Insider trading in a sexual way. Penalty should be harsh.

Nuggas is trife. If you got a friend who got a wife who maybe got abused young so got a few misconceptions about love and Men and this nugga know that and still take advantage of her (thats what it is) by learning her and scheming on her to get the draws just to get the draws... thats trife. I mean alls fair in the Pimp game but that ain't the Pimp game... because she cain't choose really at this time in her life. And for you to know that and take advantage of it... you trife. Pimps don't take sex for payment... where you learn that? How you a pimp and a trick simultaneously?

Dumb, stupid, weak thats life and fair game but mentally damaged thats injured and winning when the other person injured ain't really winning. I know the world run like that but that don't mean its right.

Nugga clap you I ain't really mad, I understand. I am learning I am wrong and vengeance is the lords but... I'm still working on that one and I pray I get there but... at this moment thats trife to me. You sleep with your good friend wife you gots to fear for your life at some point to me, I HAVE TO PLACE YOU IN THAT SCENARIO. It ain't jealousy its just fair. He insider trading how hard it it to take her side for weeks since they both sharing with you?? You know when she's mad and what he says to feed her truthfully. Thats kinda cheating thats devil in the garden chit, you evil a little. I mean a stranger wife just part of the game (worldview) but a friends wife terrible and you a cake-ace nugga for exploiting it.  Thats like the dudes that tell on you to your girl and then catch revenge sex... that ain't pimping or playing or nothing... thats snitching and unfair.. that ain't part of the game and if you get Clapped... I ain't sympathetic. You knew you was dirty and dirty sometimes catch sleepy... goodnight foul dirty nugga.

For my white readers
Clapped = Shot
Trife = Trifling
Nugga - A barely Human Being, regardless of color.

I never respected dudes like that. Thats a predator to me and I naturally hate predators always have. Some can say I was one in a way because I used my gifts but if it was drunk that ain't fair game unless that was the point mutually agreed.

I hate them dudes and I hate dudes that hit women to impress men... I got a weak spot for them victims... I remove myself from them situations because I will react outside of my I know and love a lot of Rape victims that I did not know were rape victims and don't scrunch ya nose up because you do too -

Anyway my nugga went through it over that but he maintained his woman and showed her real love, got the other nugga back and I was proud because he was in his rights to pay dat nugga back in any way he could. Lucky it wasn't me... I would have suddenly sleepied that nugga insider trading on me. I'm serious.... Wouldn't have even been jealousy either, just payback.

You never know who a predator is what I learned. The same way you know many rape victims but don't know it, you know plenty rapists to and don't know it.

Just needed something to write while I thought for about 15 minutes. This is about a good friend who did a good friend dirty and the original good friend payed him back. The dirty wife sleeping friend actually cried about the revenge... It was fair and I have respect for the revenge friend for staying with the lady even though she stepped out on him. Some guys only see black and white, some guys see in color. The guys who see color get better women in the long run and more loyal also.

This post is all over the board, barely makes sense. I already know.

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