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Dylan roofs website and some pics. Like 60 exclusive pics. *GRAPHIC +18

I found that boys (Dylan roof) website, took a second or two... It was called the last rhodesian but they took it down.... You can still see it until they catch on... I am debating because the 1st photo is so graphic i opted not to see.... I share with yall because you family and friends... AND BELIEVE THEY WILL BE TAKING IT DOWN AS SOON AS THEY FIGURE OUT WE KNOW> I am so serious. Husla3x (supergenius) ...See More Home - My website Your website description. WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG
His website has pictures that the news isn't showing. You can legally download them if you hurry... this post is gonna close the door on the only slip they have made. The news will find them soon... they a little slower than me cause i am ME. lo The Venus factor.

Why whoopings were called lickings in the past.

Darius Harris 12 mins·Edited· I remember I peed on myself at school on purpose. Teacher gon tell me I can't go t the bathroom. Yes I can! Just not where I want to right now. MF I'm Me. I see I can go to the office but not the bathroom? Where they do that at Ms Watson?‪#‎Choaceoutofhere‬@7 years old. I on't even wanna play life no more if people can tell you when you can pee. WHOOPIN Coming, soon as Granny come from 50 ft away because it was 12th street school and we lived on 13th. Wait... it was daddyI think.... You ever get a whooping then hide under the bed and it keep whooping you? it feel like a pain tongue licking you? I got a licking.‪#‎thetruth‬
Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

If you were gonna hate us later why did you vote for obama, Twice?

As crazy as i sound usually I am restrained. Today I gives no-FuQ!!! You keep it real about black folks and are silently ostrisized and labeled a nugga lover in modern terms..... I wonder what that is now called...... probably Obama supporter. Jon Steward prolly lose his show over that... not a team player. SMH --- America sad and full of chit and we as blacks ain't even racists after all we been through. Some whites racist simply because we got the nerve to want to live..... and it's tuesday. We going backwards.... just cause we in the same car as those that choose to be enemy and ain't got no nother ride to take. The whole heartland of this once great country telling us go back to africa, right now again, because the media on one hand saying sad but on the other only show bad black character.... but still paying us to care for they old people cause they can't be bothered. Thats some straightup bullchit. And I dare a MF to challenge it! This country got a double stand…

Human 101: Tolerance VS Acceptance, Wives tolerate, Husbands accept.

There is a big difference between tolerance and acceptance, why are there so many people who can't understand that? Husla3x (supergenius) People have differences, its inevitable, but there are people who get angry at anothers difference for as long as it takes them to learn to tolerate it or them. And then there are those who accept it or them, which takes a hell of a lot shorter amount of time, and rarely if ever results in fights or hurt feelings or resentment. Everybody has a right to their opinion, no matter how idiotic that opinion may be. I tend to render unto Caesars what is Caesars. My wife Caesar... it just work better that way. Lonely is the man who fails to realize this in a timely fashion. happy wife, happy life. Only thing even kinda rhymes with husband is Has-Been. Let her win FoQit! Example: A person in a relationship (this ain't me) and one believes X and one believes Y and they routinely argue over it. One accepts that the other thinks Y but the other partner …

Rachel Dolezal, paradies Dave Chappells "White Power" Skit in reverse,

Okayy then. Reverse passing. Officially have seen it all now. If its something left I on't wanna see. She silently broke, digital put you there as a media on feelings. This video at around the 8 minute mark beams like four different strong feelings out to the viewer. She may kill herself.

The leader of the NAACP is white somewhere is just as funny as Dave Chapell playing like he in the Klan, thats hilarious. But the real question is... which one a yall nuggaz turned her out? If you think about it it should be the same funny as Dave chappel being the 1st black member of the Klueless Klux klan.... Yall remember that show right? Where he played a klan member who didn't know he was black cause he was blind.. "White Power" Come on, I can't be the only one remember that and can make the comparison.

I'm light brite skinned and I can't even understand how she can pass for black. I guess its melenin + Eyesight chemical thang... I ain't even mad no more at th…

Sean hannity, rush Limbaugh, mark belling, Kings of Uni-perceptionalism all.

The title is not a typo because I respect the structure of the sentence not the names presented within. Husla3x(supergenius)

This pool party thing worries me so much for reason beyond the obvious. To a growing portion of America we (blacks) are not people. I first noticed it in traffic by the lack or eye contact and the immediate breaking of accidental eye contact. Being extra light skinned hear and see things my darker brethren aren't privy to. I know for a fact in my heart that things are not correct below the surface of the politically correct. Add in ignorance and then charge media with quenching that ignorance and you can't even get mad rationally at heartland citizens who never encounter black folks outside of the confines of the media. They know no better, ignorance not admitted or Acknowledge is actually mental illness or at the very least a danger to society. Police are my enemy for the most part having been degraded and wronged almost continuously by them all my near…

There are 2 sides to every story, believe the second one.

It always amazes me how much the other side of the story changes/challenges the initial telling. The teacher hates me becomes, the teacher is always singling me out because I am always disruptive. He got money and won't even give/lend me any becomes, he had $1000 but he already has loaned/gave me $300 and then another $75 and had to give his wife half of the $1000 so that only left $125 for him of which he refuses to give me any more... at the family reunion gossiping. People are funny as hell, they come where you are (seeking help after never helping you) and have problems with how you are there..... why you come back then? And also why you accept and not repay the first or second help? Being able to recognize and release myself from that and my humble are the two new things GOD gifted me with on my rebirth... I use them and am thankful for them everyday. Doing better than you usually do may still fall short of normal. Stealing less than regular is still stealing. Loving doesn&#…

Which is worse on us in 2015, racism or self-hate?

I was just sitting here watching my local early news and I think my heart broke a little.

Its not even the real news that comes on at 10 or 11 (east coast) this is the Pre-news, and 3 small kids were done violence separately today and another guy was doing some sort of Al Capone witness threatening. All on the early news.

I bet you are saying, "Thats the cost of living in the big city."

I live in Milwaukee.
Home of the Fonz and that 70's show, Laverne and Shirley too.

This madness has got to stop.

There have been times when we had less and we ain't lose our minds then, whats causing it now?

And why the hell ain't our leaders hell bent on figuring that out while we have a black President??? 

We expect other races to not be derogatory to us as people but when you think about it, what good stuff do we have to say about ourselves right now in the ghettos of America?

Should they ignore the news.

Of course I am not talking about racists, you argumentative idiot! I am…