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Funniest yo mama Joke. Sentient.

Whats the difference between yo momma and a pile of crap?
Yo Momma know she smell like a pile of crap.

Funniest Bad breath joke ever.

Best Rib: Breath so bad that the teeth in the front be going to the back trying to get wisdom on how to get out the mouth.

Ferguson is actually the last straw and the beverage is misunderstanding.

I hoped but knew I'd wake up to this because I felt it in my being myself. You can't not be upset.... just too many mistakes, actions and explanations in to short of a time.

We are seeing signs that read "Black Lives Matter" and I believe that even where the signs aren't present that Mantra is written on hearts,

I wanted us to confer and see what we could do before we destroyed the town and hurt ourselves... Thats because I am old, if I was 20... I ain't trying to hear none of that at a young age.

But as a Young man I know said
Cedric Insight Jiles

 "Every person is utterly sinful, but when someone close to you dies no matter what "level" they are

Rudy Giuliani is my new "I hate Ni__ers" poster child. Cause dam!

I went to sleep in 2014 and woke up in 1965... Crazy.

I predict this is what we will be seeing and hearing about today.. This is heat. We got the news loaded for racial tension today with Ferguson, that 12 year old boy shot, this..... Math make you start looking for conspiracies.... too much going on to be chance or coincidence. "Momma I think a monster under my bed" - The news and a few rare actions broadcast liberally have finally changed the public perception of black folks to what we mistakenly thought ALL white folks felt anyway. That is so Fuxxed up and dangerous to me.  I am probably alone but this chit ain't natural, how can 12% be all the news and all the prisons consistently. We even buying into it and creating the stories for real now... We had a sniper and a beheading... I am dam near 50 and we just don't do that chit, how is it all we do now... this ain't real or natural or none a that. I mean the squeaky wheel has always gotten the oil and we and they…

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I am a certified G33K, no shame what so ever.

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Bill Cosby tried to rape Janice Dickerson too....? DAaaM!

I did not know the lady who came forward on Cosby was that famous 1st super model lady.... Dat nugga is toast because the majority are gonna ask 

"Why would she lie and go through all this?"

It looks pretty bad ... and then Raven said what she said but didn't defend him none... All that's adding up to "Don't look good." ... That ain't seeming like money, especially with 13 women coming forward??? That ain't seeming like money, that's seeming like retribution and closure. IJS my $0.02 I ain't got no side but my math fried The cos a little.

ET'sexclusive interview with Janice Dickinsonabout her sexual abuse accusations againstBill Cosbyprompted a denial from the comedian's lawyer -- but Dickinson maintains that she will not be silenced. "It is not a lie," she told Nancy O'Dell and Kevin Frazier on Wednesday.CBSNEWSstory
I kinda believe them now and he starting to get old and die right in front of our eyes.
Wait.... Can …

Bill Cosby guilty or not the world sucks post Y2K.

However this turns out the world is a openly morally bankrupt place post Y2K. Just my $0.02
Husla3x (supergenius) 

Bill Cosby's brief response to sexual assault allegations
The short no "comment"  statement is his first in the wake of renewed focus on earlier sexual assault allegations. Washington post story

However this turns out the world is a openly morally bankrupt place post Y2K. Just my $0.02 - Don't get me wrong, it has always been a thoroughly terrible and morally bankrupt place its just in 2014 there seems to be no such a thing as shame. Husla3x(supergenius)

KKK using NAZI German tactics to fool America this time. Spiritual Warfare.

I am not even in the mood to write today but I felt I had to add my $0.02 about this predicted Ferguson mess since the Klueless Klutz Klan has got involved.

I want to say that I will try to keep this as "100" as I can and try also to walk the line in the middle so as to be understood and to fairly present the legitimate arguments and points of both sides. Before I start I want to make it clear in no uncertain terms that I hate the fuq out of the KKK and no amount of understanding about human nature and fear mongering or any of that will ever, ever, ever, ever change that....

... They are doing exactly what common sense would dictate from their misguided perspective.

when I say this I am speaking about the scared and near panicked general "White" people who have no idea what a black person is beyond what the news and the KKK has told them throughout their lives. These are the ignorant Masses... The KKK are intentionally using this fear to promote their hate which is…

Racism up 650% according to Google Search. My $0.02

I never bought into the superiority thing because there were millions of you and hundreds of us. Anyone who sees it any other way is mistaken. I'm not ashamed of slavery, that wasn't superior that was out-numbered.Husla3x (supergenius)