Happy Mothers Day to those who dam sure deserve it and those who one day might.

Happy Mothers Day all yall. My Momma, My Grand-momma, My Aunties, My Wife, Sisters even now my Daughter. All Yall got that thing that nobody can do without and thank you for instilling your qualities in all the Mothers that come after yall... Even if they don't use em they have the capabilities to use em when and if they choose to because of all the before mentioned women.

Happy Mothers Day to those who dam sure deserve it and those who one day might.

I think I have had more Mommas than any many alive and I love and thank GOD for all of em. Sadly a few are no longer with me but did such a good job when they were that I still to this day call upon and use things that they saw fit to teach and instill in me to make me a better man... So Aunt Ruby, Ms Shirley, Aunt Annabelle and Grandma Rose... Thank you for all the honest answers to all my endless questions about everything. Thank you for making me understand and respect women as a sign of who I am and having nothing to do with who they are. I Am a gentleman to Hoes and Housewives and everything in between and by this rule I am a MAN in crisis or celebration to my dying day and I owe that to all the women I mentioned.

I want to Thank my Grandmother for raising me to be a Gentleman and a MAn who will not fight over a woman but will stand and fight for one. I thank you Momma for taking time out your life after you had already did your duty and raised yours to pause and raise me in a way that even though we was poor (nobody knew) I never wanted for nothing and I am now incapable of greed or selfishness. I also thank you for popping the chit out of me in the most strategic of situations. 

Example: If I stayed in the Mirror too long at 7 or 8. Men don't do that. I know modern nuggaz don't get that but Modern Men do... Real Men.

I want thank my momma for having me and showing up each and everytime I ever needed her. Now here go my best story ever in my life.

I was 11-12 and My grandma had a big lantern full of silver dollars and I would steal a few every morning before I went to school to buy chips and chit. One Wed my school went across the street to the church because It was a private school called Holy Ghost on 6th and concordia. The pastor Mt Durk was talking about how if you give to GOD he give you back 10 fold. I was feeling guilty ace hell so I put the stolen silver dollar in the collection plate. We let out and on the way going back to class I see my momma pull up, hadn't seen her in a a good while so I was unashamedly happy like only GUMP can do.. No shame. ANyway she gave me $10... Loved GOD every since and believed in him even if I aint understand him. 

I can't even go into Ms Shirley. SHe had 2 sons and still managed to make me feel special for 30 years. She took me in and she bought me suits for stuff and she understod when I fell in love with Millissa at 15 and she got with my daddy a little while later. SHe actually understood that I was not gonna be with her daughter anymore because she was with my daddy so I break up with my first girlfriend to be with my first love... Ms Shirley understood and I love her for those kinds of understandings. SHe understood that I loved her kids a zillion times more than they loved me... Cept prolly Jimmy and I thought Ronnie.. But I needed the lesson they taught me when Ms SHirley died... She taught me that I had so many people that loved me. Its all about the blood... SHe showed me that.

And Aunt Ruby (grandma sister) She taught me all the smooth I am. the smart I am, All the honest I am. She did stuff like everytime I say Aunt Ruby "How you spell or How come??" her answer was alays... "Look it up." and then point me towards the encyclopedia she had there just for GUMP she gave me that name. Taught me to work on cars, shoot a Bow, bowl.. love Jehovah and never make my women folk look bad. EVER!All

ANd even though this might be controversial... Happy Mothers day Maxine Pharm you most directly showed and instructed me on how to make my wife (or any woman) feel apreciated and loved. You told me stuff as your "son" that helped me all through my life and made me never ever blur the line between random chics and "My Woman" I don't think I would have ever got allot of that stuff on my own. You made me head and shoulders above the average nugga. I love you for that and I for dam sure gotta say Happy Mothers Day to you. If you would of had a boy that would have been one lucky nugga and a hell of a man too. 

And to my wife Millissa I ain't even gotta say Happy Mothers Day to her... I spent my entire adulthood and a good portion of my teenage years trying to tell her Happy Mothers Life... And I succeeded.

This getting long but Happy Mothers Day and I reps all yall every minute of my life, even when I am alone.

Husla3x (supergenius)


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