Africans and Indians now scamming from magic Jack Local numbers??

I just get off a call from some African trying to buy them Blurays... He was on a Georgia number but says he was in Milwaukee. Craziest call ever, we ended up fighting for a min. I tell him he got like 5 strikes already so I could give a BLANK less what he got to say... Make it do what it do then!!! He made me so mad ... I actually snapped out and called him an Ebola ace nugga!! After he got to telling me about Americans because I ain't agree to his $100 dollar offer....
Well don't buy em then Ebola ass nugga!!!
I kept saying nugga after I saw it made him pissed early on.
He was so reckless with it I had to check up on him... The number was from Georgia and I had caught a bunch of out of state calls in the last week or so (so craigslist has been hacked I am a little sure) lol
I look up the numbers and Majic Jack own it... which is also known as YMax Communications Corp.
Craigslist really need to admit they was hacked..... They bogus for that. They may not have been but they need a Group Lawsuit to make it where people can't get your number because they need to start forwarding texts instead of trusting MF's... I ain't got nothing against nobody but I do know Africans be online scamming and Indians (red dot) do too... That ain't racist... Thats astute.
Say what you want to about nuggaz and the hood but I ain't never seen no IED's in the hood...... Chit do what it do... don't be mad at me for keeping it real.
And I am gonna instantly get racist if I be on a plane and some Middle eastern dude spaz-out and get to praying real loud like dude on that youtube video...
To be fair nuggaz get to arguing real loud in the movies plenty a yall would vacate the premises... ain't no difference.
And if you somewhere and some bunch a white dudes get to talking about Nazis and jews and the black man... your attitude is gonna change if you gangsta or churchy.... So I guess we all racist.
I mean and this is right hand up to heaven... Some days I be just shopping or walking in a suburban area and after a few hours I just be tired of scaring white ladies and moving out people aiming at me walking way... I am not alone. This is indeed a thing.
I ain't racist but that don't mean others ain't. The world is a funny place and We funny too sometimes.
Ignorance is a powerful thing. If I was white and lived in Grafton and ain't hardly never seen no nuggaz except on the news... I'd be scared a my ace too. The same go for us... Some of us only know the squeeky wheel white folks... the ones thathate ya or the ones that throw ya in jail or the ones that do all that chit we hate.... Everybody everybody... the underground railroad ain't have no black stops... That mean always more good than bad... thats y the devil who him am...... People gon act up ain't none of us perfect /// all that chit I just said is why the JESUS came. IJS - Yall knew I was gon fit him in there somewhere.
The truth will set you free... In the right circles.
 Like I said, I am working on my saved and occasionally I slip up an tell a nugga bout himself, white folks too
Husla3x (supergenius)


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