People write you off when you old, try adding Christian to that.
Getting old is an experience I will tell you that. People assume things about you. Being cool goes out the window and dressing good in a style that doesn't include sweaters in simply begging for ridicule. certain age people sort of make you sick when you get past a certain age, don't want to hang with them, don't want be at the same places, don't want to listen to them and most certainly don't want them hanging around you using all your wonderful stuff that you can afford and they can't because you are so old "you don't need to be using that anyway!" Excuse me? But there ya go.... I don't need a playstation 4 or Xbox One (have both) because I am too old to play the game. Is that different from too broke to play it? Because I forget.

Never-mind the fact that I have been playing the game since before there were consoles and Y2K didn't have a name yet, matter of fact neither did you. ANyoleways....

Getting old is awesome if they would just separate people over 40 from people over 40, we try to do it but they broke begging aces just keep on coming around calling us uncle, and dad and OG and chit... right before they need some chit. We always give it to em too, that way they take it ans go with as little whining as possible. The amazing part is they all think they are unique they never think that you have been through the borrow the car thing so many times with so many kids, nephews, whatever, till you know its coming and pretty much when, and then they wonder why we are no over happy at the sweet 16 party... we know whats coming. We nipped it in the bud this go round and just bought a car... we had already vowed that we would maybe kill the next one that whined and complained about not having a car the last time it came around.

Predictable but still utterly annoying. Anything is better than having to adjust music, seat, get gas, fix waaaaay more stuff they haven't learned how not to wreck yet and other assorted nightmares you come across when "Can I use the car?" is part of your daily life. Inevitably I am done with the dishes or cleaning up is always more than enough payment for using the car.... I could have paid the kid down the street 1/10th the gas they used to all the stuff you forgot to do. But every Parent is the same, love make us suckers and them players.  Getting old is an experience I'll tell you that.

Getting old some sort of way makes you forget how unreliable and retarded you were at most other ages.

Getting old is a trip but try adding becoming a christian to that equation.

All of a sudden now I want absolutely nothing even remotely cool. I also am not supposed to have anything any 20 year old kid has ever used or liked. And the biggest thing is all of a sudden people forget that my wife use to be my girlfriend and I was her Nugga, boyfriend, man and more before I was her husband.

I got people who will come by at 12 am to borrow money or use a phone of any of that stuff and catch me and my wife on the couch under the covers watching a movie. They never notice the smile on our face because we just almost got busted. I am a christian and I am old but My wife is my lover.
she might be old to you but she has always been sexy to me, and probably always will. I mean even as a young man I wasn't really into young women, thats part of what attracted me to my wife in the 1st place, she was uber-mature.

And right now she at that perfect age for women to make them complete. I mean ain't nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in themselves.. young girls ain't that, they think and say they are but they ain't.

Ain't nothing sexier than not arguing because you smiled at the waitress.

Ain't nothing as sexy as being yourself and that self being loved.

Ain't nothing sexier than a woman who find you attractive from perception and memory, even after she has seen you on the hospital floor sleep.

I actually feel sorry for the men who marry way younger because I wonder what they gonna talk about of any consequence. I actually feel sorry for the woman who marry the older man because she don't want to stay in the house on the weekend, she don't need to relax like him she need turn up. And the man never seems to remember when he was that age... they always compare to when they momma stayed at home.. after 20 years of partying. They never know that tho... but yea bro, your momma was something else before yo daddy lassoed and hog-tied her tail.

Now add in the christian and you nomosexual, nomo sex for yo old christian ace.

I guess I can understand why they think that way being young. I mean they understand all the concepts and math needed to get the answer but they kids so they don't cross t's or dot eyes... let me as an old man do it for ya...

You go in and go for what you know....

We know allot more so we handle ourselves like professionals. We need to get this job done well, efficiently on on time.

Where a young man brings every tool he has managed to acquired to impress the person we bring only the tools we need. I come to fix the plumbing I ain't gon be needing no jack. And I also have fixed a fair number of plumbing so I can tell before starting what the problem most likely will be.

Let it be know that getting old is a blessing and getting old with someone else is beyond a blessing. ANd if you call uss at 12am and we say we sleep... leave us the fuq alone.... where you think all them dam kids come from?

Husla3x (supergenius)


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