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Wake up the sleeper cells, American Beheading, Oklahoma.

This Oklahoma Bombing hit me so hard yesterday for a very strange reason. Its obviously a terrible thing, but even worse is I don't think it will be an isolated event. I have been watching all manner of language at the Gas stations (Body and Spoken and facial) and monitoring the News. I have also been paying attention to the secret sneers and feelings of hate out and shopping and stuff. I am from and live in the ghetto so I have a great chance to observe. And Middle eastern gas station owner hate white people, I am Quoting from a lifetime of experience. Basically I think that this guy is the 1st to do what his faith commanded him to do and will be celabrated as a hero by others of his faith. I think he is the shot heard round the world calling all others (of his faith) to arms on American soil. I think he is the on your mark, get readt, get set, "GO" signal. literally. A new type of WAR has touched our soil in a way that will Make Pearl Harbor appear open in n

Ghost are real and not real simultaneously - Real Proof.

I have this theory that I have been testing for about 20 years but thought up longer than that ago. the theory deals with ghosts and poltergeists and all manner of stuff like that. Ok so I have to warn you before hand that I speak in Ebonics and often times cuss. I am however getting better at the cussing because I have become a follower of JESUS. SO if you new fangle fancy ace American general public can deal with that... read the rest of this post. If you can get over yourself for a minute and beyond all the things I had to tell ya, It may prove to be one of the most interesting thing you have heard in a while. Even though it is coming out of the ghetto and from a certified nigga... even if he gets no bigga. Also I have to say My IQ is well above 160 and I am probably the smartest person you will talk to today, or read, smart-ace. And I know that I have written this theory on this blog before I just can't find it since google decided I was robot and not actually writing thi

Proof that the N-word is an American phenomenon even though others use it.

This is the funniest and strangest picture I have seen in while. I bet if I wasn't black and on a black website this would be a no-no, but since I am- enjoy! I know they don't even understand why the word is terrible because they are not white or from America. Sad really when you think about it, Nigger only exists in America. Created in the open air prisons created by Britain through the 1700's.  Husla3x(supergenius) Absolute Proof that this is true.

Xbox double crosses ghetto children (in a way)

This story tripped me out because it illustrates perfectly how America operates... Story Microsoft is tracking people who watch Pirated (bootleg) movies by tracking and reporting people who watch burned movies. The reason is weird is because they can go almost anywhere and buy pirated movies. They can catch nuggaz with 500 but kick in a nugga with 3 (for $10) door at 5am to catch them. Thats crazy and it make me ask the question... Are they trying to catch piraters or are they trying to catch nuggaz smart enough to operate computers in an illicit fashion?   Crazy yo - The hood say "Just cause I am poor I ain't not watching good movies." I ain't really taking nothing from hollyweird because I wasn't going to go see it anyway and ain't no currency exchange in the burbs for the dvd doods to be outside of selling em. Something just smells bad on this one. Especially after a person save and save and save to buy an xbox one and then find a bootleg copy of xm

Americas loss of humanity. People arent really People anymore.

Good Morning Facebook - Tablet woke me up with a skype call and a Google Alert about an earlier post and I have been in the "weird" news since. Anyway that Elias Lam thing has been haunting me a little bit since it happened.... So that video ain't getting watched. I am a believer that our society sees to much horrible as kids and that contributed to our almost universal socialpathy that is evident in our lives. I remember when terrible occurred we covered our children's eyes... now we youtube/worldstar it. When the Hindenbuurg went up in flames the News reporter said... "Oh the Humanity!" With such heartfelt emotion that it embedded itself in the masses... If it happened to day at best we'd get a "Daaaamm!" and a few giggles on worldstar. I knew that so my kids would have had to sneak and watch "Faces of death" at a friends house. My goal was to prepare not present. Basically I use to be an enigma - at least in my views to