Paul Moony so funny i hate to hate him.

I don't really hate Paul Moony, I'm just a high yellow nigga and I think Its in my NAACP contract that I have to say that I do. I think it started when I was little I heard him make some joke about Me, well yellow niggaz in general i took it personal, and how us yellow niggas was house niggaz or some such. I wanted to bust his eye at the time but now that I am older I get that that's funny. I never really got that whole thing anyway, how the hell yall dark niggaz mad at us for being in the house? We should be mad at yall, we heard yall partying and eating and shit, when masa was away, playing swing low sweet chariot... ....nugga Thats my jam. But yall left us up in the house listening to that whacked out ass chamber music they was playing, no invite to the barnyard party or nothing, i coulda brought the biscuits or some of that snuff himself and the missus be sniffin on. I see a nigga caint even get no chittlin's huh? But I am over it now. Breathe....

Now I love paul mooney and I am starting to forgive Steve Harvey monkey ass too. He got too many yellow jokes, you know some yella nigga took his girl when he was little. I know its him leaving them comments for the last year or so since I wrote this. I can't really blame that man though because he was ugly right up until the day he got famous. he knew he had Either join the whispers, you isaac off the love boat mustached bastard or go into comedy so you can defend yourself when I get to talking about that 1969 Pimped out shaft-stache you got. If mustaches could talk Steve Harvey mustache voice would be deep. Everytime I see him I keep thinking he gonna start singing rock steady or something. But on the real he funny as hell, I just got a chip on my shoulder from all the fights in school coming up when I had to prove I was black to niggas like steve harvey and paul mooney. You know the funny part now that I am grown? Every nigga I ever had a fight with when I was younger over my color got a wife and kids my color. Shit ain't funny no more when I talk about the old days and they around.Any way, check out Paul Mooney on Netflix, that man will have you laughing till you fart.


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