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Best Facebook Post Ever!!!! Ghetto Drive by whoopins.

From Royshell:

"Says Let's start a flash mob of GROWN UPS roaming around the city with belts; any teenager we see out of line just start whipping on them. Doing drive-by whoopings!! Just drive up to a teenager, jump out of the car & start tearing their behinds up, Old School Style!! Didn't .. I .. tell .. you .. not .. to .. be .. in .. the .. streets .. acting .. like .. you .. weren't .. raised .. better!! Then drive them home & beat their 20-year-old moms & 35-year-old grandma too ~ Repost if you Agree!!!"

Friend Me - Husla3x (super-genius)

Lauryn Hill is the best ever. Mystery of Iniquity (Video)


Milwaukee Rapper - Lex Luger - Inner city success story. HipHop Video


The Future of Milwaukee's Black Mob Mentality.

Concealed carry and young black thuggery destined to intersect.

As I sit here and write this I am actually near heartbreak thinking about the future of racial relations here in Milwaukee. As i follow this line of thought to is logical end I can see only bad things along the pathway it follows. Specifically concerning this last incident (state fair)

I have been too busy writing, working and trying to make ends meet to do the research needed to come up with a specific plan of action or course that the city should take in dealing with this dilemma but I can shed a little light on what we can look forward to as black and white citizens of Milwaukee if things don't change, and swiftly.

The city needs the money these festivals generate.

The city nor any right thinking individuals in the city need the trouble makers causing all these problems.

I have always been into perspectives. Perspective is more immediate than the big picture. The big picture may be rosy while many of the differing …