Superbug loosed on the American People, 179 infected!
UCLA says 179 people may have been exposed to 'superbug'
A potentially deadly superbug resistant to antibiotics infected seven patients, including two who died, and more than 100 others w ...
Husla3x says:More Bullchit to make you jumpy!

Apparently the plan is to keep us edgy about something at all times. The pattern I see now after catching the JESUS is this...
The headlines read like crisis but include words like "Potentially" - Bullchit Alert!!!

If they keep us in "fight or flight mode" (like the "ghetto" always has been) it will undoubtedly inevitably begin to effect our physical and mental health and make our decision making abilities "off" - Basically someone or something is turning everyone into the same mindset that history for blacks in America has done to us.
It didn't make sense until I started thinking about the economic collapse and how the lower economical classes were unwittingly used to keep the country afloat (still are actually) by given us home and car loans at a time when middle class couldn't and/or wouldn't go after the loans. We jumped at the chance and insured that a previous total loss would only lose 25-40%. It was actually pure Genius. We bought cars and Jordan's and cell-phones and jewelry and all manner of luxury items that middle-class simply would not buy in a crisis situation. The powers that be were actually banking on that lopsised thinking, that really wasn't illogical but actually logical when thought through from the correct perspective.
The Husla3x (supergenius) perspective - (My $0.02) 
If you have always had or are use to having, the $300 check from Obama or the approved credit would have seemed like a lottery win and been used for a rainy day. But if you were poor and use to being poor it would have been seen as a lottery win and used to sample some of the luxuries you had been seeing from afar for so long. So it made perfect sense that the money was spent on luxury. They planned it that way to keep those working at the luxury businesses (footlocker, malls, clothing stores) working. Middle-class would have banked it while we would have and did put it into the economy. If we wouldn't have bought Jordans and Televisions, most of our critics would have been jobless 6-7 years ago
Make no mistake - NUGGAZ saved the country from a recession while taking the blame for it in the media.

The scary part now is what are they preparing us to "jump at" this go round. This is actually pretty genius also if you step back and to the left of the box.

Think about it: We are on every edge humans have, physical, mental, emotional, financial and even in many cases spiritual... Another few false flag "Crisis" it will only take one real one before we are (as a people) looking for a savior. And historically or Biblical ... that seems to point to an Antichrist.

I have too much time on my hands right at this moment. lol.  I am about to go and sleep and heal. Just wanted to put a post up on this raggedy bastid.

Husla3x (supergenius)



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