Mark Wahlberg is Exactly whats wrong with America.

The wording on this is what made me who I am.

They say Mark Wahlberg hit a man trying to steal alcohol as a troubled teen. It was actually robbery for money and anything else and it was actually 2 men and one lost an eye.

The double standard is if he was me/black the terminology would have been toned up instead of down.

Its hard to be me and look many in the face daily with no problems. The main reason why New Berlin, Wisconsin is the worse place in America to me. Its getting better but I always need a shower leaving there. They forced them to put low income housing in the town and the place has been hostile every since. It was obvious that was gonna happen, and they knew it, youd have to be an idiot not to.
For the record I can understand why they feel the way they do and I can also understand why it is seen as racism when in actuality it is more like class-ism. Its comparable to those same low income housing residents saving money for years and purchasing houses and the government comes in a puts a prison or a bunch of halfway houses or something (seen as) below their standards. Your Human-nature kicks in and you see the possibility of theft or rape or crime going up. It may not be true but the perception of it makes your formerly $220,000 house now worth $137,00, you lost 80 grand simply because of a bureaucratic decision.

Te thing is that its a bureaucratic decision but it gets blamed on the person it was designed to help.
You can play it up as Racism (which does exist and this does irritate but initially it was class-ism. The back and forth of it turned it to racism. I guess its like girls fighting over men, the fight starts over things said not the guy.
I'm just telling the truth, hate me if you like.
And if you want my racist no evidence opinion... Mark Wahlberg is probably racist, ever seen a guy who talks like him from Boston who wasn't? Illogical racism cuts both ways.
And for the record there is always a Marky Mark in entertainment, just ask Vanilla Ice, Justin Timberlake and Justin Beiber - I ain't even get the full list.
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BOSTON (AP) — Actor Mark Wahlberg's plea for a pardon has focused fresh attention on excusing crimin (...)

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