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B BBats taffy Suckers. Old time Candy thats good.

I been looking for these for so long B BBats taffy Suckers. I remember when I was a kid and these suckers were a nickle and lasted a good long time. They only had a few flavors but this was a simpler time.

It took a while to find them, these suckers and chic-o-stiks were the best. I just ordered a box to give to my Grandkids...they will love them like I did. Pap-Paw (me) has a upperhand treat for hand. eat your heart out nanna.

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry & Banana100 Classic taffy suckers2 1/2 inches long

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Another military accident. Oh yea, I think we may be at secret War.

I think we are being lied to. Well at least I think it sometimes.. U.S. F-16 crashes in Germany; pilot safe - A pilot ejected from a U.S. F-16 before it crashed Tuesday morning in a forested area in Germany's Bavaria region, the U.S. Air Force said. WWW.CNN.COM|BY JASON HANNA, CNN
It seem like we at war sometimes. The news be having some secret war type stories in it like damaged ships and bombed American bases and even crashed military planes.... if you look on BBC news there be bombed other bases we don't report. I think too much but I think sometimes they be hiding stuff. I prolly would too. We are a pretty soft population now, no offense, i,D prolly hide it too. We really got some serious problems already just trying to exist together... we are inno shape to fight outsiders.... thats some sad chit. If any of the wars we have Vaught in our past were to happen now we,D lose for lack of heart.... I ain't never that ugh of it but we kinda act like princes and princ…

Either White folks lying or Nuggaz is crazy. Probably Both!!

Husla3x(supergenius) 27 mins··Edited·
They leading with Nuggaz joining ISIS now? Either white people in the media Lyin or nuggaz trippin.... one a dem chits happening, maybe BOTH. I quit! Wake me up when theJESUS get here. Yall MFs crazy!!! FRFR do - Ain't that charge "Attempting to do what the fuq you want to" I don't agree with it it but its still kinda America aint it?

Mississippians charged with trying to join Islamic State JACKSON, Miss. — A federal court hearing continues Tuesday for two Mississippi residents arrested on charges that they were trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State militant group.Criminal charges filed Saturday say 19-year-old Jaelyn Delshaun Young and 22-year-old Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla…

QUIT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT! And succeed at losing weight.


When people start talking in Hashtags in real life.

Darius Harris 10 mins·Edited·
‪#‎turnthattvdownshoot‬ So wifey work till late so she was sleep like "Aggresively" by aggressively I mean them kind of sleeps where everything be one word and they be speaking in Hashtags when you wake em up on accident.... like.... "‪#‎Turnthattvdown‬"‪#‎LIGHTitsdaytime‬" .She finally come down the steps and into the kitchen and this the conversation we had ...... Me: Oh chit, I'm calling 9-1-1 now.
Wife: For what? What?
Me: The emegency room gotta have a hair salon in it! We need perm...STAT!!
Wife: Shut yo ball-headed, Tan Capable black man ace up.... Ok, she ain't say the Tan Capable part... but she should have and then it wouldnt of been so foul. Anyway I'm woke and finna feed the house like i ain't got no work to do.... Jeez Louise.... MaMa decide she want some food at 2:30am . Fuq dat even mean? (to myself of course) I'm like Mama the Kitchen close.... she like " Don't you own this establishment?&quo…