I wonder is she racist or just hates men? Wish I cared.

I just picked the dog up from that place in my profile pic. That lady gets pissed at me everytime I go there. I wonder does she hate dudes or black dudes? She isn't really pissed but it feels like talking to a angry woman who isn't interested in anything you have to say. The kind of people who start every convo with "Well, I am just trying to say..." 
Hard to tell... My wife even says they are hard to talk to and she like everybody. Oh well... this little immigrant look cute for wife when she drag her schedulers dream ace in later.
I tell this lady every 2 months (wife trick me into picking up and paying every time) This ain't my dog, this the lady who bring her in, my wife. Its her dog. Tell me stuff to tell her. Don't tell me stuff. Tell me stuff to tell her.
I walked out in the middle of her talking. I am sorry i ain't bring a leash, I carried the dog in, Its tiny. She still telling me bring a leash. I'm being nice ... for a while. Then I'm like... "I understand but I can't bring a leash this time because the dog finished, this past tense...I'll bring one next time. sorry, man!"
She get to telling me about setting up an appointment again even though I just told her my wife will do it because its her dog. This her 3rd time asking me... She like ok your wife willc all. I'm like, I ain't say that, she might come set it up..... How I know, all I know is every 2 months for a year we been doing this... leave me alone and let me pay you. I aint comfortable make a appointment when i can just wait 4 hours and ask wife. What woman don't undrstand that? This woman at this spot.
I'm dam near 50, I ain't trying to be nice to you if you ain't nice to me. They do good work though, she just hate nuggaz or hate men... hard to tell which because she on villard - the hood might be getting to her, don't take it out on me though... I been paying you.
And this going on my blog and I wrote a review.
GOD gave me new options, I'm using em. My old options take offense..
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