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Men gossip too: Telegraph, telephone or telenigga.

Telegraph, telephone or telenigga, fastest ways to get the word out. men say (with a straight face too) that all women do is talk, gossip, run their mouths. The funny part is whoever says that is usually gossiping at the time they are saying it. I am a man but not like the rest and i think my moms and my sisters for that. Ladies dont get all cocky, because you know yall really do gossip up some chit, constantly. All I am saying is that men gossip allot also. We all do, don't nobody hardly buy newspapers in the hood... We call our cousins or sisters or friends, and we sit back and collect the scoop.

Everybody has a family member or friend who always knows what is going on everywhere. There isnt a person in the whole hood that actually believes what the daily newscastard (Newscastard bastard who tells the news) on television have to say. A ghetto baby knows that the television is seldom right when it comes to black folks. But you can call cousin peggy and know everything that has h…

David rockefeller on 6th heart refill.

Po' nugga caint even get a tooth implant. I'm sorry thats funny to me. I'll pray..... ....when i stop laughing. He do look like he eat orphan babies. IJS. I have a right to my opinion. And he look like he personally had slaves...... in egypt. I'm talking about Billie the kid was billie the Infant when this man drunk his first "Ensure" - This man was in the garden yelling "No eve, don't do it!" When he was a kid the bible was a Magazine. This man still mad at moses from 1st grade. I'm sorry. I wrote all this for me to laugh. I can't help myself. If I had a gabillion dollars I'd be on my upmteenth heart too..... 3 billion USD (2015) David Rockefeller, Net worth - Probably gotta commercial freezer full of Vagrants. I'm probably wrong but funny funny. Black Folks Secrets

DAVID ROCKEFELLER’S SIXTH HEART TRANSPLANT SUCCESSFUL AT AGE 99 | World Truth.TV Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller has undergone successfully his sixth hea…

Why don't men trust women? because women dont even trust women.

There are so many things I like and love about women that I wouldn't even know where to start.

The reason I don't know where to start is because I am Married and any dam where i start could possibly start a dam discrepancy up in this mother%^&*er!!

I got big ace list of stuff I don't like too and I can start anywhere on that list and pull it off fine.

The reason? I know I'm gonna fight over that list so I could give a dam less.

That's the thing. GOD made it where guys have mothers and sisters and female cousins and the like to prepare us for the non-stop avalanche of failures and hurt feeling and wants, gets and relinquishes that being a grown man (in a relationship) entails.

A boy hopes and wishes and sings and dances when he finds or gets a pie.

A man does the exact same thing mentally when he gets a pie.

The difference? The man 8 times out of 10 times gives the pie away to some woman (wife daughter sister momma) until he trains himself to like a pie that n…

One of them big giant unnecessary white people words.

My wife on her way to school and this the convo as she go out the door... Wife: something, something, titration, something...
Me: titration? If I knew what titration meant I'd quit school that day. That's too smart, don't nobody need to know what That mean.
Wife: that's what you do, you titrated...
Me: not me. I dont do no chit with dumb names like that. I do regular stuff.. like catch or some chit. What that even mean ..titration?
Wife: you the supergenius, you tell me.
Me: prolly mean separating, and it's biology so vitamins or plasma or some chit. I use to do it with electrical current to water to make hydrogen and oxygen atoms or molecules or something. I forget. Its something like that, one of them big giant unnecessary white people ace words like "Police" as in police the area. Wife: you think you tight.
Me: I use to think i was tight. I'm near bout 50 I knows now.
Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on kno…

All Wives are sadistic. All wives are Nazis. Just a little though.

Q: What kind of sadistic _____-___ call a person at 8:30am just to tell them they at iHOP waiting to be seated?

A: A Wife.

Dirty rotten #$%$-*&*____%#**!!!

This the last thing she said before hanging up. "AHHAAHAHHAHHHHA!!!!"

Yea. Now her and that little foreign dog got something in common.

Good Morning America. Far too early.

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No wife for 3 days after 32 years. If I wasnt old.....

Man, I be forgetting my wife work ethic is not human. I woke up in the middle of the bed on my side with my foot hanging of the edge and no Lil foreign dog anywhere in sight. I see why wife be hogging the middle of this mug. I mean it's a king sized bed and everyday (when wife here) I wake up balancing on the edge with my nutz fighting to breath because I'm laying like I'm in a coffin. I actually had a dream?. I thought I didn't dream and come to find out I just aint have noroom to dream. Got up and that's when I remembered my wife a beast on getting stuff done and with a smile. I walk down the steps to pee and I got animals waiting like nuggaz in jail for the chow/meal bell to ring and i,m the cook. Either way they fed... the cat eating at whatever bowl you put down first and ain't nobody gonna challenge her so you gotta feed her first or the real dog be crying and mad and growling but not even trying to make her stop cause the cat got them hands. My dog next …

Sometimes the only racism in a situation is in the Perceived victim.

See this that stuff that make the race card get up and get ready. There might be a rational reason I don't know yet as to why my neighbor has straw protecting his grass seeds (left by city) and mine nor any of my neighbors do. I watched the whole time since I woke up... He is our only white neighbor left on the block and a good friend after 18 years. Maybe they are going to be coming back to give me straw... (lifelong rationalization) it's only straw but I can see no difference. I like how that looks sinister if left like that. It seems like I am being singled out or lumped in or something???? for being black. THE REAL STORY: I saw my neighbor out there talking with them earlier and on previous occasion. What I am sure 88% happened is he mentioned something to protect the see and they accommodated him. I say this because last summer they did back work and destroyed my wife's garden, as I am sure they did countless others. I went and told them about it and they sent out a …

Are white men better for black women than black men? Video thinks so.

There is a video (scroll down) circulating around lately that actually got me thinking about interracial dating, marriage and the like.

I also feel that I have an excellent insight into this subject for a few really good and unique reasons, one being that I am not mixed but look mixed because my 8-12% Indian blood took a weird bouce and left me as yellow as yellow gets. lol.

Another reason is that my Mom (after i was born) married a white man.

Another reason is my grand-father who raised left when I was 7 and married a white woman and the unioun produced 2 white appearing uncles whom I love and love me.

Another reason is I am a (supergenius) and I use logic more than even most analytical folks and emotion seldom, though I have been practicing using emotion as of late because I was born again and pleasantly surprised that I now have access to an actual conscious and not just a high degree of decency (what had been counting as my conscious)

Another reason is I have been in a relations…

Walmart & Jade helm. Tunnels, Turkey & conspiracy Theories.

If anybody is into conspiracy theories this is a doosey. If you remember last week I was too into Gog and magog. I wasn't positive Russia was it and I caught flack, same flack I caught challenging Genesis 3:16 - I thought childbirth was only part of the content and that "Too many ideas" was also a part. Its neither here nor there but I'm a do me and me don't go along to get along. This time its about Turkey being magog.... I am starting to believe crazy seeming stuff lately, but it ain't stuff I believe I'm thinking up. I ain't never thought about Turkey (the country) now in 6 days time I am pretty convinced it could possibly be Gog. My logic is hearsay but it makes sense to my brain and its making sense using the Bible. That doesnt matter either. What does though is that throughout my entire life (and i got a 30 year old son) I have never even given a partial though to Turkey beyong jokes. Now days (3-4) after I research the hell out of it simply be…

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As men all our lives we have heard, "look at a womans mother to see your womans future." The majority of us looked at her butt.

My wifes little foreign dog crapped in my office. Jealous Bitch!!

So I wake up to Dookey Balls in my office. My girl dog such a debutante that she take a crap in my office on the floor, on some clothes (thats a whole nother story) And yes wifeyI do understand that you told me, yes, I know.  Anyoleways.... this little foreign furry armadillo did it, she pee'd in it yesterday and I blamed my cat Molly who got upset and ain't messing with me no more, for now. This how the conversation went.... Me: Moly, I know you ain't Pee in my office. Molly: Then why we having this conversation? You need to check that lil Foreign B_tch you be rubbing on. ....Alrighty then. Been married long enough have enough daughters and had enough sisters and step sisters to know not to go down that road, ain't no off-ramps for a long, long, long, longlonglong time. So I gotta be fair so I ask the new dog FACE even though they was too small for her. This how that went.. Me: FACE I know you ain't Chit on my dang on rug!!! FACE: CORN! Face kinda slow a little. She …

Nelly arrested for having too many giant guns on bus.

I'm late but..... Cause Dam. Every kind of crazy happening. But wait. Listen to this bullchit. The state trooper stopped the bus carrying Nelly and five other people on Interstate 40 in Putnam County on Saturday because it wasn't displaying U.S. Department of Transportation and International Fuel Tax Association stickers, according to Tennessee authorities. I'm dam near 50 and aint never heard a none a dat junk before. The system out to get you. They gave everybody a right to carry guns knowing nuggaz was gonna get they girls to have em round and then they gonna kick in doors, run prints and lock nuggaz up "A Plenty" - Then when we incapacitated, they gonna smash who left and get rid of us once in for all. After all we had a black president and just decided to cut off heads and shoot up babies and block the road and make all the good kids run through the house saying nugga and twerking... The system tried everything to make things even and we couldnt handle.....…