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The language of love. Translated.

Anybody in a long term relationship will understand this post. Those not won't but will still find it entertaining (at least i hope). This is a small list of things girlfriends and wives say, that need translation for the newly relationshipped.

Every so often my girl will say something that seems innocent enough on the hearing of it but means something totally different to the man in their lives.

1. "is it hot in here to you" Sounds like a regular question but on further inspection means, "get your butt up and go check the themometer" Or "get your butt up and go get me something to drink".

2. "I wonder did i lock the doors." That actually means, get your butt up and check that the house is secure for the night.

3. "have you seen the keys" of course translates to, go find the keys for me.

4. are you hungry of course means she is hungry.

There are many of these little language barriers in a fulltime relationship, and each relationsh…

illuminati - Coming to a hood near you. OMG this funny.

You know whats crazy? On some hood type chit.... You get any success and lose a loved one you Illuminati. Broke, nobody, whole family blowup... you just broke and lonely.

So you get to be a bastard while you in mourning!! Crazy!!!

I love my people because we stay making life harder for only us.

The crazy part is I don't belive or disbelieve one way or the other in the Illuminati but over the last 3-4 years everybody I know is talking about  the Illuminati with more conviction than they do when talking about our savior The Lord JESUS.

I might be wrong but I think if there was a secret society running the world (probably is) poor ass black folks living in the ghetto would not be the 1st ones to find out about it. This makes it even funnier to me, they been around a thousand years and we just found out now and we acting like we up on some big ass secret just because somebody hold the hands a certain way in a picture, ain't but 10 ways to hold your hands and look look cool and th…

This video is proof that power corrupts and deadens the soul.

I have always been black and poor and always in the ghetto, I have seen too many terrible things done by people in uniforms. I never was a whiner, I just have a few things that I rely on to minimize the chances of me being a victim of some kind of fear based or emotionally based encounter with those sworn to protect me. I know that in these situations no matter how mundane small or inconsequential the perceived threat intentionally or inadvertently action-ed by me may in reality be... Even if its just a flippant remark in the heat of humiliation.... They all and any one of them can change my life substantially and for all of the foreseeable future.  Ain't fair, but its life in the ghetto unless you are black outside the ghetto and then its just human nature lottery. And rest assured sooner or later you will win/lose.  Makes me sick to my stomach to think that all you need is a High School Diploma and a passing grade on a test to be able to hurt, maim, humiliate and prey on me, my …

Is your wife playing you like a Fiddle?

con /kän/ Verb Persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.
Noun An instance of deceiving or tricking someone.A disadvantage.A convict.A convention, esp. one for science-fiction enthusiasts.
Synonyms cheat AIntThatAboutSomeChit!!!

I just figured out it don't be me making my office a mess, It's them bad grandkids doing it. They was here last night and the room was clean. It be not clean so much that I was actually happy it was clean. Looked bigger, you could walk them 15 feet to the phone or 5 to the TV without kicking or stepping over anything. Now its back like this.

How wife's be tricking you into stuff where it take you a real long time to realize that you don been conned..!! Ain'tTThatSomeChit!?
I mean I got clean worked, I said this ain't no Office/family room/Day care .... This my ManCave/Office.    IJS    Ain't no leggos or seseme street trains in no mancave.... I think I have been long played. But you cain't do nothi…

Rap over a symphony. Excellent - Best poem ever.

Ever hear a nugga flow to an symphony??? Sad story but decent for this Instrumental - Nugga expand yo minds.. On everything I made this fit perfect in a symphony - I'm so feeling me right now. Play the video and read this at the same times ...beasty.

Puddles of blood more common than than puddles of rain
Life full of ghetto strain but crack help her ease her pain
From her existence in this ghetto-day lifestyle
Her name is Sarah, but see this Sarah she don't ever smile
Except at the tricks and the dope-men
who frequent her, and in return she frequents them
Spending all her cash, maybe she'll trade some ass
But ask yourself how long can that last... Sarah.
Life has messed her head up, crack has filled her head up
with all kinds of crazy ideas. Sarahs got a man now..,
what's his ain't hers but dam real what's hers is his
Sarah's getting crazier and shes about to do something rash
I know she is. Eyes glazed over as she walks to the store,
pays for razor blades and prepares…

Death and Taxes From a Poor Black Ghetto Perspective.

Morning Readers..... So I wake up go down the stairs in time to see my wife coming back from some errand. I come out the bathroom finna go back up the stairs and be sleep some more, she say "Guess who I seen at social Security building" I ain't even try to answer cause I'm sleep, She say, "Remember that girl I saw you with at the club?" Awwww dam.... I'm finna have a phucked up day, already but me being me I say "Boo that ain't fair, I would have never said her even if I ran out of chit to guess I would have been like " Morris Day?, That Little Nugga from Different strokes? Ummmm... Al Ja MF row - I ain't never gonna guess the chick you saw me with at the club when we was broke up - I ain't stupid."

Anyway I ain't got no drama cause the girl was looking at her like don't I know you and she was too and then that big ass loud speaker said "My Wife Name After Marriage" cause it was her turn - So I ain't got …

Why black america failed itself this time. From a ghetto perspective.

Everybody hard now days but on everything I know some people got worry they don't even really know where its coming from. Its crazy out here now, go to the store might don't see home again for a while or never depending on what happen, police or nuggaz. Then the world wondering why everybody getting violent.... Everybody subconsciousness on edge. I mean either you law abiding just going about your business knowing you could be fighting for your life at any minute or strapped wondering when you gonna have to sit down or be on the run for illegally "poppin" somebody.

Then you got the mothers who got the faith in little except 2 things GOD and probability - GOD because through him all things possible and probability because they way chit going something bad probably gonna happen to someone you love because that person ain't living right through the fist thing. You watching younger and younger kids do older and older things and know childhood getting shorter and sho…

Audio Proof Cops Burned Down House Chris Dorner Was In


Is Kim Jong-un The new Hitler?

My 2 cents. (worth a quarter in today's environment)

Korea starting to look like Germany back in the early 20th century and Kim Jong is starting to look like a possible 'nother Hitler, mentally I mean and Minus the genocide. Crazy how the whole world seems to feel about America and the powers that be won't even entertain the thought or respect enough to encourage free and open communication on what it might be that they perceive us as doing agree or disagree, basic Humanity dictates listen at least. That seems so familiar on a smaller scale to me as an African American male. Love my country and every race on earth but sometimes channels are portrayed as open when in fact they are in actuality closed and barred. I can't ever guess at how many logical debates I have had trying to state the case for one social issue or another only to be patronized, ignored or simply misunderstood, throughout my lifetime simply by the way I present myself, dress or talk. Kinda dependable…

A Story for real Humans - There are so few now.

This is a story for real human beings - Beyond self, beyond race dead in the middle of being human correctly. A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside.

I wish I knew where this story originated so I could visit and tell you to also but it came in a an email from a Facebook friend.

"Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened.

Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement.

The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move a…