Walmart & Jade helm. Tunnels, Turkey & conspiracy Theories.

If anybody is into conspiracy theories this is a doosey.
If you remember last week I was too into Gog and magog. I wasn't positive Russia was it and I caught flack, same flack I caught challenging Genesis 3:16 - I thought childbirth was only part of the content and that "Too many ideas" was also a part.
Its neither here nor there but I'm a do me and me don't go along to get along. This time its about Turkey being magog.... I am starting to believe crazy seeming stuff lately, but it ain't stuff I believe I'm thinking up. I ain't never thought about Turkey (the country) now in 6 days time I am pretty convinced it could possibly be Gog. My logic is hearsay but it makes sense to my brain and its making sense using the Bible.
That doesnt matter either.
What does though is that throughout my entire life (and i got a 30 year old son) I have never even given a partial though to Turkey beyong jokes. Now days (3-4) after I research the hell out of it simply because I got a feeling to (many times I think that feeling is GOD. I'll be crazy. FuQet) research Turkey. Now there are Conspiracies trending that Turkish troops are holed away in the Walmart in the video below... AND... turkey all in the News. They closed the Walmarts in 5 hours in 5 states and they said it was for plumbing but no permits have been pulled yet.
Might be nothing, but it Spooked me a little only because of the things that have been coming into my dreams and waking hours concerning Turkey. I'm done, but watch the video....
I am about 83% plus sure that we are in the End-Time right now. Don't know how far exactly into them we are because of my biblical handicap (starting late) but a biggie is near and either begun or about to.
JESUS is the answer it don't matter what the question.

 here is another one.

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