Is it possible that the oppressive system effected blacks over time?

Random Gump Thought: Anybody ever thought how the oppressive nature of black life in Wisconsin, unintentional and intentional dynamics, must have affected both the male and the female psyche of the lower income daily struggle over decades? 


Darius Harris I think it flipped the whole family dynamic to where the woman and man clash more because of misplaced stations in life at a almost cellular level. Meaning: Men don't always be men and when they do women compete with them for that spot and hinder their efforts occasionally.

Donna Michelle You hit the nail on the head. The energy there FEELS different than most places.

Darius Harris They play on it too... I been in the situation like 3 times where I had a disagreement in front of a salesman and he backed off and did the paperwork assuming the "Girl" would win. Sad. I also notice that the successful car-lots in the hood rely more on appearance than substance. sadder. The woman (hood) usually has the money to white society so the adjust their marketing scheme to that.

Joe Lee Scruggs I always takes me to what was titled W-2 by Governor Tommy Thompson. How you get to #2 without a #1. So W-1 was slid by undetected. W-2 shut down industry that employed us and destroyed the black american progression here.

Darius Harris That W-1 joint is classic (applause)    

Darius Harris Milwaukee is Ruined. Thats sad because I may be also... No one ever leaves the ghetto even when we travel we travel from one ghetto to another. Its setup to keep us complacent and satisfied in this small fishbowl. We can't grow, only feel like we can. its sad mathematically. It kind of caught me but It didn't my kids so I am satisfied. I caught a felony exercising my rights in a perfectly logical situation but Prison didn't get me even though it tried. The ghetto mentality is dangerous when you give in to it...

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