I hate my wife little foreign Dog, could she be hitler reincarnated?

Me and wife dog ain't never really seen eye to eye in the nearly year she has been in MY house. I don't particularly like her but then I don't hate her or want to do her wrong or nothing, I just occasionally think about punting her through the goal posts (imaginary)... I guess it ain't her fault because she was did wrong by some foreign people (really, brand new to here) so I expected her to be a challenge.

This dog is diabolical and extremely smart or cunning or something..
Now me and her sister (before she passed) got along good, but everytime she came around the sister would ease off me out of loyalty. But now that she is gone my wife - is attached to this dog now, she always liked her but the other one was her baby, this one was stand-off-ish. Now she the chosen one and she is the absolute weirdest dog ever, I am not exaggerating.
Here are a few examples that happen everyday and one that just happened this morning that goes in tandem with an act from last night.
Ok.... SInce The other one (the good one) died this dog has slept at the foot of the bed because at first my wife was real sad and after awhile transferred the love to this acehole lil foreign bastard. So I love my wife so I got use to feeling the hate for me coming off this furry armadillo (minus the boot making usefulness) I mean this dog at first hated me so much that I dreamt about hellhounds coming for me, lol. Whooped them mugs and enjoyed it because this canine house cat is untouchable because she under the warden thumb (wife) -
But there is this like 15 year old kid that lives down the block that has the sandy brown/blonde hair like me and almost light as me and when he walked past she dived out the car window to chase and bark at him... so it ain't me personally its light skinned , light haired, light eyed MFs like me... I ain't even know they made Spanish me's - Only Irish me's anyway I kinda understand but it get tiresome... I aint a big fan of sometimey.
ANyway its month s later and she been here a year nearly and she so messed up that she terrified of me still - Only me though - Not even strangers. SO I am a Dog lover, everybody know that, I usually find my dogs and many times they are killers I just have a way with dogs, always did. This Californian Racing Possum got me doubting that... I keep saying I have to get another Dog before I end up hating dogs - this dog make you hate it like a no-man gossipy unhappy sister in-law that live with you and your girl/wife love to death. ...
But I love Dogs so I seen this one as a challenge, I wanted to "love" it out of the damage that old lady and her demon spawn existence put on her. I go out my way to treat her, to take her to her momma when I go get her from work when I take her (rainy days, snowy days, less gass days) even though I have to find someone to put her in the car. If I were to put her in the car she would just smash out the door full speed across streets and all that and I would have to chase her up and down the busy street and threaten (sometimes) whoever finds her into giving me the dog back tha wont come to me when they try, so I got to take someoe with me or talk them into tossing her in my screen door... crazy. I. Hate. that. lil. Foreign. MF!!!
ANyway last night she pee on one a bed, not ours but a bed... they think she jealous that the cat catch love (wife thought that up) and I humor her because man bump that... Locked her up, not me because she run from me everytime randomly, ain't never done nothing to her because my train any dog rep is on the line... so I am very careful.... Anyway locked her in the Kitchen and she loud cried all night...
...Woke up, went outside, ate then went in my office and crapped on my floor.... Because thats where the cat always be since she came, outside or in the basement.

I thought the cat had did it because the litter box was full (looking for reasonable explanation) and she went out early... NOPE - cat box empty and clean.... I hate that little foreign MF!!! With a passion reserved for girlfriends who sleep with your brother, slap your momma and then steal your car to run away with your dad whos wearing your favorite Jordans you just got... I hates me some that dam dog!!!
Anyway for the 1st time ever I reacted to the funky little waste of fur... I clean up the poop and put it in her bed... now she sleep on the side of the bed on the floor and I feel satisfied and not at all like a bastard.
This dog is diabolical and extremely smart or cunning or something..
I am gonna get it out... I just needed to vent.
I go to get it out and she done took it out already and moved her bed and in it sleep...... I hates that lil Foreign MF.
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