Is Kim Jong-un The new Hitler?

My 2 cents. (worth a quarter in today's environment)

Korea starting to look like Germany back in the early 20th century and Kim Jong is starting to look like a possible 'nother Hitler, mentally I mean and Minus the genocide. Crazy how the whole world seems to feel about America and the powers that be won't even entertain the thought or respect enough to encourage free and open communication on what it might be that they perceive us as doing agree or disagree, basic Humanity dictates listen at least. That seems so familiar on a smaller scale to me as an African American male. Love my country and every race on earth but sometimes channels are portrayed as open when in fact they are in actuality closed and barred. I can't ever guess at how many logical debates I have had trying to state the case for one social issue or another only to be patronized, ignored or simply misunderstood, throughout my lifetime simply by the way I present myself, dress or talk. Kinda dependable tell in certain aspects of the population. IJS - Don't kill the messenger. But with that said....

.....That Kim Jong nugga crazy, he acting like he think America killed his daddy. Add that to the fact that the whole middle east believe GOD is telling them to kill Americans and Jews and then add in the fact the Russia is too close to Asia to ever forget and wants payback for Reagan tricking "Mother Russia" into bankruptcy over that star wars con.... AND THEN.... Factor in the Communist and Asia factors of seizing opportunity where opportunity presents itself... added to the fact that communists countries have owned the news stories (busy) since 9-11 ... ANd you would have to be a fool to not be concerned when all of that is looked at together instead of spaced out one incident at a time over a dozen years. IJS

The craziest part is that it seems that anyone white is genetically incapable to fix the problem simply because they know everything OR at least more than everyone else. SADFACE ON! And of course this post is wasted on anyone who could care less what a po ace ghetto nugga has to say on the subject. Husla3x (supergenius)

The new forex - Heard it first here.


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