy as hell over the last 25 years. I know I haven't written on the blog for a good month or so and then I come back with this bull&hit but I had to say it since nobody else has the nuts to.

I really feel that it is Advertising that is destroying the black culture. Advertising is making me want a Cadillac right now, this has to stop or we have to find a way to be more realistic about our desires.

I have seen some crazy stuff in the hood over the last few decades, stuff that make about as much sense as allowing your lights to get cut off in your house so you can buy the latest Jordan gym shoes for the latest concert you spent the rent money to go to. This sounds crazy but I have seen it many times in the hood and you have too if you live here. I can't even blame a person for doing that dumb crap because it ain't their fault, they have been hypnotized by the tel…