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Do words have Biblical Power? The power of words and incantations.

If GOD gave words power Imagine the ramifications of "F*ck tha police or a Fight the power" uttered by millions. Arker 1:14 I just got through re-listening to a Sermon that had moved me previously because its from a source I trust concerning spiritual things (rare) - It was talking about the power of spoken words and I being retarded absorbed that and got to thinking about thought (because what if GOD communicate telepathically? I.B.ree-ree) I think weird stuff. Anyway I am still working on that but the power of words thing made me tweet thw quote I started this post with.... ...before I went on to study and research and meditate because all my free time is spent in the quest to know usually and right now I want to know GOD.. because I am Bible Nutz right now. Onward: Do words have Biblical Power? The power of words and incantations. (I am reading   right now trying to see if its biblical in source) I am also believing myse

Anonymous please make a console so I can get back to gaming.

Darius Harris Just now   ·   Twitter   ·   I wish anonymous would put out a console or Sony & Microsoft would hire them so we could get back to gaming.   ‪#‎ ps4down‬   ‪#‎ xboxlivedown‬   ‪#‎ husla3x‬ Like   ·     ·   Share   ·   @Husla3xGENIUS on Twitter Husla3x (supergenius) Please help me share this anyway you can thank you

The ghetto as a shoebox. Understanding the ghetto mentality.

Ghetto as a shoebox This post is my best attempt to write A brief and easy way to understand the ghetto mentality or Philosophy. Husla3x(supergenius) My whole life, I have been poor. The type of poor that has you sometimes eating from a can, but damn glad you don’t have to take a spoonful, and then pass it to the next person in your circle. The effects of poverty on the human mind are too many to list in this short chapter, probably this whole book. So I won’t even try, and since that was never my goal writing this chapter, it works out fine. In place of me listing the effects of poverty on the human brain, one day when you have time, sit down and think about it.  What rules would you have to change?  What morals and/or values would you have to abandon, at least outwardly or for a period of time?  What things that you currently feel are necessary to your comfort and piece of mind, could you do without if need be? If you truly want to understand the ghetto menta

I was blind but now I see. And most of yall ugly.

I'm down from the weather so I am posting a Facebook rerun..... Darius Harris 21 hrs   ·   Edited   ·   This might be weird but I was thinking If all this craziness would have waited until after the new year it would have been easier to find worldly hope. we would have been like "we have a whole year to make it better." but coming in in the midst just for some reason seem psychologically worse. I am so disconnected emotionally most times but this situation looking at it through my new eyes... it just makes me happy I took the Blue pill and rode with Christ. It really seems like   the back of the bible is in effect right about now. I been really thinking on Flesh and Spirit and stuff like that and the Math add up in a way I never use to think on... The whole situation is kind of generic and predictable even though a few months ago it looked like greek...... I know nuggaz sick of me saying this but as hard as it seem to give your life over t

2 cops dead in newyork, whats to blame?

This is just another step in the war that's brewing. If you allow a powerful subject to go unaddressed there is no telling where emotions lead it. The emotions are times tens of millions, the lack of address and actions today made it times hundreds of millions. Hundreds of Millions of individuals making and acting out on hundreds of millions of opinions.  If everybody's feeling it who's left to prevent it? 2 NYPD police officers 'assassinated'; shooter dead Two New York police officers were shot and killed ambush-style Saturday as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn. WWW.CNN.COM | BY SHIMON PROKUPECZ, JOSHUA BERLINGER AND RAY SANCHEZ, CNN I am pretty sure that neither side will see the parallels, the policemen never saw it coming, never even had a moment to think their mortality was threatened. They were just sitting in a car minding their own business and life is gone for no reason other than personal choice.

Life in the Ghetto, Haters Versus appreciators. They look the same.

You ever have an acquaintance that move like friend when you got something to they benefit but feel just like the stranger on the bus stop you bothering when you don't? They never admit it though.. Here is what I do in those situations, besides not trusting nobody that ain't blood or trusted by blood. I'll say something about something that an enemy (hater) would hate on, like a possession or skill or blessing or something, then I'll turn away and count to 2 then turn back unexpected and judge they face. Most of the time the fake friend mouth/face will be trying to stop or wipe the evil look off they face. The friend mouth/face will look natural. Works every time. You know I thought theJESUS when I caught it would hold haters back like anointing do the devil, guess not. ...wait... Maybe ANOINTING make you see ANNOYING clearer. I wonder how you say MF's ain't chit in a churchy respectable way?? When I learn I'll try. I ain't in no rush to learn though.

Church turns more people off than on, I have a theory.

See I a few weeks ago at church was listening to the Pastor and I start thinking in my head about a certain phrase or scripture he talking about and it becomes about whatever I am thinking about more than whatever the person is saying, no disrespect, i have just learned to trust that voice that comes from within. I caght it listening to Darryl on one of the most Important nights of my life and that voice cleared up most of the hurdles in my way to getting where I am now... I trust that voice. Anyway i start thinking that since the enemy uses our own free will against us he may have corrupted or polluted the meaning and basic human understanding of the word and or even concept "Obey". Meaning that he may have made our perception of the word have negative connotations when in fact it is a purely positive word in design. So I got to thinking about the word Obey, I had it in my mind I had just paused it to think on other more immediate things. Anyway I got it back out t

Is Americas Confederate minority rearing its head finally?

The actual hate for nuggaz (can't really say blacks because it is clearly nuggaz) in my country is amazing and funny as it sounds setting new precedence in a country famous for slavery and prejudice. This can only get worse, the point of no return is in the rear view. We are seen as so terrible that the fraction of benefit of doubt we had no longer exists. I should have known this day was coming when I noticed that suburban people would not make eye contact with me like a baboon or other wild dangerous animal. America is breakin g my heart. I hope people realize that this was a completely race driven mistake. The people at Walmart have seen many people walking around carrying those toy guns before, they were public accessible. They also had all the time from calling the police until the police came until the police located and made it to the victim .. To rectify this mistake, the exact mistake that killed a 12 year old black boy days earlier. They learned nothing ... This is