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This a sad pic that proves Prison ain't no joke. Mind Your Kids.

Before I even start I wanna say that I don't speak to knowingly about chit i know nothing about, I know nothing about prison. Plus ain't no telling what he did to them nuggaz. IJS However I somewhat know some chit from hearing and living. I been knew when I was young I ain't coming home I get knocked and have to go to prison, I I aint just too yellow, I'm also  too me. I got hands too... hate hurt in real jail... I had to show in HOC and that ain't nothing. If you ain't ready to die you through you me.... I don't get embarrassed I get even... that turn out bad. You be seeing nuggaz washing nuggaz socks in Pre-pen situations. I got mad fam there and them nuggaz been telling me since I was webster sized, "You don't wanna go there cuz." I know already. But this sad but reality a MF..Chit do what it do in the worl d. So again, I thank JESUS for sparing me from the luck of the poor nugga lottery that them people's draw from every nigh

Between GOD and Wife I can't even see beyond my circle.

So mah sleep, and the city got me blocked in....   ... So I wrote my bookey a song...... It’s that love though…. I seen you for the 1st time looking for some other things I almost slept on the best thing in my life but you fulfilled all my dreams Everything about you thrills me though it took a while to see That them other dames was nightmares, but your love it comforts me (It’s that love though…. Its …that…love, though…oh…oh) (It’s that love though…. Its …that…love, though…oh…oh) I give you my everything but it was rare and far between Other people called me “Dirty” but girl you saw squeaky clean Ain’t no way I can repay but my whole life spent on trying Ain’t no woman ever loved me more but momma I aint lying (It’s that love though…. Its …that…love, though…oh…oh) (It’s that love though…. Its …that…love, though…oh…oh) Between GOD and this Nugga..... I ain't even trying to see beyond my cirle... Our circle? I'm gone and ain't even tripping. Husla3x (supe

Husla3x on Marriage.

The world seem to be saying... Women don't need no man and Men don't need no woman. Maybe thats why same sex marriage more popular than traditional marriage now. # husla3x   Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

I think I have figured out Women. LOL... KINDA, ish.

I know women. I also know that for a man to say that is to beg for argument and ridicule and also to tempt the very fates that govern the world, but I think I know something that very few men, of any age, well any age where its useful, knows. I think I know the primary difference between a woman (mentality) and a Girl. I know you can't even wait for me to say what I think but you have to listen to the rest first because in the immortal words of Ricky Alberto Ricardo ( learned that here ) "Husla, you got some splainen ta doo!" Well let me explain what I think I have found out over careful study. When 10 things are up for grabs girls fight you tooth and nail for the 3 you definitely must have. Women let you have all 3 and accept the one you give back out of guilt and patiently wait for the stupid man to tire of the other 2 and makes off with all she possibly could have had. Moral of the story. Women get it all handed to them and girls fight for every dam

Random post talking about absolutely nothing. Husla3x

So I got ready for church but then didn,t go because I wasn,t feeling all that right. Wife go on without me to represent.? I truly miss my church family a lot. My wife feeling my head with one hand and tsk tsking me with the other. I took a break from the report I'm writing to go get us some food.... she got a paper due at 4 pm I got till 6 pm and we both off 5 hours sleep in the last 2.5 days. We don't be careful we,ll end up Mr and Mrs Jones ,ING up our house....tired make arguments easy. Lucky we old so we recognize.... this food from her favorite gon good mood her ace right the heck up. Lol Like   ·   Comment   ·   Share Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

Pearle Vision worked hard to gain back my trust.

I actually spent 10-12 hours tweeting about pearle vision yester and they contacted me today and I am satisfied. The hate and name calling went on on facebook and Twitter. These my new glasses, I did the Malcolm X joints. The cole haan or somebody I ain't heard of but dude said the hot and a respectable quality. They work good so i,m good.   So I just got back from Pearl Vision where I was made happy. I actually will allow them to be my eye doctor still, they need to promote Anthony because he actually runs it AND he a brother. He explained that the day I came in and was treated shabby (-from my perspective) they were actually at 50% staff because of the flu. I even met the district manager, who was nice and actually said, and I quote "oh, you,re him. Nice to meet you Darius." To which I replied... He is I and I   am him, slim with the tilted brim What my mothafu__ING name Husla, 3, Eh eh ex.. the bomb... Just playing, kinda. I got new designer fr

Pearle Vision treated me like a crackhead, STFU & gimme Money.

I am too upset to write about Pearle Vision and the slow burning, deep going totally unacceptable and unsatisfactory episode i had with them and their Glendale (WI) store that I will return later or in the morning and write a review, refreshed.. What I will say is this. I only wanted emergency glasses from my "Eye Doctor". Did not happen, ended up with 12th pick of glasses because nothing i suggested was accepted and they were suspicious of the glasses, the frames I brought along to speed up the process.... That helped none at all.  It was just terrible but the type of terrible where you don't figure it out for days. wait.... I was in shock caused by the experience of getting glasses?? ........That say it all. But I'm still coming back and telling yall how they did ya boi. And that buy one get one deal... I did not. Jasmon Xdtj Crainey   They are rip offs 8 mins   ·   Like   ·   1 Darius Harris   I am so not that nugga. Just

Trae the truth is a funny cartoon. Real Talk!!!

This so funny I don't give a dam if its political correct or not. This chit life correct. Trae The Truth: Season 1, Episode 1 Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

The secret to a successful life is to be successful.

Husla3xisms for March 2015 - Real world Wisdom. Its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all does not work if traded is substituted for loved. # Husla3x # lifemath There are different types of Queens, Queens for weak kings and Queens for strong Kings. Know your role, Know your King. # realtalk # husla3x   Finding women u can sleep with easy. It's finding ones you can wake up to that's hard. # husla3x # realtalk How you know everything when I never seen you with a book or a plane ticket? # niggaplease # husla3x   Any man might get tired of treating you like a queen if he never gets to sit & rest because you always on his throne # letamanbeaman # husla3x # lifeIn5Words Nuggaz dun lost they minds # husla3x Good advice is worth more than money but far harder to give away or find. # lifemath # husla3x   For more go here   Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya. All Natura