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GOD Nutt? The Bible and Understanding Lifes purpose is my Hobby.

GOD Nutt? Me? The Bible and Understanding Lifes purpose is my Hobby. To hell with you you have an Oppinion that differs. Its GOD who loves you, I never could stand yo ace. I change my vote.I was asking where the serpent come from? I am now at a point where I believe he was Sin and sin was... Posted by Darius Harris on  Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

Rachet Chick Time Machine. I FuQz with this nugga.

This is the first time since Raw Dogg Buffalo that I dugg another blogger........ I fuQz wit dis nugga on this. I usually wouldn't because this Man look just like he gonna have a problem with my complexion, he'll think my lightness is his protection.. He caint fight, he dam near white! Is what he'll say not even knowing that here today and gone tomorrow for him is now gone today... cause see I don't play. I was light bright and dam near white at a time when the yells was black was beautiful. I got on board and swung my sword I'm Black so better act like you know it too.. I'm a Harris baby with a Thomas Kicker if a nugga want get out a line. "Its a fight between a nugga and a white...if its me that you mean when you jack out the scream, this time that chit ain't gon rhyme. I just dooz this chit, without even trying.. took me 4 minutes. I Win. I suggest following this man, I enjoyed the few things I've read. I think I need a Podcast... been s

How to smoke a Frozen 1lb steak easy and good.

Well i got a smoke as a gift from my dad and I have been using it. You can smoke a cheap garbagey piece of steak and make it much better. Anyway heres the secret to my Frozen smoked steak..... 1. Put some rub on it (I used seasoning salt in a pinch, and then I rub it in. Sometimes I put tenderizer (unseasoned) and rub it in too. 2. Throw them in a pan with grease in it and sear them. Meaning make sure the pan is already hella Hot. Brown em on both sides and then throw em in the fridge for the 10-15 minutes it takes to prepare and warm up the smoker. 3: throw em in the smoker, highest rack at about 200 degrees for an hour or even 2. If you do 2 hours turn it down to 175 after you open the door and flip em. Thats it. This pic was taken 40 minutes in before the flip. Forfot to take the finished product... looked even more scrumptious.. Right Word. And excuse the smoker, I like the flavor of the 15 slabs I did for my last Part August 30th. Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a

I finally figured out that old saying about going home.

Faith has made me new.  Sometimes you gotta take new you and just sequester him from everything old you for a while. I think I am finally at this time in my life understanding the old saying "You can't go home." - Home is where the heart is and the heart is where the feelings are and the feelings are where the disagreements start that birth emotions that are used often to fuel the mechanisms that take debate into the more damaging world of argument. This is why I never minded being alone. I do not care has seldom been a emotional response for me. It is usually an obligatory response used by my psyche as an Exit to whichever space (them) and (I) happened to occupy simultaneously. If you are reading this and understand it at its core. I already love you in real life. Goodnight Internets Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya. The easy way to become a Stock market bigwig

#‎ConstitutionDay‬ Yay!! I'm no longer 3/5th Human.

‪ #‎ ConstitutionDay‬   Yay!! I'm no longer 3/5th Human.  But technically legally I am...Yay?? I think? Technically the President is only 3/5th Human to American Law... They may have never changed it.... Actually... They say.... The three-fifths compromise as it’s called, isn’t a contrived white-washing of history. It was an intentional political maneuver to expedite the abolition of slavery. Is this misconception intentional to gain an emotional upper-hand in a race-related debate? Or is this simply a misunderstanding which has morphed into ‘everybody knows…’?   Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

Clock, Bomb, terrorism, Kid, School, Agree.

Did dese nuggaz trip because somebody snatched this little nugga off the School Hallways and classrooms because he had a HomeMade Clock in his bag???? And now its shouts of racism (anti-Islam profiling) being tossed about??? Because slap therapy all of em saying it. Everybody with Naked Electronical Guts should get it. Eirtime. And The MFs that let his 3Tarded ace pack a No E "IED" Non explosive Bomb to take to the school when even I husla3x(supergenius) the lightest Skinned MF on earth next to Albinos and Ronald Mc MothaFurkin Donald can see this Nugga don't look Non talaban enogth to get away with no chit like that. I hate the Airport now because I look like whatever the fuQ the problem is. I got Swag and I don't give no Fuq what so ever... EVER. Oh yea, Come with me sir, Strip. And I'm just light... This nugga look Talabanish and from where they at. Hell Naw you cain't get your little Enemy looking ace on my school bus or school hallway floo

The worst secret telephone drug code I have ever heard.

Darius Harris September 14 at 12:24pm   ·   The worst secret drug code I have ever heard. Them : I'm gonna come over there and get one of them sandwiches. You know I don't mean the ones you eat. Me : *Flabberghasted - If they wasn't listening they are now because everyone on earth is curious as to what other kind of sandwiches there are besides the ones you eat. Them : they don't know what we talking about. I'm saying I want the same thing I got yesterday. Me : Thing not sandwich now and I just caught a 2nd case and continuing criminal enterprises for yesterday and that phone thing. Man if I This was the right number I'd be pissed. *CLICK!!! This post is a work of fiction, you nothing better to do than give out weed charges when its legal in most places ace facebook trolling no terrorist catching ever ace Fed police state practicing illuminati ace MFs. ‪#‎ Hilarious2Me‬ Survive anything. MFs is crazy now. Husla

Husla3x (supergenius) Not your average Nigga. FOREWARD.

 "Life is what you make it." But when you are Black... "Life is what you make it, if you make it". Husla3x(supergenius) I have been dead. I got up, twice. I have been fighting most of my life, and I'm still here. I've been shot, stabbed, hit with bats, DOA, John Doe, caught up by the ghetto physical and sometimes even mentally. I've been beaten by police and framed (thank GOD I cover my ace before it gets cold) I've been in accidents so bad till the steering wheel came off and rendered me unconscious while flying out the back window. I've spread myself too thin by loving too many too much and been in hopeless situations that in the end are rarely that. I've been to so many funerals that i am too tired to even use guilt and responsibility to force me to attend. I've hidden and watched friends go to prison from the stores I just happened to miraculously decide to go to at the perfect time, I've dropped a dollar and bent to retr

An easy way to understand the impact of Mental Stress.

Toxic people create unnecessary complexity, strife, and, worst of all, mental stress. The most dangerous part is that they never know they are like that but everyone else does. This "Unknowingness" causes them to develop reflexive defenses such as defensiveness and stubbornness to "protect" their ID. And they more times than not accuse you of the thing they are guilty of and its a human attribute so you end up doubting yourself, as I have said "One never knows how one is perceived by others with 100% accuracy" So the best you can do is try always to be better. If you have love ones in your life who can't apologize.... Its usually because they are 1st incapable of admitting they are wrong. Love doesn't change that. That changes you. "Studies have long shown that mental stress can have a lasting, negative impact on the brain. Exposure to even a few days of stress compromises the effectiveness of neurons in the hippocampus, an importan

Depo-Provera shots made black women big and strong feeling.

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb." 59.82 percent of black pregnancies ended in abortion...[which] means that 1,489 black babies are aborted in New York City for every 1,000 born alive.” DAM! Mt Sanai Killed my baby and classified it as an abortion.  This is only my opinion (legal chit) I think on stuff like this HARD all my life. I am hella empathic and I felt that nurse shook up at both my brothers death and my baby accidental at their hands death, 2 seperate occasions years apart. This is real. Hospitals will kill your black ace if yo ain't a productive member of society. Not always but enough to black the books.  It sound like only monsters would do this but if you look back the system is the same system that for a measure of time felt it appropriate to own people. That isn't saying all whites are inherently evil, its simply saying that just enough are to allow things like this to transpire. All Germans were not JEW killers... The sit

Again: is the United states at Secret War with China this shemita season?

Just remember it was a possibility nugga in a basement in Milwaukee inner city who kept asking the question these last months, "Are we at secret war with china?" I really should not be po... I wish I knew how to use my super powers. Lol Chinese Navy ships entered U.S. waters off Alaska - Chinese Navy ships entered U.S. territorial waters off of Alaska last week, coming within 12 miles of the coastline, multiple defense officials told CNN Friday. WWW.CNN.COM | BY JIM SCIUTTO, CHIEF NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.