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My 12 year theory Russia orchestrating nearly all terrorism.

Darius Harris Just now   ·   I gotta double down on my 12 year theory that communism is orchestrating this. Everytime there is an escalation or "Nudge" it is from a communist entity. They may not sting but they are the ones (seem to be) poking the hornets nest with a stick. I may be crazy. But I been crazy so....? Think about it from day one, and then remember Reagan bankrupting Russia. Add that to the fact that all the terrorist players are USSR neighbors. Look Closely. Its been a long time since Reagan but doesn't it make sense that any neighbor of China would have a long memory? Have you seen ANY karate movies? Good Morning Facebook. Paris under attack - CNN Video A recap of unfolding events in Paris. CNN.COM Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

#wheniwasyourage Best twitter tweet this week.

#WhenIWasYourAge Dollars cost a nickle and gas and water were the same thing. — Husla3x Supergenius (@Husla3xGENIUS) November 1, 2015 Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.

Groupon is shopping perfected. Desperate Sellers fighting for my patronage.

Groupon is quite possibly the best thing going on at the moment. All we hear is bad news all day everyday but Groupon make me happy every time I even think about shopping online AHA!!!! Groupon is so much better locally in real life in real time, INSTANTLY. Basically it is at least 80% Desperate Sellers fighting for my patronage. I just bought 5lbs of porkchops for $11 and then walked and got them from 2 blocks away. There is all manner of rumors as to groupons expenses and all of that, but it means nothing to the consumer as long as Groupon exists. if groupons fails... well i will cry a little and wait for the next one because the concept of personalized coupons and desperate sellers fighting for my business.....  Equals... SHOPPING PERFECTED. Look for yourself... utilize the search feature. OMG!!! The only downside is that you have to signup and it takes nearly 15... 20 seconds maaaan! Groupon really should take my created tagline "Shopping Perfected" and sen

Random unsolicited advice reply: blah blah blah

Random unsolicited advice: blah blah blah Me: wow thanks, I never would have thought of that. Cause I like to at least have a chance at solving the problem... but, blah, blah, blah, something nice , something polite. ....and...exit. What you wanna say when somebody older than you give you some good Ole time advice you can't use because you aint got no cow cause it's now not 54 years ago. Man, drink ain't for everybody. Ijs. Husla3x (supergenius) Please click a share button, its hard to get famous if know on knows ya.