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What are you Mixed with? I know black but what else? Passively Racist.

Just came back from Menominee falls with a friend. (Thats cross the tracks if you ain't from roundhere) how come this like 60 year old White lady asked me if she could ask me something after 5-10 minutes of me having the room laughing... She asked so nice could she ask, like over the top nice, till I already knew what was coming. When you light skinned and black you tend to expect racism from every direction, white folks got jokes, black folks got jokes. The only difference, well beyond the violent history thing, is that white folks tend to see you as a "Nugga interpreter" Example: you are at work and the boss will ask you "whats do ya thinks wrong with Tyrone darius?' And you aint no snitch the same less as everybody so you cain't tell him that Tyyrone hate his guts because he wanted off for his daughter graduation or "Tyrone Ugly Mr. Boss - so you small talk him or maybe if you know whats wrong with Tyrone you say some chit that get hi

Slavery, Crucifixions and be-headings, ISIS coming to a city near you.

Slavery, Crucifixions and be-headings. What nuggaz need to know about ISIS/ISIL and the future. I ain't really trying to tell white folks nothing with this post because everybody know white folks know everything already... Just joking before I get down to the serious nature/content of this posting. I just said the above to explain the ebonic tone the post will and does have. This how ole Husla3x talk... To my Facebook Followers I been laid-low for the last month maybe and I read too much, thats a crazy combo for an dood like me. To the rest a you sunzabeetches... I got to thinking about Isis or Isil or whatever and I took all I know, not think but know, and it wasn't much. These nuggaz is so serious, they targeting malls and kidnapping christians, these nuggas is the Hatsfields to our McCoys, they the Vicelords to our Gangstaz, they the bloods to our crips - That ain't no good way to say it but they shoot on sight of us, it ain't even personal. The thing is if you

Insider trading in a sexual way. Penalty should be harsh.

Nuggas is trife. If you got a friend who got a wife who maybe got abused young so got a few misconceptions about love and Men and this nugga know that and still take advantage of her (thats what it is) by learning her and scheming on her to get the draws just to get the draws... thats trife. I mean alls fair in the Pimp game but that ain't the Pimp game... because she cain't choose really at this time in her life. And for you to know that and take advantage of it... you trife. Pimps don't take sex for payment... where you learn that? How you a pimp and a trick simultaneously? Dumb, stupid, weak thats life and fair game but mentally damaged thats injured and winning when the other person injured ain't really winning. I know the world run like that but that don't mean its right. Nugga clap you I ain't really mad, I understand. I am learning I am wrong and vengeance is the lords but... I'm still working on that one and I pray I get there but... at this mo

Superbug loosed on the American People, 179 infected!

UCLA says 179 people may have been exposed to 'superbug' A potentially deadly superbug resistant to antibiotics infected seven patients, including two who died, and more than 100 others w ... Husla3x says:More Bullchit to make you jumpy! Apparently the plan is to keep us edgy about something at all times. The pattern I see now after catching the JESUS is this... The headlines read like crisis but include words like "Potentially" - Bullchit Alert!!! If they keep us in "fight or flight mode" (like the "ghetto" always has been) it will undoubtedly inevitably begin to effect our physical and mental health and make our decision making abilities "off" - Basically someone or something is turning everyone into the same mindset that history for blacks in America has done to us. It didn't make sense until I started thinking about the economic collapse and how the lower economical classes wer

Women, Fighting, Men and Pimps. Yep! Thats everything.

I was just thinking about Good Women Wives and Mommas and Aunties and Sisters and even sometimes girlfriends. I think I found the common denominator in all of these good things.....  It was obvious, how did I miss it so long? Question: What makes a good woman, wife, mother or girlfriend. Is it learned on inherited. Answer: A good woman knows when to make you do something (Guilt, Shame, Pestering) and when to let you make yourself (Guilt, Shame, Pride) - A good woman uses all she has to make you the best man you can be, she also uses all you have. Example: When I was 10 I got 4 of my fingers cut off on some glass scared to fight because it was a few boys. Anyway as a result I ain't never been scared to fight again and I was scared of broke glass (I ain't know tho) But when my kids was little my wife found out and used my Daddiness to cure the broken glass phobia. She said she ain't cleaning up the glass I dropped and left and went to work. I sat there hours but

Titanfall is the new Best Game now and worth XboxOnes cost.

I am addicted to Titanfall on XboxOne - I bought this system for the purpose of waving my hands at the Television and Playing Titanfal. (Friend me "Husla3x) The funny thing is I didn't really play it until I got sick, but oh man after a few hours I was off battlefield and the new worst game ever "Call Of Duty"... I still cant understand how they managed to mess that game up so bad (COD) - Advanced was better but by then I was on to Battlefield... now.. Titanfall is pure old fashioned shootemup fun. Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

Husla3x Freestyle Poem on Race issues in America.

This is just a poem about racism in America to Kendric Lamars "Blacker the Berry" Race: Why you hate me fool the part of me you hate is a result of what you made me do Say we don't read - hundreds of years of trying only made a noose. Been knew Black was beautiful, why you hate me cute. You call me plenty names but none of em stick I adopted the one that did and that made you sick you hated you couldn't say it said we need to quit And the fact it make you uncomfortable make me love that chit The days done changed now the President black welfare took the man out the home we taking residence back we took the blame for the drug game, heroine, crack You call us birds of a feather but introduced us to that What! what you mean you caint understand my lingo Broke up all the homes then blame us for being single Then call us invaders when all we trying to do is mingle The game always unfair but we stay winning.. YELL BINGO!! Race; K

The absolute most stupidest question ever asked Ever!!!!

  Hilarious. But anybody who ask this ain't got a clue what an infinite loop is. Its obviously a Fruit Loop thats keeps growing until it uses all the milk up on the earth. duh!! Husla3x(supergenius)

Momistry: Win free Mary Kay product

Momistry: Win free Mary Kay product : Time is running out. Remember to register at  to be entered into this months drawing for Mary Kay's 2 best sellers.... Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, I wanna be famous you..

Last Night I killed a man, Stabbed him, he died.

I dreamed I killed someone this morning. I have never had that dream before, never killed nobody in a dream. I don't wet dream I don't scared dream. I don't really do emotional dreams . Maybe 3 in my life, might be 2 because one was probably exertion from trying to move more than scared. This dream was not emotional because I had no choice and the person I thought he stabbed he actually missed by centimeters but I didn't know it until I got him sleep. All my life I have had powerful and meaningful dreams. If I have a dream that wakes me up it means something. I also have a 3 dream thing, if I dream the same thing 3 times... its coming one way or the other. I ain't a big empty dreamer, if I remember them they mean something. This what the dream mean according to the dream dictionary: Killing To dream that you kill someone indicates that you are on the verge of losing your temper and self-control. Consider the person you have killed and ask yo