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How the hell is Racism growing when half the world hates America?

For so long we had nothing, not even our rights. before that we didn't even have our freedom. Brave men and women fought for us in my generation to have more than that... And they won, and we got it. We made it about a generation and then we started to act like long-time abused wives when the abuser/Husband die... we lost our dam minds and started sleeping with anybody and doing anything and everything we couldn't do when that bastard was alive. We been blew the insurance money. The sad part is its so predictable but no one predicted it, or spoke on it or listened when it was spoke on. All my life I heard, knew, witnessed and believed that nuggaz was gonna stay nuggaz (in the eyes of the American public) forever. We had ours, they had theirs and thats how it was gonna be.  But all of a sudden everything started seeming equalish.... To the point where it was hard to convince your kids that racism existed underneath the smiles and Krispy cremes. I came up with a grand-daddy who wa…

Human Leg Stolen in L.A? That seem.. Wait?..What.

Darius HarrisviaALT987FMJust now· The real question is Wait?..What? Human Leg Stolen in Los Angeles | ALT 98.7 The coroner's office is 'distressed' ALT987FM.COM

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Grandmothers that will beat your as* are the best ones.

Husla3x(supergenius) Me: Mother you shole got plenty questions. You real inquisitive.... See when yo Granny use ta would mess you up when you snazzy or feeling yourself when you was under-age you gotta be careful what you say and ...real delicate with the chit you think you finally grown enough to get away with. Sometimes correctly. I was thinking on Inquisitive, for a while. I mean I got 9 grandkids, I'm dam near 50. I been married, to me anyway, to a beast of a chicfor all that, from Day 1. Theonly chick the could ever hold me!!! So I gotta be old enough by now.... right? Seriously: I just like snapping off like that, It feel Pimpish.‪#‎hoodchit‬‪#‎lol‬- And plushashtags fun to me. Especially reading some of the other people who "where you at" My brain be all over, for no reason too... Too late to change so, it or don't." Its them incorect times that a get yo ace whooped.‪#‎straightfuQdtup‬- so i aint say, Nosey because Mother caint be nosey‪#‎whatimsayi…

I'm putting it all out, pure truth. Lifes answers.

The world is crazy. I believe everything I am reading in the Bible this last 1.? years. In that time I have become a much better person. I have gotten better internally but it doesn't show even a quarter externally. I have always liked helping others so it just look the same. The world make you disguise your nice, its a complicated, dangerous and unsatisfying place, the world. The world could possibly be hell to the Human condition.

Blew my mind when I got that.

Blew my mind when I got the probable ramifications of the central or near-central message to me/us as Seeds of Adam initially. 

We are flawed and the flaw is aparent and repairabe if you simple take the recall, take the blue pill, whatever. Actively choose to live like Jesus the Man. Simplest thing ever. The world just make it seem hard because its foreign to all youve ever been shown.

I give it all to GOD even when i find myself further away than I would like, i am never so far away that i cant feel his safety in knowing t…

If you into the word and in Milwaukee Oct, 24th.... Mens Conference

My church is having a Men conference, we small but we get It in... But believe we get it out too.... Out the book. If you are in or find yourself in the Milwaukee area and seeking some of that good word, please feel free to attend. No cover charge and food and refreshments may be serves..... We sorta feast off the word. I can assure you you have never been among believers such as this.

Fruit For a dying world. We plan on taking an "L"... from the world and introducing it to the WORD. Please join us....

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The Future Of Black Television. Who Shot Lucious Lyon. Empire.

Of course Lucious Lyon is part of the exact same scam that put the last time this possibility for renewed ratings domination happened into entertainment history. I'll show you why I am a genius and tell you a hint that make you see the scope and range of said genius. TERRANCE Howard has mad real life problems that are making him a liability to the show. Remember who shot J.R on dallas? Well illuminati (if the real) got a mf like me locked away somewhere who dun proposed the ingenious idea of...... "WHO SHOT LUSCIOUS LYONS." on Empire. Somebody need to hire my ace. Only reason I ain't gone already is because I do not possess any ambition. But it makes sense... if God gives you everything in life for life... what could you desire that wasn't greed or ungrateful. I think Very deeply. Better pay a nugga to get on your team. get@me - I am always looking for freelance work - - Once you recognize i creatively see the future.
Use the informati…

Opposites attract for a very good reason, but beware.

Luckily for either me or my wife we are GOD nuts and have over time learned to celebrate and even depend on each others differences. I mean for any situation there is always one of us who is pretty much "native" to the situation or dilemma and naturally takes lead while the other takes the support position. I mean right at this time in our lives I am the Home-maker, no shame. My wife is going to school to master her job that is already mastered. I am caring for all my dozen websites and a sad little writing career as well as a 93 year old grand-mother who just happened to also be my legal Guardian growing up.

We are strained emotionally and physically... but my wife is a charge nurse and wants to climb even higher... I also desire this... I am in love for nearly 33 years. What Mommi wants daddy wants, and vice versa.

We are opposites. My feet seldom touch the ground and hers seldom leave the ground, and together we have raise 4 kids, burried 2 and surrogate raised, at least pa…

The world ain't worth the Ozone its wrapped in. #Realtalk

Father GOD I need you, the world need you. Its begging for you.... To smite they aces cause man... they ain't gon stop. World look wicked and stupid and overdue viewing it from the New garden/Kingdom. Once you get pure faith... this rat trap done. I feel sorry for you if the world all you got. IJS... JC Cure dat. Official: At least 7 dead, 20 hurt in Oregon shooting At least seven people were killed and 20 injured Thursday in a shooting at a southwestern Oregon community college, State Police Lt. Bill Fugate said. MSN.COM
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