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Freedom also means You are FREE to be Dumb - Wake up black People.

  S ociety has changed and as a result black America has changed. We were the people that cared until we stopped caring and society as a whole suffered. I just read a friends facebook status and he is sooo right. We watching everything that ever meant anything to us as a community fade into memories and topics of conversation as we reminisce.   We are watching as generations merge instead of follow each other. We watching as those we are charged with teaching learn wrong from somewhere else that could care less about them.   We watching as the Media slyly , coyly and subtly changes our Image and buries all our good qualities while it trumpets our mistakes and misgivings. Its happening so gradually and steadily that we are beginning to believe the hype forgetting all the while that "Public Enemy" shouted at us not to. All day and all over we "Rap" at each other about _itches, Money, Bugatti cars and sex but not for a minute do we "Rap" with each