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Mercedes 300CE Super Coupe - Got my car yall.

Took me so long, like 10 years to find one still in new shape. This car is so fast... Luxury the whole nine and get the blue plates to boot. I'm loving it, don't drive really cause I,m all geeked out now and don't really want to. Had to have it tho. Old rich white dude about 85 sold it to me for a song, worth much but nobody in the hood don't even know. I am geeked over it. anyway I will get some picks up as soon as I get it buffed out and stuff. This is the same car thought, only like 100 with the racing 24 valve engine in it in America, I got one. Sound like I'm bragging but I ain't I have just been looking for one since I was young. Husla3x (super-genius)

Bootys - I'd rather Be with you (Plus Bass SOlo) Live 1976

If you can't feel bootsy - well exit to the right.

What a real man would do… How the hell you know woman?

What a real man would do…like I’m a cheesecake or something.

Why do women always say, “a real man would this, a real man would that?” You never hear men saying that to women when they get mad. I mean we do it, but it just because we ran outta shit to say and don’t wanna shut up. I can honestly tell you that only one sentence in the American language starts with the words a real woman, for men. That sentence is, “A real woman would… be better than these pictures, and that’s only a thought while we masturbating.

How do women know what a real man would do anyway? They cant, they just faked us out. They made up they own rules and then just made us believe them. Women got it made in a bunch a ways they tricked us into believing. Think about if you don’t believe me. We buy they shit, we carry all the shit, we do all the work in sex, we even lately got tricked into making breakfast after the first time, every time. Oh yea, women got us trained even when we single. And don’t even think ab…

Black pride should not be threatening. ...But it is to some.

Black pride should not be threatening. But when was the last time we focused on the Pride part? Racism is not blameless on either side anymore. Husla3x (super-genius)

I have to say that from different perspectives the KKK or the black panthers can seem threatening - The KKK started it though. So there.

I listen to mark Belling, Milwaukee's drive-time celebrity, just about every day. I actually think his perspective is illuminating. The problem is he only has the one, one tired near average perspective. I admit he takes it and uses it in a unique way but it's still the same old upper class white outlook on the world.

I don't really blame him, I mean he see's the world from the perspective he inhabits. He hate ignorant black people, and attempts to tolerate the rest, the same as we all do, black or white. Nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when he decides to speak out on a "black" situation with out the benefit of research or even sub-adequate thought o…

Nigga Rigged - I'd be mad if the name wasn't perfect.

I got into a big argument with a friend over the term "nigga-rigged" - he was all in his feeling about hearing somebody not black use the term.

I have to say that hearing a white person use the term would make me mad also, not real mad but mandatory mad. I would check them but deep in my heart I know that allot of them don't know any better or mean any harm, it's a old saying and many white people don't even associate it with black people, they associate it with half-assed work. Niggardly is actually a word, dont know why or agree with its use but it is a word.

  /ˈnɪgərdli/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [nig-erd-lee] Show IPA
1. reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
2. meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.
3. in the manner of a niggard.

1520–30; niggard + -ly

.... But. I still would be pissed if I heard it coming out of a white person mouth.

Moving on. My friend was pissed, I understand t…

The Black youth Mobbing - Online gaming connection. There will be blood.

There will be more incidents of black mobbing like those witnessed around the country this 4th of July - but what is the real reason these types of incidents are on the rise? I think it has a lot to do with online gaming. I know it sounds crazy but never have I been called Nigger in so many ways in so short a period of time as when I play Call of duty on my PS3 gaming console.

I will address this issue after I return from "Beat Whitey Afternoon". Just Kidding, when I return from court for child support on my 4 children 16, 22 and 27 - that I have always had under me and my wife's roof. It is so fun to be arrested year after year for failure to pay child support on children i support and live with, I can't count the number of jobs I have been arrested on simply for not being married. The life of a poor black man is strange sometimes. I just wish I was an isolated anomaly but hard as it is to believe it is normal, all my friends do it. Anyway I will be back in a few h…

Trying to do right in the ghetto: A Hood Story. Chapter 1.

The world is full of mortals souls looking for love in all the wrong places. Some look day and night and high and low while others only look occasionally or in times of subconscious despair or distress. Some attempt to find this fleeting and rare commodity in the bottom of bottles, some search for it on their backs in the ceiling past the shoulders of countless loveless lovers, some even in the fleeing souls of lifeless bodies made that way by the empty shells they inhabit while walking and living in a loveless trance brought on by non food related starvation they are unaware that they suffer from, I looked for love in the love that women gave me freely in hopes of finding the same thing in me. Most never did. In many ways I was a monster. Monsters with hearts and hopes and dreams are more dangerous than their mindless destruction bent counter-parts because with the latter there was always an instant, though sometimes too late, where your entire being screamed run, survive, live to s…