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Wrote this on my FaceBook page. Gospel Freestyle.

I know its crazy how I'm on this Gospel thing right now, but the world looking strange out my window now, and that might be why my perspective changing up. I use to think GOD wasn't here for me He was like a dream for the future for when I changed my beat. I was ashamed but strong how I need to be While doing thangs in them streets so my seeds could eat. After awhile I start changing, moving way   from the praisin Everything mama taught me in my raisin, Started going crazy I was lost in all the money started to feel like a God Now I see the ghetto was like hell and I was doing my part Instead of raisin up my people I was serving up that Evil A major part in the sequel for enslavement of my people Wasn't alone in my lostness so I ain't see me at fault Till I was alone in the darkness cause my brothers got caught   God Saved me. My wife still got a slick ride My benz coupe still out side But God has opened up my eyes SHowed me how to change my li

Gospel Rap on a whole nother level. This song is so hot.

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