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Yureeka! I finally got it. I know what the next big thing will be.

Hey everybody, glad to be back. I have been MIA on this he'll for a very long time. Missed ya'll. Many people have emailed me and Facebooked me to ask me why was I letting this blog go, I couldn't even answer at the time but know I finally "get" why I just stopped writing on this blog. Simply put, I was heartbroken. The place where I keep this blog decided that blackmansdiary (this blog) was not a human ran place but a computer generated space on the internet, unmanned and computer generated, even though I updated this blackmansdiary at least once a day, and took it and about 8 other blogs that I SLAVE ON and deleted them. I mean it was all I could do to build this one and keep husla3x (s2perGenius) alive and at least present online. This blog was my love even though I have some websites that the visitors would probably accidentally fart a little bit if they knew it was I, husla3x, telling them to trust me with their stacks and stacks and racks and racks - Mo