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Its amazing how losing something makes you appreciate that thing.
Thats my recovery in a nutshell. It amazes me how strong I am now and its not even 85% of how strong I was.

I tell people I am growing younger by the day and I know they laugh because all youngsters think we want to be young again but nobody (healthy) in their 40's wishes to be 20 again. By now we just got to the reality of life and at our smartest, best and most prosperous (if lucky) so no I'm fine at my age, dam fine. And as a perk the Police leave my ace alone sometimes, that took getting use to but I loves it... Morning Officer (witcho psychotic ace) and keep it moving when before it almost always stopped.

Its because I was black... I know white america has a hard time believing that... but it should be getting easier as of late. Kiltum! lol.

...and about the growing younger. I say that because I was near death and i grew old because of it and as it leaves (the illness) I am returning to a young 40+ from an old 40+ - I feel 35 when a few months ago I felt 65 - Thank you JESUS - On my way to shovel snow then church,.
Good Morning Facebook
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