Pearle Vision treated me like a crackhead, STFU & gimme Money.

I am too upset to write about Pearle Vision and the slow burning, deep going totally unacceptable and unsatisfactory episode i had with them and their Glendale (WI) store that I will return later or in the morning and write a review, refreshed..

What I will say is this. I only wanted emergency glasses from my "Eye Doctor". Did not happen, ended up with 12th pick of glasses because nothing i suggested was accepted and they were suspicious of the glasses, the frames I brought along to speed up the process.... That helped none at all.  It was just terrible but the type of terrible where you don't figure it out for days. wait....

I was in shock caused by the experience of getting glasses??

........That say it all. But I'm still coming back and telling yall how they did ya boi.

And that buy one get one deal... I did not.

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