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Jay-Z And Beyonce new Video "Run" Where really?

How I’m gon be down with a nugga name J-hova ½ a Bill that’s how much you sold your soul for Might be more you still breathing yo life ain’t over After this life meet the lord he ain’t gone know ya Better live it up now. The loan was all a that but them derivatives foul, you livin in style Too late for you now, you sold it all off even your wife and your child. de·riv·a·tive diˈrivətiv/ noun an arrangement or instrument (such as a future, option, or warrant) whose value derives from and is dependent on the value of an underlying asset. Basically: Payback is a FATHER. GOD is King.

I'm thinking Boardwalk Empire is genius beyond normal genius.

Anybody else check out Luther the show? One of the best series ever.   I'm thinking Boardwalk Empire is genius beyond normal genius.   A-lister executive producers Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg, You know and identify with the characters. You hope and wish and ooh and ahh throughout the episodes. It even has enough violence, car chases and gunplay for those who ain't really digging deep on any   level and they manage without cheapening the plot or artistry for those who apreciate good as opposed to fast/actiony/elementary. Brilliant. I can't think of a demographic who wouldn't enjoy this show from slow to genius, from poor to elite, from sinner to saint. I don't understand why this didn't "blow the roof off this mother like Parliment." Martin FREAKIN Scorsese Producing a TV show...... They got it down to the closing credits being anticipated every single time. Looks awesome, Scripts awesome, costumes awesome, extras awesome. Done. Husla3x (superge

Happy Mothers Day to those who dam sure deserve it and those who one day might.

Happy Mothers Day all yall. My Momma, My Grand-momma, My Aunties, My Wife, Sisters even now my Daughter. All Yall got that thing that nobody can do without and thank you for instilling your qualities in all the Mothers that come after yall... Even if they don't use em they have the capabilities to use em when and if they choose to because of all the before mentioned women. Happy Mothers Day to those who dam sure deserve it and those who one day might. I think I have had more Mommas than any many alive and I love and thank GOD for all of em. Sadly a few are no longer with me but did such a good job when they were that I still to this day call upon and use things that they saw fit to teach and instill in me to make me a better man... So Aunt Ruby, Ms Shirley, Aunt Annabelle and Grandma Rose... Thank you for all the honest answers to all my endless questions about everything. Thank you for making me understand and respect women as a sign of who I am and having nothing to do

Cat catches bat in mid-flight while the owner hides like a lil ole yeotch

Cat catches bat in mid-flight a few days ago while the owner hides like a lil ole yeotch and most of us. I thought about Rabies at 1st also... Of all weak and sick bats captured and tested for the disease, only about 6 percent have the virus. But 90 percent of human rabies cases in the United States (about one or two per year) originate from contact with bats.

Over your head: HAARP is now Harp. Sleigh of hand only mentally though.

All of a sudden HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ) Is being downplayed and misdirected as HARP (government loans) This is a new thing but appears as an old thing. May be nothing but I notice tricks and this is a good one that you would have to be truly watching to notice. I was watching because I was curious about the governments HAARP Programs ability to effect weather.. and then we had that giant storm the covered a full third of the country. And then those weather patterns on the weather news changed for the first time in my life... So yea I was watching. Kinda crazy I am but I got jokes so its cool. Sad part is so many people I love are not gonna notice that both programs are the government and one is Amazing like Flash Gordan and one is just a payday loan shop. QUestion: Why would anyone want us not thinking about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ) a entity capable of changing the weather (theoretically) when it seems like the weat

Places you wanna visit not live, Think Like A Man

So I have been giving a lot of thought to my "Dysfunctional Relationship Friends" post and I think I know why they mess up other peoples relationships. I think its the drunk driver rule (They never die just kill others) plus a few other things like... 1. You sit there and every once in a while agree or take a side or subconsciously nod your head to some chit your girl don't agree with or vicevers a-viceversa (get it) and that chit stews all night until you get home then it overflows. Them nuggaz be the same because its like foreplay for they sick aces. 2. You leave think "My selfish ace stanky girl be doing that same stanky crap!" so you leave pissed at her for some chit don't even exist. Man bump that... I'm Hi and Bying them type nuggaz from now on. I thought on this because me and my girl don't too much argue. I'm 31 years in ... she gon win for 2 reasons.. 1. SHe prolly right because I ain't thought about that chit ever prolly. 2. Its w

The funny thing is that Black People are the only ones who believe the Government.

The Human condition amazes me. The funny thing is that Black People are the only ones who believe the Government. If you ask us we'll say we don't but then turn around and trust them.  To this day I won't visit a prison, how I know they ain't gonna keep my black ace? I got rights? There have been ti mes when it seemed like I didn't have rights, so I ain't trusting that chit.  ANyoleways....  I had a Infomercial type dream last night comprised of everything I have read recently about the world, the Bible, the news, The government and the people. I woke up and remembered hardly any of it. What I did remember was this.... In my life alone there have been several bogus sneaky and devilish things that the government and/or powers that be have inflicted on its own people..... The Tuskegee Syphilis Study The Manhattan Project   Asbestos (harm) Cigarettes Operation Northwoods (CIA - Fake terrorist attacks) COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Programs against Ac