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Freestyle Obama Rap 2nd Term.

Call me a nugga wha... How that chit still come out ya mouth When a black man done spent like 8 years in ya house - If it wasn't the law I swear he'd probably never come out, was never no doubt, why the word nigga still in some mouths. We always there to pick up the pieces when ya tear it up, looking down ya noses, but really scared a us - We the ones proving "in GOD we trust" who done did more for this country than us?, and for peanuts. We hold no grudges cause it ain't us though we really could learn to hate ourselves from how ya played us in hollywood - But Obama done made that change.. By pumping "We Can & We Will" into our brains. Erased them mental chains - If you fail now you the one to blame - Cain't even blame it no more on the white mane,.... clean up your life stain - And try to make a better you - The white man ain't holding us down no more and Obama the proof. Put it to use. Husla3x (supergenius) AKA 40YOR (40 year old R