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This is about to go Viral video - Teen and Original song - His Daughter

"12 Years A Slave" all white folks and some Blacks will never understand it.

Me Wife and Kids Come on people. AIn't no way my big mouth ace gon watch this movie and not have something to say... Just got done watching "12 Years A Slave" and can't for the life of me understand how it didn't make more noise. Maybe I missed it. Once again just like after ROOTS, I am not the same after a movie. I am older and wiser and have found the JESUS and my 160+ Proven IQ has made me a long time aware of reality through the 60's-70's-80's-90's and all of Y2K. I have been Black, negro, Afro-American, African-American and right My Great-Grandad 1903 back to black, but I have never been blind.... I thank my Grandfather and my combination of families, upbringing, experiences and BLOOD for placing me in a rare and unique position to completely and fully understand this movie from several GOD -given perspectives. Once again as with ROOTs... All of those perspectives are disgusted, from my Indian (6-8%) to my Black (all the MF res

Interview with a Monster. Growing up black as a male effects you.

This a beast Interview. I don't know about all the other stuff but this a real intewrview. We all understand that he had a little fear in his heart about the future because you can hear it. He geeking hisself up to go forward. Crazy situation but sometimes the situation is interpreted differently for people he just let it control him. I bet the people he shot was white... The world don't understand how heavy racism and inequality can get. Most of us are intelligent enough to logic ourselves into the right choices but some like this man get it twisted and get pulled under. So yea at the end he ended up a Monster but a Monster wouldn't have wished he didn't have a pistol. Its more going on that don't even matter I guess. For the record: I have been in situations with the POlice where you be almost to the point of Fuq tomorrow, its just gonna be more of today. I have a couple white family through marriage (step Father - Step-Grandmother) and they taught and showe

Clippers owner Donald Sterling gets a lesson in Old Man trophy wife ism!

For the Record: This is math and I have no feelings on the matter. The newsman in me just had to comment after listening to the audio of the tape. For The Record: He Can't Hold Her. And he is more than likely Racist. But that's not the whole story..... I think this man had the same coonversation (get it coon-versation? I'm bad) that so many insecure white men have ha d with girlfriends and wives for centuries. I think it was pretty human nature and the conversation was led in the "pure" racist direction for whatever reason. But yea I have listened to it a few time and he may be racist in his heart or whatever but there was a theatrical side to her statements. And the man was uncomfortable that a NBA player and all the Myths and stuff related to the NBA and (US, black men) was hugging the woman he loves who just happens to be beautiful also. Ain't no way no woman thats with a rich white guy can daily be around NBA dudes and not slip ..ever! He was wo

Car accident where everybody need an ambulance on 54th and Villard.

Accident where everbody need an ambulance. My neck and my back! ... I figure since I am back blogging I may as well go in and get hungry again. SHoot I was standing there looking I said I felt like laying down myself.. They wacked that car... They alright tho because it could have been worse.

Judgement is never a good thing when from a bad place.

Keeping it 100: No matter what color the victim if denied food someone will steal. ... ....If placed in segregation for a prolonged period of time will behave differently from the general population. If provided an inferior education will speak, think and believe differently. Obviously a small box crammed full of kittens will fight faster than that same number of kittens in a larger space. Why is it that   those outside the box, those capable of creating inequality always judge others so harshly and factor in cumulative effect only on one side of their judgements? And Ignore Or ridicule all form of complaint from those crammed in the box because Kittens can't talk? Or spend so much time watching and judging and criticizing those in the box when a larger box or even a better formatted box would improve the situation? Sometimes a paraphrase is the only way to translate across different languages. Hebrews 10:30 For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will r
This for my Nephew   BooGeezy HeavyChevy Ryder   ..... I came in from helping wifey with the yard for this....... "Roll Out Herb Patch Head Ace Nugga!!!" I should get extra points for the prop. You like my Beard? Trying to grow one.

RichGang Shaq - Hottest milwaukee rapper right now.

My Nephew kind on something... that voice mail is a beast. Here go the whole mixtape, check out Voicemail... download it....

GOD make STuff easy, we just come in and complicate it

This is so Obvious that I can't believe I missed it, while at the same time it seems just like how I would operate. Anyway..... I died a few times in my life, Officially, recorded, not just trying to impress MF's. The last time was a while ago and since then I have been longing and wanting and craving that feeling I got when I was "No longer of this world". I missed that peace and that joy and that feeling that I remember from my journey through my own NDE. That was the best feeling I ever had and I was in a way chasing it the same way a crack head or any other addict chases their first high. I want to say hey to all my readers and explain why I havent been here in so long, I also want to thank those who sent my emails and stuff... And made me realize maybe Husla3x (supergenius) maybe had a following. I am actually pretty stoked... But the plain and simple reason I quit this blog and tried to murder husla3x is because I was getting closer to a point where I wa

Everything worth doing is worth doing good. It says so in the Bible.

Good Morning Readers - I'm like rushing trying to make it somewhere... Phone won't stop ringing and my guy father passed last night - My heart feeling that... Life is a gift no matter whats going on - Use it well at the very least attempt to live it well. I look at it like this, don't always follow my own advice but I try to see it like this. If everyday of your life you learned one word of anot her language you could converse almost anywhere on earth before your 18th birthday. If everyday of your life you saved a dollar you could drive a pretty nice car home from the motor vehicle when you got your license. If you taught your dog a trick a week from age 10 to age 18 you could make a nice living and be on The tonight show. Life is about choices while you young but once you get somewhat of age its about decisions .. If you grown and got a family and still making choices they better off without you ... Most men would do that if it wasn't for the influence of women o