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How gluten almost killed me while Doctors discriminated & failed.

I am in awe with the way gluten has taken the headline lately.

I battled with it alone for so long till I have all the answers nearly, Vitamin D, plain food, stay away from Grains and all that. i am actually thankful to GOD for making me able to discern what the problem was when doctors couldn't, funny thing is I told them for months (18) before it registered with them.. I spent 3 years thinking I was dying and being discriminated against by doctors who figured I was another meth head because the deficiencies and mal-absorption (starvation0 was destroying my smile (no matter what i did) and reeking havoc on my psyche (I was crazy) and the diabetic symptoms even though I didn't have diabetes.

The only reason the discrimination thing is relevant is because i went 3 years with a kidney-stone and other major and painful complication and was never prescribes any pain medicine even though my wife begged practically. I had long ago given up and purchased pain meds illegally.

I thank…

What Makes the best Movie, Crazy ex-boyfriend or Girlfriend?

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Gold Binary System MMX – Think Rich.

Maybe the most profound truism I have ever read!

Crazy: Throughout history we know the government has to lie 2 us yet we hang on their every word & offer up our children & our hope‪#stupid Like·Comment··@Husla3xGENIUS on Twitter Paris Grocelikes this. Darius Harris

Getting over ones self is not the easiest thing to do.

I think GOD put me in my church to learn how to be Humble. lesson learned.

I say this because this is the first place or group I have ever been in (in my life) that didn't use my unique talents for anything other than clapping at others. I enjoy the background having never experienced it before but ..... I just got a feeling I'm supposed to be doing something with what I learn and hear at church. I spread it around when and where I can but I am involved in less studies now attending church than i was not attending church.

Sometimes its like I can hear the party and the music but I wasn't invited but i could go if I wanted. Well if I wasn't invited, then I don't want to. I pray but i am built that way till I'm delivered through it.

I also have a habit of loving hard and being a great friend even when it isn't returned. Basically I don't give 2nd chances good because of the sheer number of mistakes it takes to get out of the 1st chance. I love h…

I hate my wifes little foreign dog. Jail for you perro.

How come my wife little foreign bastard of a dog jealous now since I got me a real dog? She acting like a lil ole bitch right now (in my menace to society voice) and thats funny every time cause she a female dog. I mean she growl at her and try to bite her and all kind of stuff. I give my dog a snack and gotta give her lil foreign bastard ace a snack, which I had just done because I had took my dog out to pee and ain't wanna "Cinderella" her lil foreign ace, How come while I'm teaching my dog how to eat from a fork (bored) she gonna take her lil "Como se yama es senorita" ace into my office and piss on the carpet. BOGUS!!! But never-mind that, I got a more important question.... How come if she all foreign and junk and her name lady.... how come her name aint senorita too? IJS I call her senorita and she wont come and look at me like how dare you speak my native tongue, gringo negro." So all the time she in doggy prison (no lil foreign MFs were hurt i…

How men ACT WHEN women aren't around. Truth.

My friend said his wife is old and worn out, nothing hardly works anymore. He said she don't even scream when he beat her no more. Then everybody laughed even though its in poor taste. Ladies: Thats Guys when alone and no women around.
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Ever wonder What That Extra Shoelace Hole Is For!

THIS Is What That Extra Shoelace Hole Is For!

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We all have a back-story. Pray before you Judge.

There's a back-story to everything and everybody. You see the chick sexing anyone who can offer it, she was maybe molested as a child and her momma didn't believe her even though she had to know, that's the back story..
That's sad but its whatever, a million times day, in a million lives in nearly as many places geographically.  You recognize it and you make adjustments and you save yourself and your baby or whatever it takes OR sometimes you don't. Sometimes the thing you hate (a man) saves you by living and loving in a way that builds up your self-esteem and brings you kicking and screaming into a better place and self Image. Most times the person you sacrificed and fought so hard to illuminate never even notices it was you that brought the brighter bulb or turned on the spotlight. That is why you never do it for that reason. There are many ways to get better and over whatever screwey and mostly unfair hand life has dealt you..
Sometimes you take the shortcut an…

Nebraska woman files suit against America for being too gay.

This heated up quickly.They on that page straight fighting in the comments already, 5 hrs later. I wonder are they Boxing or wind-milling? I had too, sorry. Auburn woman files federal case against homosexuals An Auburn woman calling herself an ambassador for God and his son, Jesus Christ, filed a federal lawsuit Friday against all homosexuals. JOURNALSTAR.COM|BY LORI PILGER | LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR

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'nother black man surgeon Ben Carson in for presidency

I know I'm black and I probably ain't supposed to say this but... I don't want you or even myself to have to hear it said nowhere else and go through that whole uncomfortable fiasco...

Take your pick white America

1. If that ni##er even look kind of like he got a shot, I'm FuQn moving.

2. Good for us, we've finally overcome race in America. (whispers: ..see #1, shhhh..)

3. Speechless, eye-rolling and the like.

I'm black so I'll do the choice for us and since its my dam blog I Husla3x(supergenius) will say what I think about the situation.

1. This nugga is a brain surgeon? He should of asked some of them brains he worked on should he blow his money on this chit?

No matter what he say or how he say it America prolly sick of us right now. The technical Medical Term is Niggaitis Non-humorous.

You know this nugga is gonna be Cool-Less... Straight Uncle Rukus from "Boondocks" I put the video up here but I'm scared to watch it. I know this man is go…

Same sex marriage, the divorces will be better than reality TV.

I keep imagining when the divorce rate hits same sex marriage, that will be very interesting. 
It seems like it'll be easy for them the guys will fight if they choose and the girls leave with what they came with. She takes her child she had already and she takes her child she had already, $99 quickie divorce.
That's what it seems like will happen at first until you remember your sisters fighting over the bathroom.
It's all new and exciting now but just wait till that 50+% divorce rate Hits broke back mountain and Thelma and Louis are in court. War of the roses will be re-rated G compared.
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Investigate this option for trading. Its awesome and I needs the money.

illuminati Devil Verse: "God helps those who help themselves!"

Went to church today and learned much. The first and main thing I learned is Trusting GOD and seeking GOD means getting out of the way even on your own chit/stuff (whatever) which is the hardest part of accepting and understanding that you are born again. Thats the hardest, at least for me it was. It make me think of david and Goliath and the ways that CAN BE taken from different perspectives.
I am good, maybe even better than good at thinking, so to excuse myself from this task, nearlyany task and trust GOD is easy to concieve but hard to do. Old habits die hard and we all in the habit of doing or desiring to do for ourselves, so giving up complete control is foreign to our basic human-ness.
But check this
. Having faith in JESUS and praying for wisdom and guidance before attempting a task is achieving all of that junk it was hard to do, in a loophole. Thats that verse
"God helps those who help themselves!"
Hezekiah 6:1
To all those agreeing with me right now.... That script…