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Why being Autistic is Awesome. Autism is my best Quality.

This is one of the best explanations of autism I have ever heard.

This is also why I love being black and being ghetto, and more of course. The reason? Because as a black man from my generation my goal and re-given gift was nonconformity, I was born into rebellion against a system (fight the power) and that fit perfectly in with my peculiarities. My imagination is huge like the lady said (if you watched the video) and I actually could have a few worlds playing out at a time, my mind never sleeps even when asleep I am thinking about what I would do if the door was kicked in or I'd the fuses blew. As many situations and scenarios as a person who never sleeps with 2 normal doses of IQ can.

But this also made me better at being whatever I decided because when its time to be whatever hat I decide to wear at that moment (dad, husband, friend, enemy) I am that persona fully... Basically when I take a job my boss own me till 5, after 5 the answer could be no. I have actua…

Why racism will never cease or get better in any real way.

Wanna hear something so simple that its mind boggling about race issues?

It goes against Human Nature to respect something you crapped on unless it crapped on you back.

I actually think that the relationship will forever be stressed because one side will be resentful over the lack of apology and the other side will be resentful for the un-comfort of waiting for the payback that never comes to cancel the wrong out and provide a clean slate for the mulligan (clear conscious).

Would or could you respect a person you feel accepts anything you do to them? Especially if you could not even imagine the perspective that person is reasoning from so could also never understand the answer that leads to? Or would you lose more and more respect for that person because they never retaliated never ever realizing that retaliation is actually foreign and forgiveness is natural to that person (at least prior to indoctrination)

Understanding between the two is highly unlikely because neither of the com…

Married men are 2 men, the one with the wife and the one alone.

So yesterday I was looking for the perfect Kevin Hart Picture to express the feeling I had when my wife told me I tracked snow in the house after she got out the shower.

That was a dangerous situation she ain't even notice. What makes it worse is I walked past the Bathroom door and felt that heavenly steamy heat on my way to get the tools from fixing her truck off the space heater.... Thats how MF cold it was outside... Where aI had just come from fearing for my life. All I could say was, NOTHING. But oh dam did I think some chit.

Me and my wife have had an agreement for 30 years, "Say what you want inside but outside leave that chit alone.

It ain't trying to be cool or nothing its that I gotta deal with these nuggaz and a woman talking crazy make a nugga test you, then you gotta do something to him. So I tell wife after our first real in love only blacks and Hispanics can understand what I am saying type fight... the business. When men leave the house they are diffe…

Only Black Folks get mad at racist jokes + The funniest racist joke ever!

Darius Harris 29 mins·Edited·
I never ended up writing for my blog today because people been non-stop getting on my nerves all day. I have been getting 3rd string aquintance ace calls all day and the worse part is they be acting like they starting lineup friends... SOme of these nuggaz ain't getting in the game unless 2-3 MF's get injured. They ain't gon be in the car if you run into me out and about...ever. I got a weird outlook on life, my kids think its funny but it work. I look at people like movie credits. I mean obviously I'm shaft or Scarface or whatever depending on where I am in my life, right now I am probably Ghandi luther X or some typa cht, I don't really know because I am trying to do this new thing but it don't really matter because in a pinch I revert sometimes. I mean I be walking like like Ghandi Luther X and a nugga get to robbing me or more than likely looking like they finna be robbing me I'm probably gone give it up to GOD until its alm…

This too much news 24 hours in Milwaukee inner City.

The news cracking. Blackfish bay snapping (51st and Hampton, Villard, Sherman Area) I just put a bunch a news together because plenty jumped out at me) 2 women shot, one survived... When shooting women get to be part of the "Normal game? Lady Missising since the 13th and the Police wouldn't give information on here - Thats KooKoo.…/missing-family-members-say-they-last-…/ Lady Shot at Birthday Party.…/family-says-20-year-old-woman-dead-sh…/ Dude shot up the street…/man-in-his-20s-shot-in-the-chest-near…/ This confusing seem like 2 people shot at Party?? I gotta read it first.…/family-says-20-year-old-woman-dead-sh…/

MISSING: Family members say they last saw Stephanie Myles on December 13th, and they're concerned MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Family members say a young Milwaukee mother has been missing for three weeks. On Sunday afternoon, January 4th, those closest to the... FOX6NOW.COM
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Life Math effectively used in a fight. Hilarious!!!

Husla3x shared ‎ | شاشة نيوز‎'s video
My Cousin Jan Hendrix stay me laughing.

All Math - Used that nugga momentum to increase the power of his punch. He basically just gave his face something to run into when it got to a point that was inevitable. Coming out of a flip his face would be at that space, no way to avoid... let me throw this brick wall ia few inches before the finish line face...sleepy now. Hilarious!!!!
عامل فيها ملاكم و حركات ... هههه
See Translation Like · · Darius HarrisPlus this is also the epitome of "Do you" because some people would have watched him finish that flip or locked up. I would have been waiting for him to commit to anything... that flip would have been it. Fool ace nugga doing flips... you know how many places during the time you flipping you helpless??? Like
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This man need a hand not a hand-out, WILL YOU STEP UP?

People always saying they want to help the struggle, well here go your chance. My cousins as a family are trying to get a business off the ground and seeking donations to expand. This a chance for the "fancy" to go grass roots, this is directly helping someone realize a dream of betterment.

I've done all I can do, the rest is up to you. Click the link and see if its a thing you want on your conscience. Maybe give a dollar or 2 and feel good while helping another human being help other human beings.

Yall talk all that chit in yall emails (I read em now) lets see. I doubt yall help but I tried for ya cuzz. Husla3x (supergenius)

Good Morning Facebook - Husla3x(supergenius)

Darius Harris Its amazing how losing something makes you appreciate that thing.
Thats my recovery in a nutshell. It amazes me how strong I am now and its not even 85% of how strong I was.

I tell people I am growing younger by the day and I know they laugh because all youngsters think we want to be young again but nobody (healthy) in their 40's wishes to be 20 again. By now we just got to the reality of life and at our smartest, best and most prosperous (if lucky) so no I'm fine at my age, dam fine. And as a perk the Police leave my ace alone sometimes, that took getting use to but I loves it... Morning Officer (witcho psychotic ace) and keep it moving when before it almost always stopped.

Its because I was black... I know white america has a hard time believing that... but it should be getting easier as of late. Kiltum! lol.

...and about the growing younger. I say that because I was near death and i grew old because of it and as it leaves (the illness) I am returning …

Selling illegal cigarettes and selling individual cigarettes illegally.

Darius Harris
Small point but when speaking of character investigated for selling illegal cigarettes and investigated for selling individual cigarettes illegally are worlds apart. One is continuing criminal enterprises and one is "hey my man you got a smoke a nugga can buy?" I have a problem with the semantics of the media when describing me and those like me. IJS - I had no kids and a 5th grade psychologist to see when I first started keeping track of the inequalities present in life. I ain't really have a giant problem with it because I am capable of working around a room mate that dislikes me, One is just life for me the other is flagrant, insulting and several steps backwards in race improvements. Hoodies, color, braids, dialect, clothing or any of those external environmental things do not define a person with any degree of reliable accuracy. 

Its 2015, pro or con the president is Black and America is being attacked from all compass point outwardly.... …