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Pretty girls hate to hear it 90% of the time. No Compliments.

I remember about 12-13 years ago a Video Model confided in me that she hated when men called her pretty or sexy or beautiful. The reason was because of the potential threat (1) and more so the fact that she hated having to stop as many times as fate allowed in a day to say thank you and entertain whatever bullchit followed (2), It happened allot. It made me dig deeper and study in human nature to make sure my girls were not affected by any of this (not saying they pretty) but they are. I'm a dad first, always. The Headline from a story on MSN caught my attention because it is the 1st time outside of my brain that I have seen it addressed. I really thought that the world is after young attractive traditionally pretty gitrls/women self esteem. I still do. Not popular but I think I have proven beyond a doubt that the phenomenon is real and a "Thing"  Of course the ugly chicks are gonna disagree, you know the ones who think a cute car magically makes them cute when in it.

Another world class concept from a po black man wasted.

If I had money I would start a Parking lot camera network that was connected to a website that was connected to a app that allowed you to one button click record your walk to and from the parking lot and then uploaded the footage to the website if the button wasn't re-pushed after safety was achieved or 30 seconds...15??  Voice command would also be an option and personal codewords for smart criminals.... OXY. This would be Youtube for safety and get a billion hits because a huge percentage of the uploaded content would be action packed. I am Husla3x (supergenius) I just wish I was capable of capitalizing on me.Call it BooTube. Or even better trutube. My rendition of craigslist was and  and my business plan for youtube was rejected... 2 years before it came alive I even knew how much and when Google would buy it... They bully but very smartly..... I have a unique way of thinking.. just ain't got enough hunger to

Is the news trying to create fear of blacks regarding ebola and US fails?

How is it that Blacks are 12% of the population but 100% of the contamination? And 88% of the crazy in the Nation? Is the media trying to make Ebola the new Sickle Cell? Is the media leading a ad campaign promoting fear of blacks?? These ain't purse  snatchings or fights... this is national security issues... this ain't never happened before... AIn't even actually naturally possible mathematically... at least not with no mention of the largest minority (14%) Hispanics.  These numbers ain't possible, AND!!!! how is a po ace nugga in the basement of broke down ace Milwaukee inner city the only MF seeing this??? Ain't we getting enough black leaders hair done till where someone besides me should be hollering????  I'm done!!! Husla3sx (supergenius) Family Survival Plan Website

Wish me a Happy 32nd Anniversary. 15 to 47 a ghetto love story.

I guess I'm officially woke now since I got the mail on this trip to the bathroom. LOL Man I plan on having a calm, nice relaxing evening even if I can't afford it or whatever comes up. No work after my boo get home. I really ain't into all the bells and whistles it just a day to mark how long we kept this thing going. But my wife get geeked by stuff like this and I really love her happy, I also reflect on the fact that she ain't never really been a kid/teenager she was a woman when I met her at North Division freshman year, a lady all the way through this and that smile and innocence keeps my read too much, know too much ace grounded. Also my world is so much better with her in it. She fulfilled every thing I ever found myself lacking of or in. She loved me for me. Even when I didn't. She represented me well always. Even when I didn't. SHe actually taught me love and how to love in a new, deeper and more vulnerable way. SHe took most of the Habit

Africans and Indians now scamming from magic Jack Local numbers??

I just get off a call from some African trying to buy them Blurays... He was on a Georgia number but says he was in Milwaukee. Craziest call ever, we ended up fighting for a min. I tell him he got like 5 strikes already so I could give a BLANK less what he got to say... Make it do what it do then!!! He made me so mad ... I actually snapped out and called him an Ebola ace nugga!! After he got to telling me about Americans because I ain't agree to his $100 dollar offer.... Well don't buy em then Ebola ass nugga!!! I kept saying nugga after I   saw it made him pissed early on. He was so reckless with it I had to check up on him... The number was from Georgia and I had caught a bunch of out of state calls in the last week or so (so craigslist has been hacked I am a little sure) lol I look up the numbers and Majic Jack own it... which is also known as YMax Communications Corp. Craigslist really need to admit they was hacked..... They bogus for that. They may not have b

How to lose your wife in 3 steps. A fool/idiots guide to Marriage.

Man it trip me out when a nugga blow they girl/wife and don't know it. Thats how I keep mine for so long, I notice chit and I listens to the important chit. For you yound MF's who think they know the game and how to keep a woman I wanna tell you the 3 things that you never, ever do. To those who still don't love them hoes or care nothin about no _itch... Get yo pimpin in and if you ain't no tryin to be pimp with that mentality.... KIll yo self right now. Because thinking like that in everyday real life situations is fouler than foul... because its some chit you don't try to be you gotta actually beit... Boxer is one, fighter pilot is another, Pimp is one too. So if you trying to pimp, quit until you can actually pimp... IJS. 1. Never talk about your woman like a dog to another man or group of men. This makes you look weak to women and it will blow your girl if she hear it on accident. But me personally think any man who go into specifics with

I hate my wife little foreign Dog, could she be hitler reincarnated?

Me and wife dog ain't never really seen eye to eye in the nearly year she has been in MY house. I don't particularly like her but then I don't hate her or want to do her wrong or nothing, I just occasionally think about punting her through the goal posts (imaginary)... I guess it ain't her fault because she was did wrong by some foreign people (really, brand new to here) so I expected her to be a challenge. This dog is diabolical and extremely smart or cunning or something.. Now me and her sister (before she passed) got along good, but everytime she came around the sister would ease off me out of loyalty. But now that she is gone my wife - is attached to this dog now, she always liked her but the other one was her baby, this one was stand-off-ish. Now she the chosen one and she is the absolute weirdest dog ever, I am not exaggerating. Here are a few examples that happen everyday and one that just happened this morning that goes in tandem with an act from last

Farrakhan saying ebola created for blacks, and this time people are listening.

So ebola been around since the 70's but was never considered enough of a threat to try to develop a vaccine. Skip ahead 40 years and now vaccine is the wish of all... or is it? The government has always been trying to find a vaccine just in case the virus was militarized... Now Minister Farrakhan is suggesting the disease was created this go-round for blacks ... And this time people Are listening.  I ain't have time to read it so I have no opinion but I will update this story later, just thought someone might want to read the original. Husla3x(supergenius) Check out this Article

I watch scandal Religiously. Is television making us all gay or is it society?

I watch scandal. Everybody know I watch scandal. I ain't gay or even close but when I was little, tear jerkers were for girls but with that said... I watch the hell out of scandal. But without fail someone will call with something important (to them, not actually) at the time I am watching scandal, that has to be something like a law, like Murphys or something. Maybe I'll call it Scandals Law as a working title and then eventually change it to Preoccupiedocy syndrome? Anyway to clarify how much I wish to watch AND continue to watch scandal. I will push a baby out the way if I mistime a commercial break on scandal. I will hole up and pretend to have hostages if them people come for me and scandal on. I will bald faced lie to Jerry Lewis kids if they call while scandal on. I will answer the phone in Spanish I will pick you up from work late I will let that food burn I will call the fire department from the neighbors because they don't want me in there anyw

Escape from NewYork ebola quarantine for African Americans is not farfetched.

That whole escape from NewYork thing aint sounding so far-fetch this week huh? It sure was last week when I 1st introduced it - The fact that out of a 12% population all the impossible actions were random per chance happening, made me smell rat mathematically. Add that to the fact that a average black guy is the 1st ebola  and a average (looking) black guy 1st to cut off a head... (dam) - .... I know all the reactions and arguments but I also know they matter not a tinkers dam (None) And then Honest reaction and discussion is muted and repressed....And pretty much unemotionally impossible, Thats so dangerous...... How long before panic, human nature, fear and ignorance incites a mob mentality (quietly and/or secretly) as demonstrated with the locked up Japanese and the whole hitler thing start to make noises grumbles and complaints if a few more occurrences happen?  I can't even post this on Facebook in good conscious because it would have to be watered down so much to become